We had some from withings, maybe a year and a half ago we had some from garmin and from fossil about two years ago, but since then its been pretty quiet. Until now, garmin just came out with the brand new vivomove sport, which much like the apple watch sc or the samsung galaxy fe. This garmin vivo sport is an affordable gateway into the garmin ecosystem, while also giving you unparalleled health analytics impressive style and a really good battery life at a surprisingly low price, especially for something from garmin like we know that garmin just launched their phoenix 7 series that Were upwards of like eleven hundred dollars, so this coming in at about 10 of that is really impressive, so ill have a link in the description to the latest price for this. But again, this is selling for under 200, which is really impressive, because almost any other hybrid watch out there is 350 or more, with the exception of the fossil uh, which was about 200 still. This undercutting that one, i think, is really impressive and for anybody who is really looking for a health focused watch, it also looks really really nice. Like the you know, the fossil was nice, but the e ink, like i had a specific style, this ones a lot more subtle and i think more people who are interested in health and style would wear this every day to work or whatever you might be doing, And its a lot more subtle, so in this video ill dive into what this watch is really all about what it has, what it does, how accurate it is and as far as features go, i think you might be really surprised how much garmin was actually able To put in such an unexpecting little watch like this, so i want to start off with the physical tour, but for reference this is a 40 millimeter watch, so a little bit on the smaller side.

Personally, i, like smaller, watches anyway, a little bit more subtle and for this style i think thats, absolutely perfect. There are four different colors, as you can see right here. The brown one, i think, looks really nice and you can also replace the straps on any one of these. It comes with a silicone, strap again, something they did to cut the cost um, but its something that, like i said, you can easily replace it with a leather one or whatever. You want theyre, just a basic standard, 20 millimeter strap. You can find them on amazon and ill link. A couple in the description as well. The body is all plastic, so thats something they did to make it a little cheaper, but with that you get a lighter watch. That is also very durable as well. You, of course, have a touchscreen display on the front, which is underneath the hands which you can see right here are kind of a gold color. They look really nice and, and so when youre looking at this watch and the display is off you, you really cant tell that there is a display there at all, but as soon as you double tap it or if you lift your wrist to wake it youll, Actually see that we have a little oled display back there and its showing us like at the touch screen, you can swipe back and forth. You can tap and hold well talk about all the features with that in just a second but flipping over to the back.

This is where a lot of the magic actually happens. We have a garmin health sensor on here, thats going to be detecting your heart rate, your blood oxygen, your stress levels, all types of things like really a lot of health analytics that ill dive into later, as well as our charger on the bottom. This has a five day battery life, which anybody who knows anything about apple watches or galaxy watches. You know that youre kind of lucky, if youre getting two days with those, so five should get you through a work week. No problem – and you know, depending on how much you use this – it might last a little longer or a little bit less and additionally once it actually dies the analog hands last another day. So if youre traveling and it dies, you still have a watch that actually works and tying into that something ive always really liked about hybrid watches is that if the watch does die, you dont just have a black screen on your wrist. Instead, you actually have something that, even if its the wrong time, in my opinion, having hands on a watch, looks better than just a black screen when the watch is dead, so thats kind of an edge case that most people dont, hopefully face but its something that Ive faced many times – and i really appreciate that so i want to talk about what features this actually has, but i think the easiest way to do that is just to show you the interface, because its really quite different from most other watches out there.

So you can choose your little watch face right here. I have a kind of a widget that shows me the time the date and a couple analytics about my health, and that turns on when you either lift to wake or if you double tap the watch. You can then swipe left and right and it circles through kind of a rotation here, and you can choose whats showing you here. So i have my steps. Obviously it has a pedometer how many active minutes ive had this week. My body battery, which garmin has always done and its something that i really do like the body battery, is a great way to kind of have an indicator like a single number. To tell you how youre doing – and i know you might say like. Oh i can. I can tell how im doing well. It can sometimes be a good indicator if its lower than you expect. Maybe you didnt sleep as well, as you realized, maybe youre, coming down with the cold like theres, a lot of reasons that it would be different and having a single indicator, i think, is really nice. We also have heart rate on here. Weve got your respiration so how many breaths per minute, youre taking uh weve, got music controls, which is really impressive to have on such a small device like this weve got your weather, which of course, is using your phone. You also have your calendar and you have notifications and the notifications work for phone calls.

You can answer or reject or youre getting notifications from text messages or signal or a bunch of other apps as well now thats, all i have in this rotation here, but there are some other ones, for example female health tracking hydration things like that, and there are Some that are not actually shown right there, one of them being the automatic activity tracking. So if you just start walking or running you, dont have to worry about, you know doing anything on here: itll just start tracking after one minute or ten minutes, depending on how you set it within the garmin app something that i really appreciate on something that has So few controls right here, just a small little touch screen. Obviously no buttons thats a great feature. Additionally, you can actually get into setting any workout you want, because if you just tap and hold it youll see that we have another set of functions here, one of them, the first one being the workout. So if you tap on that, you can see. I have several different workouts here, including walking running like a little stair stepper thing, weve got biking, weve got lifting yoga, breathe, breathing exercises swimming. This is rated for five atmospheres of water resistance by the way and you have other workouts as well. So if i go back, we can swipe through this, and you have a lot of other things in here like even more functionality, one of them or the next one is really related to your heart.

And if you tap on that, youve got three sub things. There youve got your pulse ox. Youve got your vo2 max going back. We can go to the next thing, which is timer or stopwatch. You have timers and stopwatches on here, as well as alarms, itll just kind of vibrate. Although this doesnt have any kind of beeper, it does have a haptic motor in there it vibrates its not the best haptics out there, but itll definitely notify you when somethings done its a good way to interact with this, and let you know like when a timer Is up or or just in general, when you get a notification itll do the same for that. So if we tap on hold again, we get back to that menu and we can swipe over and youve got a couple. Other things related to your phone and some settings and within settings there are a ton of settings you can adjust on here or on your phone, including do not disturb you can adjust the time make sure the hands are like the motor is actually setting the hands Where it belongs, and all types of things like that, including an emergency contact which again is a hidden feature on here, so if you fall or if youre running outside and something happens and and you need to contact your emergency contact, this is something i think garmin Does really really well with this? All you have to do is tap it a bunch of times i think its like five times and then as long as your phone is nearby, so in your pocket or somehow connected by bluetooth, it will call or itll notify your emergency contact, send them your location And just let them know that you need help.

This is especially useful, not just if youre outside and you fall, maybe youre mountain biking or something, but but i could also see this being helpful for any elderly, friends or family. If you have them wearing this, maybe they dont have their phone in their pocket at all times, but everyone is very likely to have their watch on their wrist at all times, and so, if they fall, they could just tap it. A bunch of times notify you and you can go and check in on your parents or grandparents or whoever it might be now. Unfortunately, this device does not have nfc for payments thats, something we did see on the previous vivo move the vivo style and the lux from garmin. Those were over 350, so its no surprise that they kind of cut that out of this another thing we dont have here that we really never see on on hybrid watches and thats gps, but you do have connected gps if you are doing any workout and your Phone is nearby, this will use your phones, gps, and so you still have all of that data in your workout and in addition to the lack of nfc payments and the different build materials. This has a couple other differences from the more expensive vivo move style in lux that came out about two years ago. Really the main difference is going to be the display. No longer do we have the display on the top and bottom instead, its just the bottom.

So its a little bit smaller and it doesnt have color either. Now i mentioned in the beginning of this video that this watch was kind of an affordable entry to the garmin ecosystem and really what youre? Getting with this one of the biggest benefits is the garmin app garmin, in my opinion, has probably the best app for tracking any type of more detailed health analytics. So not only do they have this dashboard. That shows you. You know your heart rate, your intensity minutes. Your steps and things like that in a very digestible way and of course you can go into workouts and find out whatever you want, but garmin gets as advanced as you want. You can export files from your workout and compare with other things. You can have different devices connected to this, for heart rate or for gps or whatever it might be, like garmin, does a really good job of being a very scalable platform. Additionally, if you go over to more, you can go and dive into anything. You want. If you just go into health and performance, for example, garmin has a lot of stuff, not much more than just tracking your stress or or your breathing. They can actually dive into things like your fitness age. You can see based on how much you work out and how difficult your workouts are. So the garmin app, i think, in my opinion, is one of the biggest benefits of getting this watch and i think for a lot of people.

This really might be a fantastic buy. Of course, there are some drawbacks. Well talk about what i like in a second but first mentioning what those drawbacks are. This doesnt have like the biggest display, obviously so youre a little bit limited on that it doesnt have nfc payments and the battery life, although five days is great, there are other hybrid watches that get seven days ten days even up as 30 as much as 30 Days and so the battery life on this is not the best in the category of hybrid watches. But what i really like about this is that its an incredibly lightweight watch its a lot more affordable than most other hybrids out there, and it has a really really nice style, while also giving you some very impressive analytics in there, essentially in the garmin ecosystem. As garmin has always done is very accurate with the heart rate and, of course, gps is going to be dependent on whatever phone youre using but its something that i really like. This watch overall im happy to see. Garmin come back and make another hybrid watch. I hope other companies do the same because, as i said, ive always been a huge fan of hybrid watches, but leave a comment below. Let me know what you think of this watch.