So all right guys! So today, we’re going to be checking out the brand new ab power wear buds. Watch now i have checked out the first and second gen version of the wear buds which, to me looked more like a prototype. It had a way too futuristic, look where it always stood out if i ever had it on my wrist. So i definitely think that this version is a more refined product and you can tell just simply by the name of wherebuds watch, that they focus a lot more on making this look like an actual smartwatch. Now this is an indiegogo campaign, just like the previous two versions were it does say that the original retail price is going to be around 250 to 260 dollars, but right now there is an early bird price where you can get it for 131 dollars and i’m Going to go ahead and say this right now, the 131 dollars makes a lot more sense than the 250 to 260., but we’re going to check out what’s different about this version, we’re going to check out some of the features. What all you get inside the box and what you don’t get inside the box and see why i think it’s definitely worth a look at the 130 dollar price tag now, like i said this is a third gen version of the wear buds uh. This is just a much better design. You can tell again that it’s focused more on looking like a smart watch.

In fact, it looks a lot like the tic watch that i already wear it’s, not as bulky it doesn’t have a curved display. In fact, now it has a 1.28 inch tft lcd display – and this is one of the most responsive – displays – that i’ve used it’s easy to just kind of swipe uh, you don’t feel any kind of lag. It feels like it already just kind of swipes to what you’re wanting to do before you’re even done swiping across the screen. So as far as responsiveness there’s, no issues there, one thing that you’re going to want to do right off. The bat, though, is you’re going to want to download their app, because you want to be able to connect to a lot of the health and fitness things that they have. This watch also will help monitor your sleep. It has a blood pressure sensor, a heart rate monitor. It also has a blood oxygen sensor and on the watch itself you even have music controls, so you can skip your songs forward. Go backwards, change your volume, so some other things that you can do within the app is. You obviously want to turn it where your notifications are on now. The watch itself allows you to read your notifications and see all your notifications come through, but you’re not able to respond to any of them. There’S no microphones on the actual watch. So you cannot even do like voice controlled stuff, but when the earbuds are out that’s, where you can do all of your voice commands because it is connecting to your phone or tablet or whatever, just via bluetooth.

Now, as far as what all you get inside the box now i know that i have an early version of the wear buds watch. It does not come with any extra ear tips. It only comes with the one that’s on the earbuds themself mine actually did not even come with a manual. The only thing i had inside the box was the charging cable now it’s, a simple two pin connector it just magnetically connects to the back of the watch and allows your watch to charge and as far as charging goes battery life is excellent. As far as the watch goes, because you can get around 10 days worth of use before needing to charge it, but the battery life on the earbuds it’s going to be disappointing to some because obviously you’re going to want to compare it to other earbuds. But i really don’t think you should, because the earbuds are smaller and they’re, sharing a battery with the actual watch, but the battery life on the earbuds you’re only going to get somewhere between two and a half to three hours where with taking them in and out Of the watch you’re gon na get about 12 to 13 hours total. So if you need something that’s going to last you all day, if you’re, somebody that just likes to keep your earbuds in and just take all of your calls, while you’re listening to music or watching anything, this won’t fit that need just because you’re gon na have To charge these a little bit more than you would other earbuds now as far as some of the other technology they have, the earbuds do use bluetooth 5.

0. They do not have aptx playback, but it does have aac and sbc, and this is one of those pairs. I didn’t have any kind of dropout or connection issues. I also did not have any kind of lag with movies or videos. Now i did have lag with gaming. So if you are looking to use this pair while gaming on your mobile device, i would not recommend them for that now as far as using them outdoors, they do have the watch and the earbuds rated at ipx6. So this is not something that you would want to submerge either underwater, but you will be fine against splashes and rain and sweat, and things like that. I do have an early version of the wear buds watch and they did email me to say that the ipx6 water resistant waterproof rating does not work on my pair. So i was not able to test this, but i do want to tell you at least what they’re rated at now. As far as the watch design itself um again, i cannot stress enough how much of a huge improvement that this watch is over the originals. Now the original ones had it where an earbud would be stored on both sides of the watch, but they decided to actually have both earbuds store on the same side and the reason i like this choice is they also designed the tip of the earbuds? To actually look like the crown dials that you would see on watches so, while the earbuds are in the watch, it just looks like two little crown dials and you really can’t tell that there’s two earbuds inside this watch now they do have indicator lights on the Earbuds to let you know that they’re charging and the way that you take these out, because these are not spring loaded like the first two gens.

Is you simply just grab that little crown and pull these out now? The magnet is definitely strong enough inside the watch. That, when you’re putting the earbuds back in it just kind of sucks them back into the watch, so there’s never really any question as to whether your earbuds are in and that they’re charging it’s just done so much better on this version and because it doesn’t have That spring loaded feature you’re, not accidentally, bumping the watch and having your earbuds pop out, so you can tell that they focused a little more on that the band on here is a silicone band, it’s very thick and again it just resembles the tick watch that i Have so, i think, it’s going to be a lot more durable and it’s going to fit a lot more situations, because it looks like a normal watch now as far as using your earbuds, if you’re somebody that likes to use one earbud at a time, you can Use either the left or the right and then, as far as the microphones on here, i was actually surprised at how well it picked up my voice, mainly because the earbuds are very tiny. They don’t stick out in any way and there’s no microphone. That’S actually pointed in the direction of your mouth, so the fact that it was able to pick up my voice very cleanly and block out a lot of my surroundings made me feel good about using these for phone calls.

But you guys can be a judge by listening to a test here, all right guys. So here is a mic test using the wear buds again. I’M – quite surprised at how well it picks up my voice, especially considering how far the earbuds sit back. In my ear connect, but this is what it would sound like if you were to take a call, and so now here is a mic test, with a crowd noise being played, which you can hear here. So this is what it would sound like if you were to take a call so now let’s talk about the sound, because the sound on these surprised me a lot, but it was also frustrating because it didn’t come with extra ear tips. You have to kind of play around with these quite a bit to make sure that you get a good seal. In fact, i had to make sure that these were pushed down a little bit further in my ear canal. That i’m used to. I usually like to have wider ear tips so that way they can seal a little further back and not feel like they have to be jammed down so far, now it’s not uncomfortable in any way, but i just noticed that every time that i put the earbuds In i kind of had to move them around a little bit and push them in a little bit more just to make sure that i’m getting that good seal.

And so it also made me a little hesitant as far as like moving around and doing as much uh so that it didn’t come loose or lose that seal, because if you lose the seal, you basically lose any kind of base impact that you have, because when You have a good seal. The base impact is pretty impressive, it’s tight, it’s accurate, but it has plenty of punch. They didn’t allow the base to get sloppy in these, so it’s, not one of those that sounds muddy or congested. In fact, the sound overall isn’t really warm at all. It has a brighter sound to it. So you can tell that there’s a lot more focus on bringing out your mids and the highs, which means, if you’re going to be listening to podcasts and watching movies and tv shows, dialogue always stood out. It was very clean and basically any genre of music that i listened to. I never had any kind of issue with the vocalist vocalist sounded very upfront, it never got lost in the mix and the treble is also tuned in a way where it’s, nice and bright. So you’re easily able to hear a lot of subtle details. Everything has a nice like crisp sound to it. The only type of person i wouldn’t recommend these for as far as sound goes, is a bass head and that’s just because they don’t allow the bass on these to get sloppy again, i feel like it has plenty of punch to it, but it is refined and Tightened up in a way so that it doesn’t affect the mids and highs now, as far as the sound stage and sound imaging again, because it’s a brighter more detailed sounding earbud, i had no issues with being able to tell where different sounds were coming from uh.

The only thing is this isn’t, an extremely open sounding earbud, but it still made me feel like i was in a large room. So, given the size of these and the sound that you’re getting audio performance isn’t an issue, the only issue is going to be whether you can get a good seal or not um. I do understand that they didn’t add a lot of ear tips, because it’s very limited on the space that the earbuds have when you push them into the watch, so they did have to design an ear tip that’s gon na fit in here. I just wish that there was a little bit more of a wider option. Maybe they can offer some foam ear tip options so that it could form a certain way while it’s in here and just expand while it’s in your ear. But as it is you’re getting one set of ear tips. And you have to hope that it causes a good seal in your ears, so my overall conclusion of this product is at 250 to 260 dollars. I would be very hesitant to recommend it, but at 130 dollars i think it’s definitely a go for somebody like me that just likes to have earbuds on me at all times. I don’t necessarily always like to carry a case on a pair of earbuds, so it’s nice that you can just store them on something that you’re going to be wearing pretty much all the time anyway.

But if you look at this product as a hundred and thirty dollar watch or a hundred thirty dollar pair of earbuds, i think that’s, where you have to kind of see where the value would be. I don’t think if i had 130 dollars, i would buy the watch as it is by itself and i wouldn’t buy the pair of earbuds as they are by themselves because there’s, better options on both in this price range, but to be able to get them both. For 130 that’s, where i could see recommending these uh to most people, if you’re, somebody that wears a smartwatch most of the time for just basic functions, and you don’t necessarily have to respond to notifications from your watch. This definitely will do most of the things that you need it to do, and also, if you’re, somebody that just likes to have earbuds. If you’re going to be waiting somewhere a little bit longer – or you know you want to just pop in and watch a tv show or a movie, you just simply pull the earbuds out and they’re always going to be there on your wrist. So just for the convenience factor, i love the idea of this and they definitely keep improving upon these uh each gin that they keep coming out with, and this is the first one where i feel like it’s, an actual watch that it’s not sticking out like a Sore thumb, it has a lot of features that work extremely well.

The display is good. Everything is very responsive, so i’m very pleased with this product. Overall, i just would not pay the actual retail of 250 to 260 dollars, that’s, really the biggest drawback, but uh guys that’s. My video and kind of like a first look on the brand new ai power. Wear buds watch. Thank you so much for checking out this video.