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This 3S smartwatchhas been provided by Geekbuying for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to Geekbuying for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this 3S Smart Sports Watch, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!

Tracking App:
WeLoop –

Hey, Hey, Hey! We’ve been waiting a long time for another watch like the Amazfit PACE and the SMA-TIME to hit the market, a watch that uses memory LCD technology for a transreflective “always on” screen that is actually brightest under bright sunlight. Now, here it is in the WeLoop Hey 3S.

The only thing more impressive than the screen is the tethering “WeLoop” phone app for Android (I haven’t tested with iPhone). This is the benchmark app by which all others should be measured. It does so much with the data from such a tiny watch. You simply have to see the video to understand what I mean. Don’t forget built in GPS and IP68 waterproofing to 5ATM!

Finally, as a gift watch, you will be very happy with the attention to detail WeLoop put into the packaging of all the components that make up this wearable experience. The watch and charging dock look like dark chocolate treats when you take the exquisite cover off the dark black box. This is an experience to thoroughly enjoy. Again, I yield to the video as words simply can’t describe it fully.

If you like this watch, but want similar features in a smaller fintess band, check out the WeLoop NEO:


J Stumbo
Finally got the correct time onto watch. Had to go into phone settings turn off automatic date and time, change time on phone. Then the watch got correct time. Changed back to automatic and now working great. I am so glad I don’t have to send it back. I rather like this watches features. Thank you for the reviews.

Zainul Asyraf Zukifli
Hi guys as requested by @SmartWatch Ticks, I can update a bit on Swimming capabilities.
I’ve already bought the watch and the swimming tracker apps is quite impressive. It calculates your laps (real time when you swimming), time (each laps), Kcal (Calorie burn), average pace, SWOLF (effeciency of your swimming performance), number of strokes (unfortunately it define my stroke style as medley as I mix breaststroke and freestyle). Same performance as Samsung Gear fit 2 Pro (except they define your stroke-style). Heartrate is accurate as Apple watch.

I quite satisfied with this watch with its price (I bought it around $76). Careful make sure you order the English UI. Check for 11 November Online Revolution Sale.

However, If you type of person who really concerns about clarity and brightness of the screen this watch is not for y’all. It a little bit dim but not glary in open sun.
The programmes are very minimal but fine for me as running and swimming are the things I lookin for. GPS, HR, Swimproof and Battery life are my four main aspects in smartwatch.

If you have a big budget do buy Vivoactive HR (around $230). It has diverse workout functions (yes weloop current firmware doesnt provide gym-workout function yet) and can store map. But if y’all just casual/light fitness users like me, Weloop already enough to track your activities. We hope that the Weloop developer constantly update and improvise the firmware to make this watch as the best afforadable fitness watch.