Now before taking a look at this little nifty smartwatch. Let me start off by saying: i’ve not been paid to put a positive spin on this particular product. I was actually gifted this product by my fiance and i liked it so much that i purchased a few more of them for family members. I am also not a technical, wizard or gizmo expert, so i’m not going to be going over this product in really really really detailed terms i’m, just going to look at it basically. So what is the willful smartwatch? Well, as the name suggests, it is indeed a smartwatch with a 1.3 inch touchscreen for both men and women. The device incorporates and comes with the following as standard fitness, trackers and a heart rate monitor it’s, waterproof ip68 activity, trackers a watch pedometer a stopwatch and music control. The wilson smartwatch is compatible with both iphone and android. This product sells for around 40 pound on amazon. Although, if you’re lucky, you might be able to catch a good sales price which would make it even cheaper. In my opinion, this device is already great value, it’s, not in the same league, of course, as some of the more premium smart watches. But let me tell you, it does the basics very well and personally, i would see no need to purchase any other smartwatch just yet. This watch has a clear lcd display and a touch screen. The screen is responsive and holds up well even outside in the rain.

I can say that from experience because i used the watch to control my song selection during my runs with my phone and spotify. The lcd itself has three adjustable brightness settings. The watch comes with a pretty decent heart rate, monitor as well. This uses sensor technology and offers low power consumption, but high precision as advertised by willful. You can use the heart rate, monitor to track workouts calories, burned and move towards your fitness goals. The watch does everything else that you would expect it to it: tracks your daily steps, distance, traveled, calorie consumption and also sleep quality. You have multiple sport setting functions on the watch that can be turned on when you’re about to engage in a specific exercise or workout routine. To sync, the watch to your phone. All you need to do is download the free application veryfit pro. The app is simple to use and gives you a detailed breakdown of all the functionality we just spoke about. I must say for the price of the watch it’s a bargain package that i could not fault, perhaps brand snobs might say different, but hey. This watch really works for me: oh yeah, another big plus with the wilson smartwatch’s battery life. This little guy takes about two hours to charge fully and when used optimally, it can last for up to seven days. So there you have it. This is a forty pound. Smartwatch, this is a nifty piece of equipment that i wear every day and couldn’t do without, if i’m being honest, i use the watch, of course, to tell the time, but i really rely on it when i’m outside running and putting my miles, because i can use The watch to also track my activities, my calories, burnt, the distance i traveled, how quickly i ran, but it also allows me to change the songs easily on my phone through spotify when i’m running through the watch on my wrist.

The watch itself is waterproof and holds up well, even in the heavy rain. I wouldn’t recommend it throwing it in the puddle. However great job this product willful, i give it top marks and would certainly buy it again. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and, if you like, the content, please feel free to subscribe.