I actually purchased this around about. Eight days ago so and it’s uh already here so i’m, very surprised at the swift delivery. Actually from wish, i mean generally from which you can wait well, how long’s a bit of string anything up to like that can be about six weeks or something can it so uh i’m pretty chuffed with this it’s come quickly and it’s completely sealed i haven’t opened It at all, so this is exactly how it come through the post, so let’s get into it guys and uh see what it’s all about. So what this is guys. This is a um, a smart watch well, apparently it’s a smart watch and uh let’s. Look at this camera. This apparently is this is a smart watch and it cost the whole sun, including delivery. Uh 20. I think it was so. It was about 17 pounds delivered to the uk and, like i said it took eight days to get in which is fantastic, so uh, let’s, open it up and uh have a look and see what it’s all about, even if it tells the time will be a Bonus to me Music, i mean this could be probably a load of rubbish and hopefully i’ll tell the time and that’s good enough, so yeah so i’ve took it out the bubble, wrap bag and it’s uh straight to the box itself and buried there. It is yeah, it looks apart, but uh. So what we’ve got on the side here, what’s that phone calls music control.

Uh sleep monitor bp test what’s, that your voice, your heart rate, i’ll, presume blood pressure. Sorry, of course it is you’ve got your blood pressure. Heart rate, step management, messenger reminder. So there you go that’s what it says on the side of the box, but whether it does those things is another story isn’t it so we’ve got on the on the back of the box. Basic parameters. Uh model 19 screen displayed 240 240 battery capacity, 200 milliamp battery life, seven to ten days, yeah, whatever uh language support, uh, multi languages, battery life, seven to ten days they having a laugh so i’ll take it. They mean, after 10 days up to 10 days with batteries, knackered uh system, android, 4.4 and above ios, 8.0 and above, where fit 2.0 made in china. So there you go that’s what it’s got on the back there and uh, so let’s uh open it up and see what we’ve actually got. Is it actually that watch at all? You don’t want to have a look at the salt. Do you so uh smart watch? Yes, for the smart watch, not very smart, maybe it should put in brackets, so we opened the box and we got a little thank you card, that’s, very kind and it’s in english and german on the back, and the english looks pretty good to me. So there is a watch itself and it’s got protective screen over the top let’s focus on that.

So let’s get out the box – oh yeah, okay, so uh i’ll take it. I need to put the strap on for a start, so that’s all right, so yeah there. It is it’s, got protective film over back as well uh. So far it looks pretty cool. It really does. I bet the reviews are wish and it did say. A lot of reviews were pretty pop, pretty positive. What else we’ve got in the box? Hopefully the strap. Yes, so there’s, just the uh rubber rubber strap, which i knew that’s, what it’s coming with. So that looks pretty easy to install the strap itself. It’S got a little lever there where you pull back so you can hook it in. You can just see that that’s, a pretty cool idea, i’ve seen that before so it just makes it a bit easier to put these straps on so faffing around with a tool so yeah that’s, that’s, pretty cool. So there is the also a charge lead and Music. We also got some instructions here as well and uh yeah. So far, so good, the english is pretty good. It looks good it’s, understandable, so that’s a bonus and uh that’s about it and guys. So that is a smart watch from wish um. I haven’t got a clue how to turn this on so i’m, just gon na press some buttons and see, if anything happens, always vibrating. Oh wow yeah. I don’t know what that was, but there you go.

So let me pull the protective film off and you can see i’ve literally just powered it up Music, so i’m, going to read the instructions and do it properly and let’s just see if it’s touch screen. Oh, it does do something yeah there. You guys change to that. Okay, there you go so far, so good it’s, looking pretty cool, i like it. So there you go guys. That is a smart watch from wish for basically um there’s, a smart watch from wish for basically for 20 and delivered in eight days. So you can’t really complain about uh it works. It looks apart.