First of all, this watch is not a normal hybrid smartwatch, such as a fossil or other brands. This one is clinical validated, which means you can really trust. All of the health features on there like the spo2, your heart rate or your ecg skin, and, in addition to all the accurate health trackings, you get a few sport modes, armrest notifications, a sleep tracker and a guided breathing session. Alright, before we get into some more features, lets see what we get inside the box and lets talk about some basic specs once we slide the box open. The first thing we see is the watch now, besides, that we get also some documentation paper stuff in the two of the side, pockets. We get the magnetical charger, which only takes about one hour to get your watch from zero to eight percent battery life and on the other side, we get a extra pair of silicon straps, which is nice to have, especially if you plan to do a lot of Spoke this watch and in the big middle section we get lots of tools to make the strap shorter or longer the winning scan with horizon is available in two different colors. Now you can either grab the green version that i have on my wrist right now or you can get this one in blue. We get a 43 millimeter stainless steel case with a stainless steel back and button on. Here we get our usual heart rate and speaker 2 sensors and a 20 millimeter stainless strap is actually replaceable, since it has a quick release function as well.

If you check out the screen, we have two little displays, of which the upper one is the one that is making this watch a hybrid watch right here you get all of your notifications, stand up alert reminders some calls, and basically everything that you do with your Watch now, in addition, this watch is also water resistant up to 100 meters and it is compatible with ios and android smartphones. Alright, now that we got all of that knocked out of the way lets talk about some features and the first one that were going to talk about are the notifications on the horizon. You get basically all of the notification that you would normally get on your smartphone, such as whatsapp, instagram emails or calls, and all in the healthmate app. You can either toggle off all of the notifications or on, and you can specifically target single apps off. If you dont feel like that, you need them now. The hair features on this watch are the most important and first off we get an spo2 tracker, which is that accurate and you can make a track on demand or during the night, while you asleep in order to make it work. You have to put your palm on the watch for about 30 seconds and right after that, you get your results on the watch and well send you the informations to the have made app on here. You can also check out your stats for the last couple of days and month.

Next up the heart rate, this one tracks 24, 7, and you get to see your current heart rate on the watch. But once again over in the app you will get to see way more information such as different averages over the night or during the day and, of course, the stats for the day, not to a feature that i have not seen on any hybrid smartwatch up until Now, youre not going to find that on a fossil or on a garmin hybrid watch and the thing that im talking about is the ecg scan. You once again have to put your palm on the watch and you get your results shortly. After on the watch and in the app its a great function to see, if anything is wrong with your heart and since it is clinically validated, i think i can trust this one more than i trust any other watch with such a function. We also get a sleep tracker which shows you your sleep duration, when i woke up when i went to bed and you get a sleep score based on that, the higher the number, the better you sleep, and in addition to all of that, we can click on A few steps below the graph and get a small analysis on the duration, depth, regularity and interruptions, which is cool to look at okay. A few more things that youre going to find over in the app is your fitness level.

All of your past workouts in detail. Number of steps you can set a shortcut for long pressing the button on the watch right now. It opens up the workouts for me, but you can also change it to record your ecg or to start an spo2 measurement. Now, as for last lets talk about the sport modes overall, you get six different ones on here, such as running swimming cycling, walking, indoor running and others, which i always use for strength training. I know those arent a lot, but at least we got the common one covered and if you start workout, you get to see things like your heart rate burn calories, steps, mileage and your elevation. Now, since this watch has no built in gps, we have to have our smartphones with us if we want to track the route as well. I think its a small bummer, but i can live with that and folks thats already it for the video.