Hey what’s up, it’s andrew. If we’re meeting for the first time and welcome the rest of you welcome back, i love talking and learning about technology if you do too consider subscribing and enabling those notifications, because i release a video at least every week. All thoughts are my own, unbiased opinions and i’ll always leave a link to anything. I talk about in the video description, so you can go check them out. For yourself, i mentioned worth the risk it’s a low risk. I mean 25 bucks. This is the wise watch. Wise who rose in popularity with their low cost feature rich security cameras have also made a smart watch. That might seem weird, but they also made a fitness band, and that fact makes me beg the question: why did they also release a smart watch? I’Ve covered this in another video, but this isn’t hard to justify smart wearables are one of the fastest growing sectors in tech. If you’re going to try to get a piece of that pie, why not release something that looks a lot like the one of the most popular smart watches out there and price it at around the same price as a week’s worth of starbucks? So i did buy this watch sure only 25 bucks, and i was also intrigued as to how smart a watch that cheap could really be. Now again, i have an apple watch, as you can see, like probably most people, i use it all the time i feel incomplete without it it’s an extension of my iphone and for me it’s super convenient, but i did commit to wearing the wise watch for about Two weeks, first, of course, because i had to put it through its paces and because i feel like it’s, trying to take a market share from the apple watch, and that happens to be the other smart watch i own.

So i wanted to compare the experience and the performance, but also so i can test the battery life. Nine days is what they claim and we’ll get to that to get the full experience and compare these the right way. I did have to wear them by looking like an old school watch salesman. I’Ll tell you what, though, to be fair wearing the watch higher on my wrist, like i had to really didn’t. Do it justice in terms of comfort, i mentioned in my unboxing video that i thought the band was of fair quality and it is, but i just didn’t like the experience of wearing this now i say that, but i know that’s likely due to the fact that I was wearing two watches i mean who does that so i’m? Not considering this a negative, the band is fine and it’s, actually a standard clasp, which i prefer, and if you remember, when we weighed these two watches, the wise watch is a bit less than the apple watch. It weighs a bit less rather about 13 grams, so it’s a bit noticeable as well aside from the fit of course, the most noticeable thing about this watch is the thing you interact with the most the display when i unboxed this. The battery was completely dead, but i did mention the display looks smaller than the apple watch and it is now. These watches are exactly the same size, both 44 millimeters, but the wise display uses noticeably less real estate where the apple watch display extends almost the edge of the watch face.

The wise watch is much smaller. Secondly, it is a touch screen, but for some reason you cannot wake the screen by touching it i’m, not sure, if somehow that functionality is a cost savings. But when you raise your risk to wake the watch, it is not as reliable as the apple watch and when it didn’t wake. I had to press the side button. I mean i found that difference in the ways to wake responsiveness, to be not very surprising. I had a similar experience when i reviewed the wise band, the slightly more expensive fitness band, made by wise likely another area where they shaved cost and really to get the cost down to where they got it. For this there has to be a number of these limitations. I will reiterate this isn’t the apple watch, so we can’t expect it to be i’m, just comparing it to the apple watch, because that’s what i have and that’s what most people know on a security note, you can use this watch off your wrist. Unlike the apple watch, but there isn’t much here to worry about, i guess no apple, pay or anything exposed by this. I just found that interesting speaking of that wise band. The icons on this watch look exactly the same as well. I don’t have that wise band anymore, but from what i remember, this looks consistent, which is good. Having said that, it does have a cheap feel to it like it’s, not a custom ui that was developed, likely, not something they wrote custom either.

Another cost saver staying on the software side, the notifications from this watch, you know i have to say i found it odd that on the product page it mentions that you can get notifications from the most popular apps, but really in my experience with it, the notifications, Just mimicked my phone, which is way better than limiting it to a certain set of apps. You can go into the settings to disable notifications from certain apps, so that’s cool, even though i can enable or disable them for apps that aren’t even installed on my phone with those notifications, something i noticed. The vibration of this watch is audible yeah. You can hear the vibration and that’s not to say it’s loud or anything that bothered me just again it it made it sound cheap in the notifications – and i found this out completely by chance. The wise watch cannot render some fonts, or at least some emojis. You can see in this example of the same notification on both the apple and wise watch, where the emoji is shown on the apple watch, but not on the wise watch. Instead, it’s translated to something else entirely with the side by side notifications also, i was able to test the timing and it was about the same. There was no noticeable lag when i received the notifications on either of the two watches i didn’t really test the accuracy of the blood, oxygen or heart rate functions of this watch and honestly, the only other thing i have to compare him to is the apple watch And i don’t have anything to say that those are medically accurate or anything either, but the features are there and those could be useful.

The data of your heart rate, steps and sleep are all viewable in the wise app, but this is not synced in real time. Like the apple watch, in fact, when i went to look at the data, sometimes the sync didn’t even work, so i saved the two biggest features about this for last well: battery life, isn’t, really a feature but being able to control your wise, smart home is, and You can do that right from the watch now, unlike the wise band again, this does not have the ability to control your madam, a which was really cool from your wrist. I don’t get why they didn’t add it to this. For some reason: instead, you can only control your wise smart home. I don’t have all the wise things i mean. I have a couple wise things, so i couldn’t do a full compatibility test, but in summary you can’t just turn your bulbs on or off. You have to create a rule or a shortcut in the wise app. Then, in the app enable it for use on the watch, also you’re limited to only 10 shortcuts, which sucks turning a bulb on, for example, could be one shortcut, but then turning it off again would be another shortcut. I’M, not sure. I completely understand this limitation, but it’s really not that useful. What is useful, however, is the battery. I charge this up full on a thursday, and i didn’t charge it again until the following saturday, that’s nine nine nine full days as advertised.

I know i saved this tidbit for last, but having run through all the software limitations, the less responsive and smaller display, etc, etc. It ends up not being surprising at all that they were able to squeeze more battery life out of this thing. In the end, this thing still only costs 25 bucks and yeah that’s actually changed. Now, since i unboxed it as wise is restructuring their pricing to offer free shipping good move, it was a bit annoying having to tell you guys how low priced their stuff is and adding the disclaimer about shipping at the end, which made the prices look a little Less sweet – and i know the y stuff is still pretty cheap and even with this watch pretty useful too i’d say this is totally worth a 25 gamble, especially if you want to just try this out before dropping 400 bucks on a brand new apple watch.