I showed you some of that in the setup video but we’ll go into the app we’ll go through the watch. We’Ll, try and set a few things up and make sure that it’s working and functioning the way it should be and we’ll have a nice little review. Video uh, showing you showing you the watch in action, so go ahead and click that, like button for me, click subscribe and check out indulgeclothing.com to grab some of our merch now uh get over here on our overhead. Show you the wise watch and show you it in use for the review. So here i have my phone. I have a 6 gin apple watch on a weird magnetic let’s. Do that, like that the wise watch 47 and an android wear fossil watch now this one’s not mine, this one’s, my girlfriend’s. This is a series. Five series, six is the new one, but either way. One thing i could definitely say about the wise watch is its ability to look a lot like an apple watch. Now they didn’t do a little dial on the side. They just did the one button, but, as my girlfriend said, she thinks a lot of people will like the wise watch just because it looks like an apple watch. So when you’re walking in walmart – and you have this watch on your arm – nobody’s really going to notice that it’s not an apple watch unless they really really know their watches now one thing i’ll try to show you.

If you look in here, you see this little thing, that’s sticking out that goes through so when you, when you’re putting this on your wrist. So once you pull this through which length you need and then when this goes through the band clips into one of these holes, um and then it’s on there pretty securely. I know fitbit’s kind of fitbits have these, but i’ve never came across one with my wear. Os watch you’ve seen a little bit of a comparison between the three watches now uh. We know that this watch, of course, the apple watch and the wear os watch just do a lot more now. If i go into my wise app and then i select my wise watch 47, i can go to notifications and when i go to notifications and select, allow notifications. This is where i’m able to allow notifications. Now what i don’t see here is gmail. What i don’t see here is whatsapp. What i don’t see here is facebook messenger. So so far from me, i have not been able at all to swipe down and see any kind of message on my watch. Swiping up, you get your brightness. You got a low brightness, a medium high. You got a do not disturb. You got your battery percent and then this will uh ring your phone case. You’Ve lost it there’s supposed to be notifications on here, there’s supposed to be a way to get facebook messages.

Whatsapp messages stuff like that um, i guess that is coming in a later update – i’m surprised, it’s, not working considering they’re already releasing this, but hey now the watch faces you’re only allowed to have three faces, see why it says my face is three of three you’re. Only allowed to have three, but at any point you can remove one of these, and then you have a pretty good amount of faces to choose from your stretch. Reminder is just that every 50 minutes it’ll tell you to stretch your activity goal is what your goals are. So i set mine to 10 000 steps 250 calories and then, if you look at my, i haven’t had the watch on today but uh. If you look at this zero calories burned, but i’ve taken 42 steps so far do not disturb times i put 10 am till 7 am raise to wake. I put that for all day, just meaning that when i do like this, the watch should wake up or i can see what time it is wearing wrist is uh on my right for whatever reason, and then this is uh, the watch needs to run. In the background to work with find my phone sms and shortcuts so it’s, definitely there it’s supposed to be able to give me messages, but so far it’s, not the weather. This is just where you set location automatically your city and what you want fahrenheit celsius. Now data this shows me all my data.

You can see uh, i haven’t used the sleep stuff for anything i’m, not trying to wear anything while i’m sleeping the government and all these tech companies are tracking me enough. They don’t need to know when i’m sleeping the heart rate uh the steps, the calories, the blood oxygen. All very, very cool features that, on this series, five, we cannot do. I know on a series: six, they added the blood oxygen on my very slow, somewhat old fossil watch. I am not able to do blood oxygen, but i can do the heart rate and then, if you go into mine, this is just where the settings are for everything my weight, my height, etc. It tells me that i’m connected and everything the ‘ i haven’t really charged this watch uh from what i’ve read from what i’ve read: it’s about a two hour charge time and it’s supposed to last nine days now: i’m at ‘ percent. This watch arrived in my mailbox on saturday on saturday. This watch was at like 51 and i have not turned it off at all. So saturday, sunday, today’s monday, i’m on day, three and i’ve only lost about 11 percent granted. I can’t get notifications from gmail and everything else, so maybe that’s why? But so far the battery life has just been stellar. The other things i can think to show you is, if you click three dots at the top, where it gives you all your device information.

You can reboot it and then you also have a find watch so um. Well, i guess there’s, no speaker a little vibration there and the screen’s on. I don’t think you’d ever find your watch this way. But you never know now. Let’S get the app out of the way and look at the watch directly. My look at that two smart watches that’s that’s, pretty dope so on the uh wise watch. If you slide, if you swipe to the left, this is where you can see your data. Your calories, your steps, your blood, oxygen, etc. If you swipe down this is where you get your messages, Music, and when you swipe up that’s the settings i’ll show you showed you earlier, where you can call your phone do not disturb the battery percent and the brightness. If you swipe to the right, though, this is where you get a lot of your uh tracking info it’s, like you, can click on settings and you can see some of these same uh settings that are actually in the app so like. I can tell it to continuously monitor my heart rate, that’s, pretty brightness. All the way do not disturb raised away compliance and phone about so that’s. All that has this is just the weather. These are the shortcuts. If you had some kind of shortcut where you could turn off a lamp or turn on a lamp or whatever, if you have a wise plug very handy, this is just a timer.

You can, of course, select custom pick how many ever minutes and seconds you need and uh. You got a timer right here on your wrist. This is an alarm. You can add an alarm pick your time. It’Ll go off and remind you. This is the sleep tracking which again i’ve not even tried. This is to start a workout, so you just tap that button. It tells you to go now: it’s timing, you giving you the pace, the miles beats per minute, calories, etc and then swipe back and you can end your exercise. This is, of course, your data. The same thing you can get by being on the home screen and swiping left and also, if you scroll down, you know that’s, where you see like your steps and stuff like that here’s where it gets interesting. This is the blood oxygen, so you just tap it. It goes through, it does, whatever it does, to read my blood oxygen level and in just a moment here there we go 99. That means i’m good good for me and then over here is the heart rate, monitor which again you just tap it or you go into that setting and tell it to check it every five minutes and there we go 76 77 80 beats per minute, that’s. The wise watch now this is a great watch. I may have mentioned my other video. If you hold down this screen that’s how you can swipe through your different backgrounds there, if you would like here’s my actual review of the wise watch now as much as i’m.

A tech guy and i absolutely love this watch like i love the way it looks. I love the way the screen looks. I love some of the features and truly, i think this is an amazing device, it’s just not there yet, as i mentioned so far, i cannot get whatsapp messenger gmail. Anything anything that was supposed to give me notifications on. My watch has not given me a single notification: i’m one of the first people with it i’ve seen a few other youtube videos go up, but either way this thing’s only been out like two weeks there’s, probably some updates coming that are going to fix those things. My main question is: why even release it if people can’t get their email messages and their text and that’s what they need now, as for usability, is this watch usable in a day to day basis, kinda? The reason i say kinda is because just doesn’t do a lot of the things that either an apple watch would do for an iphone user or even a wear. Os watch would do for an android user if you’re wanting something that’s cheap and that, if you break it, doesn’t really matter and you’re mainly needing to use health and like fitness tracking, you don’t want to buy a 200 fitbit. Then the wise watch is perfect. If you’re looking for something that’s going to really compete with an apple watch or a wear, os watch don’t don’t, even don’t, even waste your time, it’s, just not it’s, not the same.

They didn’t integrate it with text messaging they’ve, only integrated it with whatsapp and facebook. Messenger and there’s just a lot of stuff there, that this watch can’t do that a wear os watch or an apple watch can do so. In the end, it really depends on what you’re, using this thing for, if you’re a guy. Like me, i’m kind of more of a power user, i need the wear os watch if you’re, not a power user and you’re, using this for more of fitness as a as a fitbit substitute. This thing is perfect. If you want to look like you have an apple watch when you really don’t this thing’s also perfect, and if you have kids, maybe under 12 or under 15, that are really well in a smart watch. This would be perfect, 20 bucks if they break it whatever. So uh kaylee, this watch is coming to you whenever i get back in town when i’m i’m done using it for videos, but i think that will do it for my wise watch review. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the video if you can click that like button.