Uh, really their wise cams are what really put them on the map. They have vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuums, they have a ton of products from headphones to security cameras and now to their first smartwatch. As you can see, it’s aptly named the wise watch. This is one that you had a pre order a little while ago. This is the wise watch. 47. It is going to come in two different sizes. This is the largest one and you can see it has some of these same top. Notch features that apple watches and the samsung galaxy watches have, with heart rate, tracking blood, oxygen, sensors, women, health tracking water resistance or waterproofing. If you want to call it that, but for a fraction of the price for around 20 to 30 dollars, you can get this minimalistic apple watch clone. I guess you can call it, but for that price point i wanted to go ahead and show you guys, a quick unboxing, and what this really looks like to see if it’s really feasible for your day to day operations, you should be able to get your notifications From an apple watch, obviously any android phone as well let’s do a quick, unboxing and see what this baby looks like all right right. On top you can see. The watch looks like we have another pull tab here and there is the actual watch itself. One button on the right hand: side there: you have a couple of prongs for the charging dock, a rubber band that is interchangeable.

You can see that heart rate sensor right there as well as well as the o2 sensor, went ahead and turn this on let’s. Try to get this paired from what i’ve heard all you need to do is actually scan it with the wise app which it actually says right on there as well. Let me go ahead and get that ready all right, so we got the app all loaded up. We’Ll, go ahead and say, add device lifestyle, so there’s the two models of 44, and now we have the 47.. There is going to be those headphones. You saw that i accidentally clicked on let’s go ahead and actually go back. 47. Allow let’s see how seamless the pairing process is, and there we go did not take long at all it’s going to ask a little bit about you. Let me go ahead and put this information in all right, so we have here, obviously a little walk through saying swipe, left to see. Apps wait right to see the data swipe down to see your notifications up to see shortcuts. Obviously, if you guys haven’t been able to tell already this does not run wear os, it is definitely a home brewed operating system. You can tell by the imaging and all that so long press the screen select watch faces so it’s somewhat customizable. I, like that let’s see and there we go go ahead and set that down. It looks like it’s downloading an upgrade wait for that to finish all right, so the watch finished.

Updating now – and you can see there – is there basically their imaging for the watch right on the default watch face, and the first thing i want to check out is just how many variations and options there are for watch faces. There is quite a few actually during that setup process. You can see it offered some of these other ones and it actually loads up pretty cool and quickly, but you can see there is a ton of options here for uh for watch face choices, somewhat kind of customizable. You got to download some that aren’t in here by default, but uh yeah a good idea, good assortment. You can obviously use your own custom imaging if you’d like, as well, for photos from your library to get that to work, but by default you have a couple in the system and you can see with those swipe actions swipe once to the right. You’Ll get some data to the left. You obviously i have your apps, your o2 sensor, your fitness, your sleep tracking heart rate, sensor, timers it’s, somewhat minimalistic on here. As far as what comes in by default, obviously we’ll have to play with it to see if there’s anything else you can get with it. You can see your battery percentage reading. There is no ambient light sensor, so you have to change your brightness just by tapping on the settings. You have your do not disturb mode and you can ring your phone as well um, but that that’s really that’s the gist of it.

Very minimalistic. It’S meant to be a very inexpensive tracker. Let’S see what other options we have in the settings of the app you have your notifications we’ll go ahead and allow that mess with that after stretch reminders, activity goals do not disturb raise to wake we’ll. Leave that on. I don’t see anything about an always on display, unfortunately, so that’s not going to that’s not going to give you any option while you’re. While your watch is just laying dormant you can’t look at it, you’ll have to actually interact with it in some way to get that on here’s those activity, tracker datas that we talked about personal information um but yeah. That is that, is it right now currently, not too much else involved. You can look at all the other details on here, but that is it currently. Let me put it on give you guys an idea of what it looks like i, like the larger case, sizing i’ve always been a fan of all these smart watches that have come out. If you guys follow the channel you’ll know i uh we try a lot of them on. I, like the larger 46 millimeters and now 47 is, is very nice as well. I think that looks pretty good. Actually, you saw the raised. Wake worked pretty well as well. Very consistent yeah but that’s what it looks like let’s see what else is in the box here: we’re going to go ahead and have okay, so it’s, not a dock it’s, actually, just a magnetic connector, so it’s, a usb proprietary connector to charge the watch.

You should get a assortment and multi use days out of this between charges, but we’ll have to check more into that and do further battery testing as well pretty minimalistic. As far as the start guide goes just uh going over exactly what we did and those controls. As well but that’s, really it guys, what do you think? Are you guys going to be interested in picking these up once they go on sale to the general public, um and outside of the pre orders? Let me know in the comments below. Is it worth that really inexpensive price point to you i’m? Very curious, thanks for watching guys stay tuned to the channel. We have a whole bunch more coverage coming up, um tech season’s about to start over for 2021 and we’re ready for it thanks guys, we’ll catch.