It is the x7 pro max smartwatch. We can see that this watch is also using the wireless charging and the app is the vfd pro. Firstly, lets check the box. You can see the screen, size is 1.8 inch and the bluetooth is 5.2 and memory and other informations and now lets open the box. Firstly, we see the watch and the strap and inside there is the wireless charger and the menu now lets check the watch. This watch is 45 millimeter, and this slide it has two buttons. Both buttons are functional. Here is the microphone and at the back, and this side is also the watch 7 design. It has only one hole now lets power on the watch. Firstly, we can see the screen. The watch is advertised to have the 1.8 hinge screen, but i think actually it is less than the 1.8 inch, because it looks very small and then lets check the watch faces inside. It has totally nine watch faces, but it can also add the actual watch face and can customize watch faces through the app and then lets check the quick actions from top to the bottom. We can see the protoscore and the share position and also the collection code. Business card alipay and also adjust the brightness, and we can also go to the second page to see the do not disturb setting and screen lock. After lock, we can press this button for three seconds to unlock and then from the left to right and right to the left by changing the watch faces, and we can also double click.

The screen to activate the commonly used applications in the split screen and from the bottom top is the message notification. So it is same as the gw67 pro max, but the screen brightness is less than the gw67 pro max and then we can press this button to go to the main functions and we can zoom in and zoom out, and this watch is also using the hs6621 Chipset, which is same as many smartwatches who are using the wavefit pro app and then we can double click. This run button, and this watch also has three menu styles and the functions. We can see that it is also same as the gw67 pro max. You can check the video about the gw67 pro max unbox, so in this video we can see that the x7 pro max is another watch 7 copy, which is using the wavefit pro app, and it is a similar model, as the gw67 pro max.