Okay, we have here, okay, the upgrade of the popular x8 smart watch. What we have here is the 8x x8 max smart watch. Okay, so, as you can see here, we have a new packaging, okay, im going to show you the previous x8 okay, the first version we have here and, as you can see, theres a very huge, improve improvement on the packaging of the x8 smartwatch, and we have Here, of course, the x8 okay, so we have here a much more premium. Looking box design, okay, we have here okay, sporty, looking wearable, okay, so were going to have the unboxing of this wearable and well check its design specs, as well as the display. Okay again, if you have any questions regarding this wearable, okay, the x8 smartwatch, please drop a comment below and well try to answer your queries. Okay, so lets open the box here, although it is simple still, it is a very big improvement over the previous x8 okay. So this is your x8 max smartwatch, okay, so we have the user manual lets check, okay, so english and chinese language here, so it is using the hry fine, app, a very popular app okay. We all have the instructions here on how to set up your variable. Okay and we have so charging cradle type, but still magnetic okay. It is not wireless charging usb connector here we have this trap: a very good shop here, flexible okay, with a metal lock here, okay for spitting style, and we have the smartwatch, okay, so very beautiful.

Brush finish here with a little bit of glossy okay lets try to remove the plastic here so can see the overall design of the body case. Okay, we accidentally turned it on. So here is the body of your wearable lets. Turn it off. First, okay lets attach the strap, so we can see the overall design so left. As you can see, you already have here, okay force beating here. Okay lets: hey; okay, as i have said, it is for speeding and we have successfully attached the strap for the wearable. Okay, so, as you can see here so lets swear and see how it looks on our wrist – okay, very soft strap. I hope it lasts. Okay, anyways, you can attach the different third party strap for the smartwatch, okay, very chic, cool and trendy. This is your x8 max smart watch. Okay, so lets remove it again. It has a zinc alloy body here, so we have a crown button fill shape we have here. I think this is a mic and a speaker here on the other side. On the bottom part, we have the okay x glass. We also have ecg here, bluetooth, watch sixth generation, okay, 44 millimeter; okay, so the design is okay. Okay, glossy semi, glossy brush finish: okay, lets check on the specs here on. We have here the aliexpress 1.75 inch here – x8 max smartwatch, so it is using the hry fine, app available in black pink red blue purple color.

We have here the chipset s: y d, 8, 8, 1, 0, f, r, 3, 0, 2, 9 compatible with android 5.0 and above ios, 9.0 and above platform for the pixel resolution. We have here p320 by 3d85, so lets check lets turn it on long press. Okay, you can feel some vibration ip67 waterproof rated okay, so we have here different functionalities for more information on inspection features just check the links below okay. We have here on our smartwatch specifications.com, okay, so beautiful smartwatch, the x8 max smartwatch and, at the same time very affordable, less than 20 us dollars. Okay, so long press lets see you can change the variable watch: space, okay, thats it so slim bezel. Here, okay, let me have a closer look: slim bezel on top and on the side, the, but we have a much bigger bezel here on the bottom part. Okay, good display resolution here: okay, good refresh refresh rate okay. We have several watch faces in this. Smart watch. Okay, so this is your x8 variable lets check. Lets see. Is there a magnet okay, okay, theres a magnet but its just? Not that strong anyway still see really not that strong, but still it attaches itself okay easily to the power connector. Okay, again lets have a closer look, so lets saw the display of the x8 max smartwatch. Okay, so guess the rotating crown button here is not working. I dont know well see no its, not working okay, okay, oh oh on our next video were going to show you the different menus of the x8 smartwatch again, this is smartwatchspecifications.