com, the premiere set for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we have here another video review of one of the latest smartwatch in the market. So we have, we have here is the smartwatch x8 model, x8. Okay, there’s an upgrade of the x7 smartwatch very affordable okay, as well as very simple to use and lightweight. Okay, so let’s have the unboxing of the x8 smartwatch again. If you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. We also have the uh product link below the smartwatch. If you are interested in getting one, you can also check the specs of the smartwatch below again. If you have any questions, please drop the comment. Okay, let’s have okay, so we have here the smartwatch user manual. What are the contents let’s check? So it is using a charging clip. We are not a fan of this type of charging method, but anyway, so we have here the strap. So it comes that comes with a smart watch. Okay, so we have here the user manual, the strap charging cable and the smart before we check on the design of that let’s check out the support app. So again, it is using the popular hr, wi fi, app, okay. This is available in ios and the android platform. If you want to know how to install this support app, okay with other smart watches that is compatible with the hry fine check out our video review here in our channel okay.

So we have here the smartwatch. Okay, you got it here from shopping and let’s have here, so it is model of x8 1.54 inch full touch screen with a 240 by 240 pixel resolution. Okay, so it is using a charging clip. We have a heart rate: monitor blood pressure, sleep monitoring, blood, oxygen, okay, it also has the message and call reminder: okay and we don’t know if there’s a bluetooth call or not we’ll see. We also have the activity, monitoring and sports function all right. So this is your smart watch. Okay, let’s remove this first, so we can check out the design. Okay, so metal body here, glossy bruh brush finish. Okay. We have a somewhat appeal button here. We have the crown button. Let’S attach this and see the overall design of the smartwatch okay seems like it’s, very tight, okay, so, okay, just okay and the other one let’s see okay let’s see, can attach this properly. Okay, that’s it okay! It looks good okay, let’s remove the sticker here, so we have the display here – 1.54 inch – slim slim bezel here and it’s much wider here on the top. Okay, you see it so far. It looks good. It looks okay, okay and it has a very affordable price. It is much better than the y68. I think. Okay, the so this is your x8 smart watch we’ll see let’s check. So what are the features here? X8. We have intelligent menu, multiple functions here: multiple dial interface 1.

54 inch large screen display 240 by 240 pixel resolution. Okay and what else so we have a message: push heart rate: monitoring, okay, so there’s, a bluetooth, call; okay, hope it works, bluetooth, music, remote camera, sleep monitoring, alarm and, of course, we have here the specs so stand by time. Four to five days, 180 mh charging clip and compatible with android and ios so let’s see. Hopefully we have a battery left if not we’ll charge it and we’ll see next time on our second video review. Okay, so seems like the okay, so we still have a battery left. Okay, so let’s have a closer look. So this is your smartwatch okay, display watch faces here. Let’S pick this one okay. So how do you access okay, so from bottom to top? We have the menu here: okay, okay, that’s, how you change the watch face very simple menu: okay, let’s check. We have here the dialer that link and let’s go to the sports mode. Let’S see where’s the sports mode here, oh here we have here, okay, again, let’s check again: okay, we have the weather the music control, so connect it to your smart watch and you can’t control the music on your smartphone. You have the heart rate, monitoring let’s see, so it is monitoring. Okay, let’s see if it can provide results that was fast, hey, Music and what else twitter message function? You can read the message directly from your smartwatch when it’s connected to your smartphone.

We have the phone booth, anti loss and the step tracking, so it on the step tracking. We have the distance and the calorie here. Okay, so far, it looks good okay, so the display is decent, very bright and it supports full touch. Screen operation, okay, very affordable, smart, very, affordable, smart watch, simple design, it looks like the apple watch. I think it is the apple watch for if you compare it okay, although it states here, is zero. Six. Okay but looks more like the previous version of the apple of the smartwatch from the popular company. Okay. So this is your x8 smartwatch again, if you have any questions, please drop a comment below and we’ll answer your queries. Next time, we’re going to check more on its menus and functions. Okay, so we have here the animated watch face and it’s easy to replace the watch face right away to change. Okay. This is the popular watch face this type of smart watches. Okay, so far, bright screen display okay, simple menu, easy to access, very responsive, touchscreen there’s a little bit of way to it, much thicker than the dt100, but so far it looks okay, it looks good and, of course, regarding the price it’s very affordable. Again. This is smartwatch specifications.