75 inch ml display smartwatch made from xiaomi. You pin hope you guys enjoyed this. One lets try to make it shorter im, going to start with the unboxing, then ill be covering the specs and some things about this watch and guys, if youre not subscribed to the channel. Please consider subscribing. Thank you very much for your support. Okay, so without any further ado lets do the unboxing okay. So it comes in this very minimal box, born to breath on the front there, a plus watch and on the back theres a stick with a few specs waterproof level ip68, for example, screen amoled wristband material, silicone pause. If you want to have a closer look, lets just crack this open and there you have it guys. This is what you are presented with this one is only available in one color, this one Music, okay, so there you go guys, it does look good. I must tell you that he has a aluminum frame, aluminium frame and just one button there on the side very minimal. I, like the look of it, to be honest, of course, on the back. We have the sensors for the heart rate, monitor all the sp o2. Monitor and the charging boards lets have a look. What else we have in the box here, guys yeah. We have the charging cable, slash dock, so theres no wireless charging for this watch. You need to drop it there. You can see the charging pins there that will match the back of the watch like that magnetic like so and according to the manufacturer, the battery should last 21 days 306 milliamps hour battery.

I must say: ive been using the watch for a while and never charge it so far so thumbs up for that. Lets now talk about. For me, the main feature of this watch is the face video, so theres, a huge gallery that you can choose from. As you can see on this clip a face gallery, this is inside the app, so we got different styles and even inside each style you got different colors, for example, as you can see here, there is even an ai mood that will detect your mood. This is still in in better phase, but yes, you can see is attacking my mood that not very happy and yeah guys just pick the face, install it on the watch and you get the crisp animation. Speaking of that, the resolution of this watch is 368 by 448 amoled display, as i told you before, and the pixel density is 326 always on display guys. You can turn that off and on thats another nice feature of this watch. Okay, guys, let me show really quick the menus of the watch activity, heart rate, sleep and blood senses, workout workout records mindfulness. We chat play, stop watch time, music control, camera control, find my phone and settings lets have a look, for example, in this spo2 uh monitor this is for to measure the oxygen in the blood. Of course, dont use this watch as a medical device. This is just for reference. Only okay, you got 99 so thumbs up for that.

Continuing here on the settings you can see, watch face there, so you can change the face of the watch directly there on the watch itself. You dont need to use the phone for that. You can also change the screen brightness and the screen on time. 5. 10, 15 seconds rest to awake, option there and always on display and inside that you got different options. You got a smart mode as well be where this will drain the battery ever so slightly faster inside the settings. You can also change the list to a grid mode. So if you look at apps now you get this style. If you prefer it that way, so its very customizable, if you wish to within the phone app you get the results in more detail about your exercises in uh about the other monitors like the heart rate, blood, etc. Here you can see multi sports. I did the free training and you can see the heart rate levels there and at rate zones. This watch is ip68, but i dont recommend you take it to the swimming pool. You can see different exercises on the other settings. You got fine watch be aware. Theres no speaker on this watch only vibrates, and if you look here at the notifications, you get a list of the apps you want to receive notifications or not. The notifications will look like this on the watch where we were able to see any missed calls, etc.

If someone calls your phone, you got on the watch, the caller id and the option to reject the call or mute the call. It was mentioned that, in terms of message, notifications, imessage or whatsapp, i didnt get any on the watch as you guys can see here. I double check and ive got everything turned on whats up its there, but yeah it doesnt work or this can be fixed in the future Music. Another cool feature is this music control on the watch itself. It controls the music from your phone pretty nice stuff, especially in the gym. This is quite handy. When you take the watch outside, it will be easy to see. The screen is quite good guys. I must tell you that just its right enough to see it uh when the sun is shining, then if you notice ive got two small cracks on the screen. I believe this is because i took it for a swimming. The water was warm, although this watch is ip68, but i dont recommend you take it to swimming guys. Looking at the strap here, they call it liquid silicone quite comfortable. This watch is very lightweight only 36 grams and the thickness of the watch is 10.3 millimeters and saying that lets wrap this video good quality smartwatch with a very, very good display. The video on the face watch is quite cool, the sensors they do work fine. I did two tests, the heart rate monitor and the step count both were accurate enough.

The step count was a bit optimistic. Maybe a couple of steps in 50, not too crazy, yeah overall good motive, sport tracking good smart watch im going to leave a link down below, so you guys can check out the current price and guys if you enjoyed the video, if you find it helpful, please Click the like button and consider subscribing to the channel click that button. Thank you very much for that more content pretty soon on the channel. Guys again, thank you very much for watching and hope.