However, in terms of a smart watch itself, this has some decent function and overall, really good visual experience. It fits comfortably around your wrist with no pinching and nothing jutting out thats going to make you feel uncomfortable. The imilab logo is only visible on the clasp on the band itself and no other part of the unit. Its a multi tiered cake design with a coarse steel, backing brushed, aluminum, gunmetal central housing, a chrome beveled band that supports the top piece of black glass. Its designed beautifully and the face itself feels way bigger than it actually is so lets. Take a little bit of a deeper look at this watch. First thing were going to do, is look at the buttons, so either button is going to wake it up. You can press the top one or the bottom one, the top one is going to be for waking it up or turning it off into sleep mode or pressing and holding it, which will trigger a shutdown. You can say yes or no from there when the watch is in sleep mode. You can just tilt it up like this and itll turn on, and why that is is because every time you need to look at it, it knows that youre in movement, and it will open up the display for you if you swipe from the bottom up. Those are your messages, no amount of tapping or long press or any other swipes are going to do anything else.

This is just your messages, so thats the whole bottom up from the right to left. You get your panel, so this is going to be all of your metering, your steps, your kilometers, your calories. This is going to be your heartbeats per minute, your blood oxygen levels and the weather once synced to your smartphone. You also have sleep: if you sleep with this on, it will accurately measure your sleep when you turn when you move when you wake up, etc, and you can control music from this as well and other things like audiobooks, etc. Basically, anything thats playing on your phone. You can function with this by pressing play, stop pause, left and right, etc. If you were to go back home and you swipe the top down, this is where youre gon na have your settings. So you can click here for brightness. You have four levels of brightness. Even though it has a little circle bar you cant control the circle bar, it is just going to be four levels and you go back. You can go over to settings. This is going to have a couple things here off. Reset brightness, which is the exact same thing, dial well show you in a second app download app download, is only going to give you a qr code now, unfortunately, you would think that this is going to be some sort of xiaomi product. When you go into the app but its actually not what they do, is they give you an app that doesnt seem like it should go with this, but it goes with this.

The app you get on that smartphone qr code is glory fit by smartwear its actually, not me, fitness or any sort of xiaomi branded product in its inherent form, whether its a subsidiary we dont know. This is going to be the app youre going to link everything to you can link the weather top left corner. You can allow everything, while using the app and its going to associate your area with where you are etc. So then, thatll show up on the watch. You also have sports. You can do your running your walking your riding and its going to go with your gps and your locations, so your location should be on at the top. You also have the device that youre connected to and some information about you. You can see i just logged in with my facebook page and it automatically connected everything there, so you will have to be using this app. Not the actual me fitness or any other me, smart band, app about is going to show your version and model number. This is useful because this will actually tell you, if youre at the latest software update, etc. Now for dial, i initially thought that was dialing, your phone. You can dial from here via bluetooth, etc, but it isnt thats the face the dial and you can change it from numerous different dials and i must say, theres not a bad one. They are so nice to look at theyre, so vibrant and well laid out, and they show just enough data without too much clutter.

Everything you see here is very useful to you and its laid out with very nice color schemes. This ones a nice warm color scheme using oranges, reds and yellows, etc. Theyre very nice to look at – and, i must say, theyre its a joy to see on this screen. This does feel like a much bigger screen than it actually is, although its not that large, it just feels like theyre, really using left to right top to bottom and, of course, its circular, its not a square display or a rectangular display, so theyre, definitely using it To their advantage, this is find your phone its only going to work if you sync it to your phone, obviously for people that use this as just a regular watch – and we know people that use smart watches as regular watches, it wont, do any find your phone Or bluetooth connectivity, unless you actually make it do that, and this will be silent right there. So that is how you turn off and on silent. One more thing is to the left. This is a little bit redundant because when you click training, its just gon na take you to when you press the bottom button, so this is a little bit redundant. You dont need that there necessarily status is just going to be your your different panels that we already showed you by swiping your heart rate, your blood oxygen level, your weather, your sleep. This is all stuff.

Weve literally already seen messages when you swipe up from the bottom and more is going to be all of the things in your setting menu, so its a little bit strange how they double, if not triple dip on ways you can get to the exact same place. Some people might think thats convenient its convenient that you dont always have to remember certain keystrokes and its spoon fed to you, but at the same point, this button and the side and the top and its all kind of goes to the same place. So it gives you the appearance that this has more features than it actually does now. Dont get me wrong, it does have a lot of features. It just seems to be doubling down on ways to get there its interactive and its interesting, and you never really get lost. You just get surprised by the fact that you said oh, i guess i dont need to remember gestures, because i can always just get to messages by clicking on messages themselves in the box. They give you some bands and the bands are very easy to remove. Unlike some watches, where you require very intricate watch tools to get those little pins out, this one just has a little slider pin you literally slide it down, and it just comes out same with this one, its a little slider pin. You just slide it down and it comes out its very easy to install as well just line up the bottom hole like that slide.

The slider pin at the top down until it seats inside the circle right there and then its on thats. It youve just changed the color of your band. You dont have to have these little gel silicone bands. You can buy leather ones, you can buy canvas ones, just search the internet and im sure youll find some, unlike some devices that just have one or two light sensors that measure your bpm your heartbeat. This one has eight different sensors that measure not only your heartbeat, but your blood oxygen levels as well, when you swipe over them its going to interact with your skin, of course and start flickering, and that is how it measures. Unfortunately, this uses a proprietary two pin contact usb cable that magnetizes to this unit. Now that is unfortunate because you will live and die by that cable. If you lose that cable, you will not be able to charge this unit, it doesnt use any other cable. Although xiaomi makes e ink products like the me reader and the w7, this one is not e paper or e ink at all, but it is our duty to review things that we receive that we feel are relevant in the world of consumer electronics without stepping too Much outside our scope, the build quality of this watch is amazing and theres lots of functionality and choices when it comes to different modes and metering features, although it gets a little redundant when three or four different functions lead you to the exact same place.

Overall, this smart watch is definitely one to look out for for