Is that, in my opinion, this is a really really nice budget. Smart watch, but it has some limitations and so that we can do a educated purchase. We will have to dig in a little bit deeper, which we will in this video why we live, and we are back so starting with this smartwatch itself, design build quality. The way that it looks and the way that it feels its really really nice, if you ask me, hey robert, is it worth it for the price that it costs? I would say immediately yes and i will leave a link down below so that you guys can check the price and specs and so on, but its not just looks. We have more things that we need to take, but in terms of the screen, for example, its almost a infinity screen, it has a really nice style and its not as classic as the one that i use, which is the zip z, which is a lot more Classic and a lot more expensive, but it is really interesting im using it at the same time as the atmosphere, gts2e, and i will publish the review in just a couple of days. But the truth is that the style its better than this one, but the way that it works now in terms of waterproof, it is ip68. It has a lot of watch faces, but one limitation is that we can only download one each at least the ones that we want.

It has four or five by default, but the one that we choose to download every time we want to choose. We will need to download it again, the graphics on the main menu and all the other sub menus here are just just awesome, and that is just great everything seems nice, the graphics, the fonts. But there is one thing which is: when we go to sub some sub menus, and probably you can see right over there. Dont even need a b roll. The fonts are just weird the graphic of the fonts. We can see the pixels, so this doesnt make sense, and hopefully they can fix this via firmware to put fonts that match the fonts used on other menus. This really doesnt, look good in terms of the brightness of the watch is more than enough, so that we can see outside, and i did use it in several ways and had no issues at all, and one thing that i would love him to do is to Wake up with a touch we, like some weather, watches that i use, but it doesnt have that feature at all. Now. Lets start talking about the capabilities and the features now in terms of the heart rate measures in a relaxed way. It measures quite well and the footages that i did record were this morning, and it were about two hours after a 13. Kilometers trail so have in mind that the values are a bit high, but nonetheless, when we are relaxed quite spot on compared with a chess chest, strap that i have and also other smart watches.

Now. On the other hand, when we are doing sports and we are going on higher intensity levels, then thats a different story, and i would say that 70 percent of the time more or less it will work just fine. But there will be 30 percent of the times that the values will not give us the reality. They will give us things completely off this morning. I did another trail of 13 kilometers and i was watching both along with my chest, strap and sometimes the w12 gave me 175 beats per minute when in reality i was between 140 and 150, so nothing to do with the reality, and i did test out on The treadmill, compared with my chest, strap right hand left hand, so have in mind that there will be certain times that you will be a little bit frustrated, especially if you practice some sports in terms of the oximeter or sp02, its one of the best that ive Seen so far, actually, when i did the unboxing for the portuguese channel, what happened was that he started to measure immediately with my fingers, and i was really impressed with that and what i can say is that it works really well ill. Give you more details when we see the app in just a few moments, but its one of the best so far now moving to spots, which is one of the things that i love to do with these gadgets. If you are on a walking trend, you will be fine, because in terms of steps, the watch really really measures them well, but that is the watch.

I was comparing with the gts 2e for this this past week and at the end of the day, when we look at one and when we look at the other one and when i did the 14k trail, i finished the day with 20. Something thousand steps and the difference between one another was about 1000 steps, which i would say that the truth is probably on the middle. But on the other hand, the app will give us an information which is not really accurate, because the app will separate the spots from the steps and the best example that i can give. You is with amazfit if im jogging for 10k, and then i give more 10k walking and something like that. They sum up everything. At the end of the day, they will register on the app that i did. I dont know 20 000 steps this one right over here now it will subtract the steps that i did from the jogging session and it will show me only the steps that i did while walking. Yes, it is frustrating, but it is accurate. Now, moving to the treadmill, what happens is that it is really accurate. I was really happy with the results now it gave me on average, when i do my daily session of 5k 30 minutes more or less. It had a deviation of 300 meters more or less compared with the treadmill with my phone and gts2e. So for a watch that doesnt have the ability, like some other watches, to select how many kilometers we did so that he can calibrate it works really well now running outside the result is not bad at all, as well having in mind that it doesnt have a Gps, so we will not track the map, it will not give you some fancy maps and so so forth, but in terms of distance it was not bad ill.

Give you the example that i did this week. I did a trail of almost 14k trial. Actually see me trial and i had a deviation of one kilometer compared to my phone and compared to the gts to e, so that is just great, in my opinion, for a smart watch that doesnt have any gps, usually when they dont have gps. What happens is that the deviation is a lot bigger, but in this case it wasnt. Now, if this is acceptable for you or not im, not really sure, because it will depend on the distances that you do and here you will have to do your math 13 kilometers. It will have one kilometer of deviation. If you do 26, it will have two kilometers. If you do five or six, it will have about 500 600 meters deviate and the experience has been great so far, with the exception of today. Today i did another 13k trial run. I didnt record any future footages. Today, but what happened was i was about with 10 kilometers already done and suddenly it starts to vibrate and when it vibrates it gives me a message that i didnt saw because i was concentrated on my jogging session and i just pressed the button. I thought. Okay, the exercise just finished by whatever reason started another exercise while running, and i thought okay, when i arrive home, i will have two exercises and i will sum up and it will be fine, but that wasnt the old picture, because when i arrived, i had some Difficulties in connecting to the app while he actually connected, but it didnt, update the exercises.

I had one value of steps which were completely wrong on the watch and i had another value on the app i did reboot. The smart watch did reboot the phone and so forth tried everything. And, lastly, what solved was to do a reset on the smartwatch, which then paired with the phone and solved this issue. So today i dont have any registry of the exercise that i did. This is something that you have to have in mind that it happened to me. It might happen to you in terms of biking. I did went for a session and what i can tell you is that the data that will give us its only calories and the heart rate monitor, and that is it by the way in terms of sports. You have a lot of spots to choose from, but they all will give you the same thing, which is heart rate and calories with the exception of running and mountain hiking. Those are the ones that will measure your steps, distance and things like that. All the others are the same, with the difference that they will give us a different income icon on the app, but the difference in terms of the that its not there so sleeping uh. It will measure all right if you are someone that has a regular sleep and if you fall asleep, you dont wake up during the night and then wake up. That is it. It will measure quite well, and this happens to me most of the nights.

I sleep around six hours five hours and something – and i will show you in the app just a few moments, but if you are someone that wakes up a few times during the evening, then the result will not be that accurate, for example. Last night i did wake up roughly three oclock. In the morning i went to take my kids to sports tournament to the bus station and uh. When i arrived home, i wasnt ready to sleep, so i watched some tv took about two hours or so, and the watch didnt catch that so here it is one of these scenarios that it will not measure accurate compared to other smartwatches like the gts2e. That will do a great job right over there and we are comparing two completely different prices, but this is in terms of battery. They stayed 30 days on standby 14, 15 days using it, and i would say that if you will do sport one day, yes, when they know you will get around 10 days easily in my particular case, which im doing every single day using the watch and touching It and using it so and so forth. I did drain the battery in seven days one week. Okay, now lets take a look at the app which, in my opinion, is the weakest point of the smart watch. Now this is the front panel that or the home page as you want to call it at the top.

It has the steps that we have made so far, which its not the truth. I done today, roughly 16 000 and i did had to reset and it was with seven thousand. So that was the problem that i was mentioning. If i press it will show me today and if i go back, it will show me the day of yesterday and so on so forth. So it will register the days and the steps that i given by week or monthly and of course, im only testing it. For one week, so i only have that data and then uh right over here we have the sleep, and this i probably already showed you compared to the gts2e that did get the results, and then we have the heart rate. Monitor right over here at this moment is showing 83 bits per on a resting state stuff like that, and then it has the scale right over here, the percentage that i was on each of these. If i go uh, if i go one day earlier, it will show me 77 right over here, 13, 8, 2 and so on. So not bad. This one right over here in terms of the spo2 or oxygen levels on our bloods. If we go to yesterday, for example, it has a weird value right of, as you can see it. Peaks here shows 94 hypoxia, which i doubt, but it is right over here, say that they are pretty accurate and it is really fast one of the fastest that ive seen so far in this range, actually even more expensive.

Smart watches that ive used dont have a oximeter so accurate as this one, not meaning just the levels, but the the quickness that he has on measuring. It is really really nice. Then we have the sports uh right over. Here we have walking running biking and so on so forth. So if i go to the running, as you can see, i dont have any registration for today today is the 13. This is the 12th. I have no registration at all, but lets take a look right over here on the 7th of november. If i press it, this was the trail that i did 13 points something kilometers, so one kilometer deviation and will give us this data right over here, and the same will happen when i do my thread mail sessions. It will give me this information which, in my opinion, is more than enough. It has a graphic right over here with my heart rate monitoring, and that is it. I forgot to the bicycle uh. It only has one session that i did. This was 15 kilometers. If im not mistaken and right over here only show me the heart rate monitor and also the calories that i did spend calculated calories more or less. But this is it, and this is the data that you will have to have in mind that will be displayed on every other spot that you do, except with the mountain hiking, which will be the same as running will give you that dot so lets go back.

We dont have more to see right over here. This is the bike: rope, climbing rope, jumping, sorry and thats about it. If i go to the um the device, it will show me the dashboard, which will have the watch faces available right over here. I did download three which are here, but if i want to use one of these, i will have to synchronize through the app its not able to record more than one. It only saves one at the time here. It has four or five by default, but thats about it. If we go back, we have the heart rate configuration and then the spo configuration right over here we can put, i have one hour, but we can put a minimum of 10 minutes to measure every 10 minutes. Dont forget that every single situation that we do right over here it will drain the battery a bit faster. So have that in mind, and then we have the other configurations, the notifications and so on so forth. It doesnt change to english because ive got the system in portuguese, but it should. But basically this is it, and then we have my profile right over here with the steps that i want to achieve every single day, but the configuration is really really basic. So the app is, in my opinion, once again the weakest points of this smart honestly, in my opinion, its worth it having a consideration, the price that it cost, which i will leave a link down below and the build quality, the design.

Everything that we have mentioned. Its just awesome, but the truth is that it could be better if the app was more complete if the app was more accurate. If the app didnt have this kind of issues of communication with the watch, which i only had in the space of one week once and that is it in my opinion, it is a really nice watch that, if, if they improve the app will be a great Watch at a awesome, awesome price. That being said, hope that the video was helpful in some way and if it was dont forget that usual thumbs up right over there.