This one has a whole bunch of great little watch fades that you can download from the store it is ip68 waterproof. So splashing around the pool should not be a problem whatsoever, and you have all of the comments both covered with this one. Hey folks. My name is learning youre watching product reviewer and thats me now. Like i already said, xiaomi is known for his budget. Smart watches and this one is the newest model, the xiaomi emilia w12. You can already get this one on the official page for around 45 dollars, which is very cheap for such a great smart watch. Now you can find a lot of other smartwatches in that price range, but not a lot that are quite as good as this one. Navigating on this watch feels pretty smooth, so swiping left takes you through all of your different tasks. First off you have your daily activities, which shows you, your burn, calories, your steps and your mileage. Next up, you have your standard 24, 7 heart rate monitor which works. Okay, the lines jump up and down every once in a while for no reason, but it comes back to normal pretty quickly now, a thing that we also get on the emote w12 is an spo2 tracker. Now i compared this one to my finger sp02 tracker and both almost gave me the exact same stats. The watch was only off by a percent or two at most, but overall pretty decent.

The next tile is the weather, so nothing spectacular about that one. It shows us the deadly weather and a small weather forecast for the next four days. Next up we have the sleep tracker and i did have my problems with this one a little bit. It did track all of my sleeping stats, but it didnt show it on my watch every time which was a little bit confusing. It shows all of my stats on the glory fit health app to which we get in a second, but it didnt show it on my watch, but the things that you see on the glory fit health app are some stats for the last week and the month You see your deep sleep, your light sleep and your time awake. If you had a nightmare and you wake up during the night, and we get a small analysis with some tips and how to get a better sleep and as for the last tire, we have a music player which works with most of your music apps from your Smartphone, but you only get some basic functions like skipping the track or back of track or play and pause, but we cannot adjust the volume and oh by the way, you cannot use your music player while youre doing any sport activities. Now, speaking about that lets see what sport mods we actually have on this watch. Overall, we have about 13 different sport modes. We have stuff like walking, running and cycling, but also badminton ping pong or a free mode which can be used for everything else, depending on which workout you are doing.

There are a few different metrics that are being tracked now, for example, on the free mode. It only tracks your burn calories, your workout time and your heartbeat, whereas if youre doing something like a running mode, it also tracks the steps you mileage and youll pace now. One thing that you really have to know about this watch is that this one does not have a built in gps, nor does it use your gps from your smartphone, which means you will never get a route to see where you went. You also do not get a summary of your past workouts on your watch. You only get to see those on the glory fit headset. Just keep that in mind by the way, if you got that far into the video make sure to leave a like and subscribe to my channel right, quick, it would really help me out and dont forget to click the notification bell to never miss out on any New uploads, one of my favorite smartphone features, are the notifications and on this one we receive just about every notification that we would also get on our smartphone, so thats great. We just have to swipe up from our home screen and we get right to all of our notifications. Now, in the beginning, i had some problems setting this up with all the background permission that i have to toggle on, but after a few retries, it finally start to work now on the app we can select from which app we want to get notifications if its Instagram snapchat, gmail or facebook, its your call, driving down from your home screen, leads you to your quick panel with the four different brightness settings.

The demo find my phone feature and the settings and swiping right from your home screen takes it to your app menu. Swiping up and down over. Here, takes you basically through all of your apps and more and on this one right here. You will find your stopwatch and your timing, all right guys lets finally talk a little bit about the specs by the looks of it. It reminds me a little bit about the huawei gt2. Now, as you may see, this watch is pretty chunky with 46 by 46. By 11 millimeters and it weighs in at 57 grams, we also have a 1.32 inch tft touch display with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels. So no ammo touch display for us right here, which means we also do not get in always in display mode. Now, in order to wake this watch up, we have to either raise our hand the whole time or we touch one of the two physical buttons on the side of the watch. The upper one really only turns off and on the screen and takes you back to your home screen and the lower one takes you straight to all of your workout modes, and if you watch one ring, no, the lower button is not customizable, so you cannot connect It to any of your other apps, the silicon strap felt pretty comfortable on my skin for the time wearing it, and i have no itchy sports or so also you can swap your bands out anytime.

You feel like it, since we have a quick release function on this watch as well, and once you buy it, you get extra pair of bands as well. In case you want to have another style. Now, on the backside of the watch, we have our usual spo2 and hardware tracker and two magnetical pins for charging. Okay lets talk about watch faces now. If you long press on the home screen, we get to all of our watch face that we get on this watch on default, which isnt a lot. We only get like four or five of them, but what we can do is to open up the glory, fit app and go to the watch, face, store and boy. Let me tell you, i dont know how many we have, but we have a lot. You got all kinds of watch faces, starting from some very funny looking ones over to some watch faces with lots of metrics or even very plain and simple watch faces, and if all those watch faces arent enough for you, you can even take photos with the camera Or take photos from your gallery and use them as your custom background as well and change the things up by the color of the numbers, but there are also some other things that you can do on the gore fit app. The starting page looks very simple, and there are only a few metrics that you can look up over here, like your heart rate, sleep and spo2 level, but on the other sections of the app you can start.

Workouts set targets for the distance duration and burn categories, and you can see all of your previous workouts nicely divided in sections over in the device section. We have a whole lot of little things that we can play around with. Like our notifications, we have the health settings, we have the dial settings and we can make the watch alarm us for whenever we are sitting too long and on the last page we just have some personal stuff and folks thats already it for the video. I hope you like it if you did dont forget to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel and dont forget to click the notification bell as well to never miss out on any new content.