The surface is very nice to the touch and it does not attract fingerprints and smudges. Like glossy surfaces, you simply want to hold and touch the back of the phone same as the display and the cameras. The backplate is covered with gorilla glass 5 for protection. The metal band that goes all around the device is nice too, and it gives the phone a premium look and feel. However, its glossy finish is a fingerprint magnet speaking of fingerprints. The scanner is super fast and accurate face unlock feature is equally fast and reliable. I also found the buttons to be easy to reach and responsive the overall. Build quality is top notch and the phone feels like a thousand dollar flagship. The camera bump is huge, but it houses some powerful optics with a 64 megapixel sensor at the car. On the front we have a 20 megapixel shooter i'll talk about image quality in just a bit. A 144hz refresh rate display is one of the standout features of the device, while it's of an lcd variety which may disappoint some users, but it's still an excellent panel, both for indoor and outdoor use.

Thanks to 650 nits of peak brightness, a high refresh rate makes the phone feel very fast and smooth, but you wouldn't be able to see the difference between this and 120hz refresh rate. The phone uses adaptive sync to save battery, but you can also switch to a lower refresh rate manually speaking of battery life.

It'S really good, not only xiaomi managed to cram in a massive 5 000 milliamp hours unit into a relatively thin profile of the device, but power management has been really good too. One of my latest screen on times is over 13 hours. When i use the phone at 50 percent of screen, brightness for social media youtube web browsing and taking about 50 pictures, obviously the screen on time will reduce if you pump up the brightness, but 50 is good enough for indoor use well, this is where we spend Most of our time, anyway, charging time is great team. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge the phone with a supplied, 33 watts fast charger. I found the dual super linear speaker system to be really good. The sound is crisp and clear. The integrated ir blaster allows you to control devices remotely, but i never use this feature here is what xiaomi skipped on this device: the headphone jack, a micro sd card slot, and there is no water resistance. For instance, the much cheaper poco x3 has an ip53 rating for splash proof protection, it's, a really good budget phone, and, if you haven't seen my video you'll find the link to it in the video description down below flagship grade hardware.

This is what the xiaomi mi 10 has inside a snapdragon 865, coupled with 6 gigabytes of ram, assures that the phone flies no matter what you do with it combine it with the custom made cooling system x, axis linear vibration, motor 144hz display any dedicated gaming mode.

You'Re, looking at a mobile gaming beast, you can rest assured that all of the games will run smoothly on the highest graphic settings on this device. What will also run smoothly? Miui 12 user interface, that is based on android, 10.? Sure it's, not the latest version of android, but i don't see any problems with that. All of the usual xiaomi features, customization options and enhancements are here, so you can enjoy tweaking the phone in a variety of ways during this quarantine when it comes to daylight image, quality, the wide angle, camera shots, look nice, but they could be a tad sharper, especially In the corners, however, the main shooter produces really nice pictures with a good amount of detail, sharpness and neutral colors. The dynamic range could be better in some of the shots, but overall these are one of the best images you can get in a 500 device. I was also impressed with two times zoom image: quality. Considering this is a digital zoom, a 64 megapixel small gives you a ton of detail for cropping and the images come out nice, but i would stick to a standard auto mode. You should also stick to 4×3 aspect ratio.

For some reason, the standard setting was 16×9 while the quality is still good. Pictures taken in traditional 4×3 aspect ratio, look much better portrait, shots come out really nice edge, detection and object. Separation are quite impressive. Considering there is no dedicated depth sensor, selfies taken in both auto and portrait modes, look great images are sharp.

Detailed and edge. Detection is very good in low light. Selfie quality does not really impress, but we can still take usable images if you find a source of lighting. What really impressed me was low light camera performance using a primary camera system. Images taken with a wide angle. Shooter are quite decent, but if you use the main lens, you will get amazing quality images. I was mostly impressed by the noise reduction because most of the shots look very clean, even if taken in really dark environment. This is really good image quality for a 500 device macro camera has autofocus, but i would still suggest you use a tripod. Otherwise most of the shots will be out of focus. There are plenty of video recording options on this device, but i highly recommend you sticking to 4k 30 fps. If you plan to shoot handheld, the video looks, sharp, detailed and, most importantly, very stable. I found 8k video to be detailed, but choppy and shaky 60fps gives you double the frame rate at the expense of shakiness to eliminate shakiness. There is a steady video mode, but the overall quality is not that good.

So i suggest you sticking to 4k 30fps video. You can also record 4k 30 fps videos using the wide angle camera and the quality is pretty good. Dual video mode allows you to use both cameras. At the same time, 1080p 30fps video looks pretty good and video stabilization is surprisingly decent.

Sound recording quality is quite good, too. Connectivity has been great on this phone, including call quality signal, reception, wi, fi, nfc and gps after using the xiaomi mi 10t. For quite some time now i can say this is a very good phone with plenty of flagship qualities. However, it doesn't mean it's perfect. The main flaws include the lack of the micro sd card slot and the headphone jack, and there is no water resistance rating. I know that some users may be disappointed with xiaomi's decision to use an lcd panel instead of amoled, but i can assure you that the quality of screen is very good and you get that 144hz refresh rate that makes the phone feel fast and responsive pretty much. All the time now the pros – and there are quite a few of them – it all – starts with beautiful design and continues with flagship, great build flagship, great specifications, flagship, great overall performance, 5g connectivity, really good cameras, excellent battery life with fast charging and fc any good sounding Dual speaker system for me, the pros easily outweigh the cons.