good day, you beautiful people welcome to isa. Does tech where we do tech in your life in style, like i said, we’re checking out the mi band 6 today, looking at what’s new and putting it to the exercise test. So the me band 6 looks like the me band 5, except for one main difference: one that’s hard to miss when you see them side by side. The screen the latest mi band now features this even bigger, amoled display, which i think looks way better because it’s round and the better to display the many cute band faces with depending on the watch face, you can also customize what’s on the screen. It’S pretty responsive, and it can also get bright enough to see outdoors. You navigate through this thing via swipe, since there are no buttons, physical or otherwise swiping left or right brings you to widgets and swiping up or down brings you to your apps. You can also reorganize apps and widgets, depending on your needs on the app and speaking of app. The mi band 6 connects to your phone via bluetooth with the xiaomi wear app. This is the new xiaomi wearable app that works with the me wash and the me watch light. I have videos of both those watches on the channel, so i’ll put the link up here and down below so the older me band 5 connected to a different app. The me fit app, which was less cute, but i liked it because it was xiaomi’s all around app for all smart wearables, including their scale which i had, but the me band 5 did not connect to this newer app.

This new mi band supposedly connects to both apps, which should solve the problem. I say supposedly because even if this has been announced, this ban has not been released in the market yet, and so when i tried to connect it to both apps to try it out. I couldn’t because the apps have not been updated anyway, those updates should come and you should be able to connect it to both and, yes, it does work with other phones, including iphones, and actually in this video. I connected it to my iphone to test it out. This band will give you your phone notifications, no photos, though, and no replying from the band. You can also customize which notifications you get on your wrist on the app and there’s a find, my phone function and, oh, my god, a camera shutter function. And yes, this works even on non xiaomi phones, because it worked on my iphone on the app you get. A preview of what this band can do it tracks your steps. It tracks your sleep right down to your very sleep stages. It tracks heart rate, with 24, 7 tracking and as little as one minute frequencies, and it also tracks your blood oxygen levels which is useful to have so that now you can monitor your spo2 levels in the wake of cobit, but also remember that this isn’t, a Medically precise device and that this shouldn’t be used in lieu of actual medical treatment, it’s just good to have for monitoring.

Basically, this thing also gives you a pai score, which is xiaomi’s health algorithm, taking everything together and giving you a score for fitness, which was pretty bad for me at first, but i mean we’re getting there. This band also measures vo2 max your stress levels, even going as far as having a breathing meditation app, which we all really could use right now, and it also measures your energy levels, there’s, also a menstrual tracker, which is honestly very much appreciated by women like yours. Truly so the meat man 6 has been on my wrist for a week or so and like its predecessor, i truly appreciate that it’s so light and easy to wear, therefore, making it easier to keep on my wrist. It doesn’t bother me to wear even if i’m, just at home or even when i’m sleeping and it’s even waterproof. So when this pandemic ends and we can leave our house, i can even take it swimming in the meantime, my aquariums will have to do for waterproof tests and, of course, i couldn’t resist. I love how you can just buy new bands for this band and get them for really cheap, because now this fits my life, aesthetic, my pink life, aesthetic. So yes, this does fit the me band 5 straps and also yes, like the mi band 5. You need not take the strap off to charge. This thing does come with a charger that’s. The only thing it comes with in a pretty straightforward box charging for me took an hour to 35 minutes.

Don’T. Ask why i was doing a charge test at midnight. Battery time according to xiaomi is at two weeks which holds up because i’ve only ever had to charge this twice once when i got it and another time around five days ago and it’s been three weeks since i’ve gotten. This pan take note, though, that this of course varies depending on use and what you have turned on on the band. There are 30 exercises on here and auto, detect functions for stuff like walking treadmill cycling, rowing machine elliptical. There is, however, no built in gps. Of course, i did some exercise testing which may or may not be an excuse to force myself to exercise for each exercise. You can set goals to duration or calorie consumption and other exercises like walking or running. You can set the distance for this specific exercise. I’M. Trying you can also set to count, so basically that means that this band can count. How many skips i do when i skip rope it’s, pretty cool, how it does that, of course, i put it to the test and count it, and it was usually around one to five skips off small enough margin of error for me now. This excited me because, based on my personal experience, only a premium wearable has given me the option to auto count reps, and here we are with the budget tracker, auto counting skips. So i tried to see if weight training would have the same.

Auto count feature for reps and tried to do freestyle exercises, which is the one with the weights on it. It didn’t seem to do that, but i got a good exercise session in t. Why me band for forcing me to exercise, and might i just add that there’s no one wearable that will instantly make you fit it’s, just a way to track your progress, but all the effort still lies in you, my friend you can do it screen. Size may have changed, but what remains is the fact that the latest me band is still the wearable to beat in terms of function and in terms of price. This thing retails for 45 euros and also considering it’s, tiny it’s amazing. Just how feature pack this is. I mean the previous mi bands were too, but i was still amazed at how feature packed those tiny bands were as well. Xiaomi’S me ben 6 certainly did not disappoint and i thoroughly enjoyed having this thing on my wrist. Let me know what you guys think about this me man and, let me know if you think, it’s worth it to upgrade that’s it for today you guys, if you want to see how i use my tech on a daily basis, find me online that’s isa does On instagram, twitter and tick tock, and on dick talk, i answer your questions real time.