But this one is special because it does have an amoled display, the same kind of spec of an apple watch at a much lower cost. Is this the best budget, smart watch with an amoled display you can get lets have a look all right. So here we go guys checking out the me bro launch x1 and rundown of the specs. We do have a 14 day battery life 38 sports modes, spo2 tracking – and we also have, of course the star of the show. Is this amoled display with a dynamic heart rate and 5 atm waterproof, which means basically 50 meters? That should be enough for most kind of water sport activities lets go ahead and unbox this bad boy. There you go and, as you can see, it is pretty much ready for pairing, pretty basic unboxing, not much to it here we do have a charging cable, and this unit uses this hockey puck style charging cable, pretty typical of most of these smart watches with usba. Should charge no problem whatsoever, we have the quick start guide and you can see we do have sensors on the back and we also have a number of different buttons well go through that in a second and thats, pretty much it. So all thats really left here to do is to kind of tour around this product and you can see pretty good thinness pretty similar in size around probably 45 millimeters. But i do appreciate that it does have what looks like a bezel, its, not a rotating bezel.

But it does give it a more sporty look. You have a pretty comfortable type of rubber, strap similar to what youd see on a casio like this, but lets quickly go ahead and pair this up to my me11 ultra still the best xiaomi phone. I would say on the market here we go jumping over, and so with this mieber app, you can pretty much just add a device right here and successful pairing is complete, were pretty much good to go, and here you see all the different abilities of this meep Wrap we have a new software update. Well, do that very quick and so were all set up now guys on the me bro watch x1 and i got ta say the display is super crisp super sharp. Now you do swipe from the top. You have your typical control center here and swiping from the bottom. Youll have all your other messages swiping through here to the sports modes, and you can see it is fully touch screen with so many different sport modes to choose from going back home. You can see also your heart rate, and you can also see your blood oxygen and theres. A bunch of apps here you can play around with this should be able to track pressure. Sleep report blood oxygen. All your exercise data you even have to breathe out music timer, pretty much a fully featured smart watch here and in a pretty swell package. I got ta say of course, im used to using mechanical watches, but you see now with this giant casio.

It is definitely much slimmer than the typical kind of g shock you might wear and lets go ahead and wrap up this video by putting it on the wrist and seeing how it looks and heres a wrist shot with amiibro watch x1. But let me tell you guys its a very comfortable fit, and you know if you want to wear this on the weekends for sporting for hiking, and you know you dont really have to baby it too much, because it does have this elevated bezel here. That should protect the display, which should be a glass, and i dont think its crystal here, but it is a very nice smart watch nonetheless, and of course, a bunch of other watch faces im installing the year of the tiger. One right now lets see how that looks: boo yeah i like that im gon na keep that one on for now, a beautiful, pretty stunning display on this mibro watch x1. Definitely one of the nicest displays on a budget smartwatch and being amoled makes it even better. So check links in the description for the details of this watch and thanks once again to you, pin and me bro for sending this one out, but hit me up in the comments. What are your thoughts on this? U pin mibra watch x1 and do you like the idea of having an amoled display on your smart watch, hit me up in the comments id love to hear about it and thats it for this video? If you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tag subscribe to the channel hit that bell icon for future updates.

Thanks for watching folks a lot of products, i need to catch up with doing reviews for so stay tuned. Plenty more coming – and this is what i leave you by saying this is frankie tech. Signing off have a good one eye of the tiger baby.