com. The premieres set for smartwatch packs new synergies. Okay. Finally, we have here okay, one of the most affordable smartwatch in the market. We have, let us say it is an upgraded y68 smartwatch. So what we have here is the y68 or short for or just call it the macaron smartwatch, okay, y68. Okay, the name on the shopping site for this one is y68 d20 macaron smart watch. So we have here, okay in our arsenal and, of course, were going to check it out. Okay, so available color. Here options are white: yellow black and blue okay. So what are the features we have here? Okay, the heart rate, calories, blood, oxygen, pedometer and message function; okay, so, okay, aside from this one white, black, blue and yellow, we also have here so theres a lot more color options: gray, pink, dark, blue and green okay. So lets have the unboxing of this wearable. Okay lets check it out, so what we have here is the yellow, color. Okay, so lets check it from the box. Okay. So if you want to know the support up for this one again, so this is a y 6, 8 smart watch. Of course, it is using the very simple easy to connect fit pro support app. So we have here the user manual, okay, very simple user manual, very familiar similar to the y68 user manual, and we have here the strap. We have the yellow, color, okay, so bright, pasta like color, okay, and we have here the device.

So, okay, we already activated this, so we can check the desi. The contents so lets remove the plastic here, the protective layer, plastic so similar. It has a similar design to the y68 smartwatch okay, again watch out for our comparison with this one, okay to your y68 smartwatch, so for the specs lets check. Okay, so we have so. This is an abs material here, okay, its a d20 y68 smartwatch. It see 1.3 yeah. Let me show it to you: its a c 1.3 inch tft lcd 240 by 240 pixel resolution 150 mh battery okay. We need seven to ten days of standby time, two to five days of usage again for the charging mechanism or method. We have a direct usb charging, okay, just remove the strap and you can charge it right away. So we have here the different features here we have pedometer social, entertainment, okay, intelligent reminder, remote self, timer, health monitoring, information, push motion, tracking sleep analysis and more. It is available in different languages, so lets try to attach this trap here: heres the usb connector, okay, okay, thats it and easy to attach trap. Okay, looks good, okay, so lets try to wear it. So we can see the wearable in action. Okay, so thats your y68d20 macron smartwatch, it looks cool. It looks hip much better. The color is much better, a very huge improvement over the okay previous d20, y6 smartwatch, so lets check on the menus. Okay, so again its still a touch button, key.

Okay, something is wrong with the display lets check: okay, okay, thats it and just a little bit of dirt. Okay, so we have here. Okay lets have a closer look. The watch face tap on the display screen here. The touch button key and we have here the automatic step counter with calorie and distance, so we have here the health monitoring so includes the heart rate: okay, the blood pressure, as well as the blood oxygen monitoring. We have the sports, long, press and youre going to check on additional menus for the sports we have running here or walking. Skipping rope sit up so still the same with the y6a and next one. We have message, notifications, music control and for the settings we have additional features. Here we have the sleep, sleep function, weather camera, remote control. We have anti lost reset. We have the qr code for the support app and, of course, we have here the power of button and, of course, the name of or the model of, your smartwatch lt716. Okay. It is power down. Okay, long press fit pro watch. Okay, so lets check for this one for the heart rate lets check if its working, okay, so lets try and see if its going to show a result. I just wait: yes, wait! Maybe its just a few! Okay, so we have here 114 over 68, we have bits per minute 75 and a 99 blood oxygen. Okay, so it seems like its working okay, but for the accuracy im not sure whether its its exact or not.

So you have an option to read for the messages you have the music control here: okay, so thats the feature for and menus 40 y6 d20 macaron model smartwatch. So i like the color here that is much better compared to the previous y68 for the os. The same operating system – i think, for this one with just a minor difference on the layout of the ui, but overall still the same wearable. Okay. So the improvement here improvement for the smartwatch is more on the design of this smartwatch. The color i mean, as you can see here, lets have a closer look beautiful pastel light, color, okay, its the macaron smartwatch, okay, so very affordable. If you want to listen, this is an entry level smartwatch. If you want to buy one for your kids, okay, its a good one, okay, so fourteens an entry level, affordable, smartwatch to macaron.