Now people that are going to be looking into this smartwatch are because they’re looking for some form of an alternative to an apple, smart watch, and i believe we got a winner for you all today with the yame uh this. It definitely surprised me in terms of just very much quality and the functionality and performance i’ve been using it for the past a little over a week now – and i don’t have to say that i was, i was pretty uh, not too bad man. I was pretty impressed by it so before we talk about the full review and what i think about it, i just want to say thank you so much for over 160 000 followers on take time. Thank you so much for our growing community on twitch and youtube. As we’re constantly growing, with over 1300 on twitch and over 4 000 subscribers right here on youtube and therefore really means the world, and so, if you’re interested in content like this, give us a thumbs up subscribe to our youtube, get involved with our other communities. As you definitely will not be disappointed, as we always try to write back to the fam go ahead and get right into the review so yeah, so i ordered this uh just not too long ago, and so therefore, with my insights, i additionally had a android formality Of a smart watch before meaning uh, mostly smart watches, can work far more fluid with androids versus just apple.

If it’s, not the apple smart watch, all apple products tend to do that. Anyways. They have more of a loophole in order to do different formats of tech gadgets when it comes to aftermarkets quote unquote, generics or knockoffs, although i would not call a lot of upcoming startups and tech businesses um, i wouldn’t call them knockoffs anyway, because i feel that There’S, a lot of bargain tech that works just as good or, if not even better than some of the actual brand names monopolize companies that can work around the globe. So the you may smart watch let’s go ahead and talk about it um. It is unboxed it’s right here on my hand already. I have it right here, all right, so let’s talk about that story. I had an older smartwatch it favored android way more. When i tried to connect to bluetooth that always disconnect, i forgot the name of it, but just to give you an idea versus this one um so yeah. When i would connect to my bluetooth it would. It would ruin my my my air pods, and it would just it would go back and forth. It was just inconsistent. It felt real, cheap, it didn’t feel quality at all. Now this you may is actually very much surprised me it. The quality feels amazing. They have different color bands. Also, you can get white black, i think grayish silver black and i i believe they have multitudes of colors also, but here what really blew me away was: was the quality like as soon as you feel it? The quality is amazing, and it feels just it feels more like an apple, smart watch than any other smart watches i have utilized before i had a few and like what i said, they felt more for an android, so apple users, you’re, really gon na love.

This one and my favorite flex on this smart watch is, is the aspect of the charger it charges. It has a magnetic charger so right here you could see that it has let’s see if i can get that like zoomed in i don’t. You know if you can it’s too small, but basically it’s like a it’s, a magnetic zoom in and i’ll try to have uh some editings on here and the magnetic charging format is incredible: that’s, something that, as soon as you take out the watch, you notice that I was trying to look on the side to see it was a usbc. I tried to look around and it was a magnetic charger. I thought that that was the coolest shoe ever that i’ve ever seen so we’re gon na go over the box, so you may access your maze smartwatch and then it says uh step pedometer um. It says sleep, monitor, sms alert for your text and you can also connect your music and heart rate, monitor and screen display. It is a 1.3 inch, lcd, color screen, 24 hours of dynamic heart rate monitoring and then message messages um various social networks timely display. The latest dynamic information – and you could track your sleeping on here and also your steps. I do 10 000 steps and i work out six days out of the week. So i love to use this more for fitness sleep and then some music. You can connect music to your watch also, but if i’m at the gym, i just have my air pops in here so simultaneously.

You can still be connected via bluetooth to uh to the to the watch, while going through their app and um so yeah. That really helps out a lot. I believe when you uh just download it was very, was uh effortless. I didn’t have to take a lot of time. I just downloaded their app and it was really easy with that. So i everything in as far as connecting and being able to move forward with this smart watch really did help out a lot as i’m, a gadget person – and i know i wanted a smart watch again, but i always shy away from because usually a lot of The ones especially on amazon, favor androids more so the yame really has stepped its game up, and it feels the functionality just feels far more quality. When you put this on, i love everything about it like you can see it right here it it. It feels great. It it it really much, it responds really fast and it just the the quality of it it tracks and what it does it’s something that has all the dates everything’s on point. So the date can be at a point, but then once you set it up to the app, it really helps you out. So you can. You can keep track of your steps and your fitness on there a lot faster. So i would say this is kind of in between a fitbit slash apple, smart watch, but it has the whole apple smartwatch interface to feel the band.

It feels real quality and i would say that you know when i take it off. It feels really good it. Just i love the way it looks, it feels cool, it looks cool, it turns off. You get a flick of the wrist that’s. Actually, one of my favorite features a lot it’s adhering to where, when you respond and when you turn your hand around, it turns off and on so i really like that. You can see that right there. You can see it that i really like that. The battery life is actually really amazing, there’s times i haven’t. So i had it for about maybe 10 days now and i i’ve only probably charged it like once, and so it actually lashes a lot and still has 74 battery right now connected bluetooth and so yeah. I think battery life on here is credible, so, to summarize everything with the with the yamae smartwatch great for people that are counting steps. Counting steps is always amazing, your sleep, it has a music you can connect to and it has your text alerts. You can get all your text on here and then it you can simultaneously connect other things. So if you have your headphones, that are wireless and this you can connect at the same time versus other smart watches, you really can’t. I love the the charging functionality it’s a magnet and it goes right under the watch. That is super cool. Let me see if i can show you all that right now and then let’s see right here see right there it’s a magnet right under that, and then the battery life is actually really incredible.

So there’s just a lot of wins in here for it being far more of a bargain smart watch and if you want it to feel just like the functionality of an apple smart watch, i would say that this is probably one of the closest ones. I look because i was doing all my research on amazon. This is probably one of the closest ones that actually looks feels and is adhering to the apple smart watch. If you don’t feel like dropping that much money. So i appreciate you all so much. My name is tim said this was the yame, smartwatch and good job to them shout out to them.