Yes, the z20 it’s the move. This was the. This was the 10 most expensive, smart watch. It charges by two pin two pin charger and let me show you what’s in the box where it comes in the box. Don’T worry it’s, very durable. When i get a keys for it later it was sitting in there. So i got the black blender Applause, so it came with them and this is my receipt and this is the protective film. So the z20, so look let’s see trying to focus it’s an apple watch clue, but this thing’s really good. Well, you can see the back. The camera’s not dragging now focus i’m using my lighting, my lighting. Now i use another light. You can see this button, doesn’t actually work, you can see yeah. So these are not cracked ass, glasses, okay, after i’ll shoot it off. You can see it has a calculator. It has the limes. Also, you can switch. The white face see the white face. This is currently connected to my phone just currently connected. So this the apps, so you can see guys so let’s go i’m good it’s like visiting so i’m, not going to go to all the features in this watch. You see it has a sleep tracker for dominator bluetooth to land ripple messages. So you can’t see if you see the joint two toners messages this way on the calculator. Okay, the hell fives are there and one of them is all here.

You think i’m live with the g20 bro boom. Would you give me connected? Thank you. Do that? Can you see there, let me go to information, you see z20, you can see yeah yeah that’s. All for you guys. Also i’ll put you another thing.