At smart watch, ticks calm, Z, blaze, yes, we've reviewed so much stuff from the Z blaze. We'Ve got the whole Thor line most recently the Thor 5 Pro we got the vibe line. Oh, my goodness, I don't know how many vibes we vibrated with and then we've got the hybrid line, and now folks, the crystal line adds crystal 3 what's, so cool about this one is the price. Before I even open the box, I want to whet your appetite and then disappoint you all in one here is the Z blaze official store listing for the new Z blaze crystal 315 bucks, except that was the Black Friday. Oh, I don't think I'm gon na be able to get you that price anymore, but it's gon na be probably around 20. I hope check the show notes for the discount link if you want to buy it directly from the Z, blaze, Aliexpress store or head on over to banggood, which at this current moment near Black Friday, but slightly after it has a 17.99 price again check. The show notes see which one you'd like to buy from they both are supporting us on this amazing crystal three basic watch. I mean for 15 bucks. What do you want? You know, but it's a really nice watch, it's gon na handle all the basic sports stuff for you and heart rate and those kind of things it's claiming ip67 waterproof. I love this. It tethers the happy sports we've, never seen that app, so we'll take a look at that.

All of these different things are supported here: okay, which is really basic stuff. You get notifications on the screen, so you'll be able to read your messages and, of course, all the other kind of push stuff that you get a one point three inch IPS 240 by 240 screen we'll be taking a look at that you get about seven days Of use time standby about 15 days, basic USB charging and you just pull off the band's to do it, I mean it's, a wonderful starter. Watch. Well, let's, take a look in you see. We have opened the plastics, so we can get into the very tight box and see what packaging looks like Wow, okay. Ah there we go Wow all right, that's different. I wonder if they packaged that upside down. No, I think they've got a cover on it. Here'S, the module and here's the band and Wow Wow, okay, it's, really in there that I would have put a watch face or something on there, it's it's saying long breath. So I guess they really want you to know how to turn it on maybe they've gotten. Some returns from folks who thought it was dead. All right, we're, gon na feel that little cover off and reveal a black screen. A nice module, it's, totally plastic plastic cover plastic, sighs, it's, 15 to 20 dollars, there's the USB charging which we'll do before we turn it on heart rate diodes and that's it for the module, the band's.

You think they're removable, huh, y'all, think I'd love to say that y'all think duh what's, that song, where the girl goes duh, I just don't, get it um anyway. Here'S the band's and we can put those on and inside is the book with the manual which will page through to show you how you charge it, what you download there's the QR code, if you prefer to just use that right here on the YouTube screen, it Should work when you point your camera at it or your phone or you can use our show note, link. We always put the tethering links there and some nice color pictures explaining how to do things. There'S the remind function here's, some of the icons you see on the screen watch faces step count as in it it's a not gon na do like rocket science, but it's going to do basic algebra how's that yeah yeah it's a starter, watch and that's it. Then you get into other languages well, as we always do charge it up and turn it on for you here we are all charged up. I put the bands on it. We'Ll show you a little bit more about that. In a moment, I press the button. I wait. It says hello vibrated a little bit and boom I'm up into my first time now. Let'S walk through it see what we've got. We got information it times out on us, looks like step count. Calories burned and it's got battery percentage on this one.

I love that it's really nice to know how you're doing on your battery got the date and time which are all wrong because it hasn't been tethered yet here's. Your step count, information, calories, burned and distance travel, great big icons, tiny little buttons. I don't our numbers. I don't like that part. I really like it when you have great big digits white against the black background, easy to see but again it's a 20 or less watt, so we're getting what we get. We do have the time on these displays, though it tells you it's beats per minute. It shows you, the icon, vibrating and it's, coming up with 74 73, reasonable heart rate for me, 76, so it's, getting a few different beats and averaging of my guests and giving you one idea of where you stand on your heart rate timed out and it turned Off so we're gon na go ahead and switch to the next one press and hold takes me out of that mode and into blood pressure, and this looks like two digits three digits. I don't know if they have it backwards. Sometimes they do the diastolic before the systolic and it kind of weird but they're, usually pretty easy to figure out which one's the high and which one's the low okay it's doing that it's telling us millimeters of mercury again. It'S got the time and the display yep it's 76 122, so it should be 122 over 76.

So 122 is reasonable, though 76 is kind of low, not too sure about that press and hold that tooks takes us out of the mode press hold starts. It sorry press and hold takes us out of it, takes us then to blood oxygen press and hold on that one, and now it tells us that it's H bo2, which really is blood oxygen percentage and should be in the range of ninety five to a hundred Percent typically and it's coming up ninety eight ninety seven. Ninety nine bouncing all around that, so the numbers are reasonable, but whether they're valid and accurate that's something you'd have to check on your own. Okay, then, this is last night's, sleep time, information here's. The messages that would push to your phone would tell you how many there are down there pushed from your phone here. You can find your phone one you're tethered. You have a music player, says it's, not tethered right now, but if you had this, you could control the music on your phone. You could take a remote photograph. This is a makes. It work like a button on here and again. You'D need to be tethered for that and it's going to display, whether for you to as push to you from your phone once you're tethered you've got a timer on it and then you've got overall settings which, when you go into here about a brightness setting, okay And this is in the setting mode now, there's, the lowest level can practically see it hardly see it a little bit brighter brighter brighter and the brightest level, which is what we had it on, is still relatively dim.

It'S, okay for indoors it's, going to be washed out outdoors folks, it really is recovery is like a reset thing and then we're back to settings and then there's your shutdown button and your version, information for the watch and back to the time screen you press and Hold here and we can rotate through some different time screens again battery is shown up here, Zhi blaze, their logo right there. Oh, I don't want to go through everything. I wanted to change the picture there. We go let's, look at the other watch faces since we have it here a round one. This is like an apple kind, that's, the one they usually show on the pictures and come back to me, press and hold and we're back to the one that I have it set on that's easy to read with just a glance, and it should have the twist Risk to show the time yep it does and imagine that's controllable from the app which we're gon na take a look at right now. The app for this one is called happy sports I'm gon na open it Wow. Ok, it goes in immediately to the legal stuff. They usually don't, show you all this, so this is kinda. Nice I'm just gon na scroll through it. So if you guys want a freeze frame and read it at your leisure, you can it's all about joy huh what the rights they have. What right restrictions there are? Ok, this is getting more and more common now that there's, so many laws in the European area, the US and others as to how they're going to use your data – and we are a global society, even though zis are coming out of China they're still needing to It here, I presume, to the global laws, if they're going to market globally, so we have these policy rules, makes these reviews longer, but there's no place else.

You get this kind of stuff. Believe me, I've looked watch different reviews and I've by the time I've seen five of them. I know the same thing over and over again, but nothing more detailed than that. So, if you're willing to put up with the length of the videos here, you'll get a whole lot more depth of information, so I got ta agree to all of that. Obviously, the disagree buttons not going to work for me. There we go, okay, allow it to make calls photo and media storage devices, location, play, pictures and video and access to the context. So all that stuff is needed for this thing to function, and I got a turn happy sports on and take a nickname. Yes WT. Smartwatch tix done and go to next set your birthday let's just pick a day. We'Ll just use today from 1963 we're gon na go female we're gon na go female. What is your heart? Okay, it's in centimeters and weight is in kilograms. So you got to figure that all out and enable it to read notifications and it's already turned on for that hit the back button and we're all okay. Now we got to do the tethering right, so this is all this basic information let's see probably up here. There'S my account settings version about mmm that's, all about us GPS. Please bind the device first I'd love to. Where do you bind okay, sleep? No sport data, no other pages to go to well.

Okay, we got to bind you. Oh device. Click to bind the device. This is why a lot of times folks, prefer I do this ahead of time and just jump right in but the day we're drawing it out. I don't know why, because it's such an expensive device, I guess we want to look at every aspect of it. Okay, it says it's connecting the bracelet should have been in here when we get over to the information on it settings there we go. Please click on the bracelet, Bluetooth, blah blah blah searching okay, bracelets on, and here we go. I got so many things tethered that I probably need to go outside and do this all alone, so I'll back once it's tethered here's. What I did. I did a factory you restore on this one. Then I went into about – and I brought up that page and I left it sitting there and I turned Bluetooth off and on on here and completely shut down the app and restarted it and finally, they connected. So those are the games you got to play with these watches, try to strip them down to their bare nothing and start over from scratch until you can literally get them to connect. Once you have now we're there now I've got time styles that I can go in here and it's showing you. The variety of watch faces that we showed you on the screen that we could pick and it's using that one right now, if I click that when I can go back over there or I can jump over here, quick it easy like that that's, the one I Was using so I'll stick with that one! You have displays settings now.

These are all the different things that you can have it's show. So if you're interested in just your pedometer step count but don't care about mileage, calories and so forth, you can turn those off ease off your overall sport mode, quite a bit of stuff, pretty sophisticated, app honestly for a tiny little inexpensive band like this. So you can do all of those things and then you can of course, twist your wrist to see the time setup, sedentary reminders, water drinking all day, heart rate test, when you turn that, on heart rate, detection interval as low as every 10 minutes on a 20 Watch very impressive and when you read the literature on it, it says it's using the advanced heart rate sensor in this now, which is starting to become a standard. You can set your step goal. I usually go for 8000 and then I'm really happy. If I can do 10, you do not disturb time frames, so it's not gon na light up during the night. If you want to turn that on all these little subtle things are great, look shins in weather is automatically set I'm going to go in an imperial and 12 hour time it's morning. So you can't tell that it's, 10 a.m. or 10 p.m. but we should be able to go over and see if we've got shins in weather right go on, come on. Ah no hasn't updated the weather. Well, we might need to do some sort of an update to it firmware version and the Yui bluetooth, factory, restore and then unbind again so that's all the setup stuff and then here's the different things that you'll get when you actually use the device a little bit There got a little bit of data on here for you, some steps, as you can see, and how they're totaling all of that stuff up for today, then we've got all of the settings there and I'm down to 80 on the power which is nice.

It shows that you can set alarms heart rate here's, my heart Rea, taken over these times here, and I can hit and measure heart rate. It says, checking this vibrated, but didn't light up and in a moment, it's gon na come back with a new heart rate. 1503, 1504, give it a second now we can go away and come back as I think it'll do it. In the background. Oh there it is 1505 81, and so you see it's producing a chart of all of these connected together. Sleep time I don't have any data to show you, but that would go here on the app and then blood pressure right here, it's showing you high and low on the chart there and showing you the numbers over time and again now I can hit that says. Checking vibrated and, as usual, it's gon na take it a little while cause it's got ta. You know, get the signal and get that all figured out. So while we do that would come back over here show you. We have blood oxygen, I'm, gon na wait until blood pressures done so it doesn't mix the two up, and here we go five. Oh four, five six, I think that's the most recent one they're running roughly the same level. My diastolic looks a little low, but I'll have to measure it with a cuff or something to verify it and then, of course, blood oxygen, pretty much straight across the board, because it's almost a hundred percent.

It would be better if the chart were between like eighty and a hundred so you'd see more variability. I can detect blood oxygen as well and it'll. Take that read right there and that's a quick whip. Okay from here then that's. The only thing you have on this page – I can come in here and see my sports section. I can go into the calendar and look at previous days that I've recorded events on here and I can go into that's it. Okay for the sports and GPS. You can set up and do your own GPS run from the app and it'll calculate all of this stuff. For you as well so it's, a good app looks like it's gon na take care of everything, it's an OK band, it's, totally plastic. You want to be careful, I mentioned I wanted to talk about the Bands. This is that unusual kind. Some people love them. Some people hate them, but you wrap it around. You lay it down flat. The pin sticks up. Then you press into the appropriate hole. I have to get underneath and press it like that, and then you slide in through here it's a relatively cheap band. It'S. Nothing really really fancy, but it gets the job done so it's inexpensive components, putting the whole thing together, but it's got some pretty sophisticated capabilities to it. It'S a little on the dim side, that's full brightness, so not really supported well outside.

But if you want to start or watch something to just test this stuff out and see if you'll use it or if you've got a kid that would like to play along with daddy or mommy in the fitness realm for about fifteen to twenty dollars, you can't Go wrong and you've got an app that's gon na sync with it, and you even get to see whether on it to that you can set up for any city anywhere in the world. Aliexpress Z, Blais store has it you can buy directly from them. Using the show note down below if the price is higher than that don't be a lot upset. This is the lowest price you ever get is on Black Friday every year and that's.