Blaze just showed us. A hybrid watch well they've already released hybrid too, and this is really different folks. This is not what you'd call an analogue watch with hands. This is a watch body with rotating discs inside of it gon na be pretty different. When we take the cover off yeah there, you see the module itself, but let's talk about it, for we dive in you can get it through. The official zi blaze store at Aliexpress it's, the hybrid to make sure you're. Looking for that one, and of course we got the link in the show notes, we'll take you over here and a discount coupon for you. It'S got hybrid technology in it that lets a tether to your phone and run as a regular analog watch as well. You can also pick it up directly from banggood banggood tzatzi blaze, carrier of all their different products, and they have the hybrid two as well again check the show notes if you like, buying from bang good and looking for a discount on the price what's inside. Well, we got a description of it, it's, a smart mode and a watch mode that make this thing work. The smart mode uses a small 0.96 inch, IPS color screen that's the thing on the side here, this rectangular area there and it's clearly visible and it can be hidden in sleep mode and it can lift your arm and light up the screen. So that part, that rectangular part works like a regular Smart Watch where the whole screen would be a screen right.

Okay, with that the one that's the smart mode in the watch mode. Now this is the creative rotating dial design, there's two custom, dials one's ours and the other is minutes and that's what's running way down in there. You see way down in there. Those are the wheels for telling the time and you get about three years of battery life in watch mode. So you only kick in smart mode when you need to, and you haven't always visible, especially outdoors in the bright light, a way of telling time in the watch mode, creative, innovative fashion, way of shove, telling time now on a watch. We have health tracking. In this thing, heart rate monitor blood pressure, there's, the female health monitoring through the app and the sleep monitor as well. All day, activity tracking includes your pedometer. Your step counts, which gives you calories and distance travel and so forth, exercise tracking a step goal. Real time pace and distance and celebrations when you reach your goal, that's all through tethering back again to the app it's high quality, high quality, polyamide and carbon fiber watch case. We'Ll. Look at that up. Close 26 millimeter, big soft silicone, strap, spherical, mineral glass and stainless steel press button with zinc alloy face ring Wow, oh that's, on there sure seven languages they claim and there they all are so that's. The written part here's. Basically, the same thing in tiny, tiny little specifications. I'Ll just show this on the screen we're using the H band app for tethering, which is a common one, used on many many different watches, there's all the different things that are supported in here and some dimensions and other information at the very bottom, and with that Let'S unpack it just like in the hybrid we saw there's a couple of places, one for the watch and one for the charger and we've got a get in here.

Get this thing up: oh there's, a little arrow point it up here. For some reason, I have no idea there's a little spot above the arrow see that okay, we do have a little plastic cover over that mineral glass screen. Here we have that little protector on the which we can pull off and that's, because this is a battery operated thing and you see I'm setting the time in there and the wheels are turning and when you got your time set. You press it in that's, gon na turn on the three year battery and will keep time for you on the analog part. All the digital stuff is going to need to happen through the charging and for that we pull out the charging dock which looks like this. It looks like it's gon na snap on a couple of guide, pins, there's, your electricity pins and it snaps into position on either side. Here has a hook up, no doubt for a cable for charging, and that should be in the box. So when we pull this out, we've got two things: a charger and straps right, and here they are, we have straps, we have charger, should be your standard micro, USB connection that you'll just simply plug in and plug in to charge. For the smart part, the LCD screen or the color screen in there, and then, of course, the band's which we will put on the device here in a moment.

Oh nice fancy – these are the black ones. It'S got some white stitching on it. Has the quick disconnect pins ready to go and we'll put this all together in just a moment? Typically, what I've found you get the button on the right when you're putting these things together, uh huh and then you put the clasp part on the top and when you do that as long as it's gon na go on your left arm with the button to The right it should fit properly on your arm, if you ever wonder which way to put them and of course, don't put it in upside down either all right I'll be back when it's all wired up and charged and put together, Wow. Look at this thing. This is really something it's got such a nice band on it with the stitching in it and whoa just very unique face. You can see the time down in here, but you can also see that it's not backlit, so you kind of have to wiggle the tour. You get the light to shine to be able to tell the time, but the two wheels do turn and keep time. Now this little black rectangular area is off right now they run on different batteries. This whole thing is running on a watch battery, and this is of course charged and it's got a button on this side for this one, this one you pull and twist to change by the way it doesn't do anything it just twirls when you just touch it.

So it's, strictly for pulling and setting time like a regular analog watch would be this one. However, you press and hold and hold: are you ready and boom there you go. It is super bright. I can't dim it down any less than that. It it's easily gon na be readable. Outdoors you've got your digital time right there it's all in Chinese right now. If I press it again, I get into a running thing. Then yours, your step, count your distance travel calories burned right. That looks like blood pressure to me that looks like heart rate right there. That looks like sleep time and that's a power off button, but we have to tether to the watch in order to get the languages to change, so we bring over each band that's the recommended app for tethering I've already got it installed and all I need to Do is click on here to tether the device which we know is the zi blaze, hybrid, right, hybrid there's. Everything listed that are here and hybrid is the one I'm tapping and we're connected, but there's a cloud data. If there is any cloud data they you would like to pair you can pair, it will touch that it says. Hybrid two is connected and yep. It changed the time. Look at that 405 p.m. on Wednesday, so it's in English. Again, the H band app we've gone through several times so I'm, not going to spend a lot of time on it.

I'Ve have links down below for other devices where we've extensively reviewed the app but I'll just show you you've got these different kind of things. You can have a heart rate alert set on on here. You have your turn your wrist to see the time you can do, blood pressure, general or private mode do calibration all of those kind of things countdown timers. All these some of this stuff applies to different watches than this one, so we don't know, except that it's got just kind of the limited capabilities that you see here, so that's all the setup, whether to open the female notice. This is where it'll keep track of the cycle, a female cycle. I say yes if this is set up to be registered as a female, which it is right now: okay, if it's male, you won't, be even asked that and what that means is when you get back to the dashboard and you look at all your stuff, you're Gon na have one down here for female, where it keeps track of the days of the cycle. Okay, now your basic data would show up here, hybrid to band and oh, where are we we've got press to enter and Anna press and hold and now I've started a timed run: okay, there's the time it should come up with the heart rate, calories, burned and Distance traveled in steps as you do your workout, and to save battery and save power, it's gon na turn off quickly and that's.

Just this one sport event that you have that it's tracking right now it doesn't have any GPS or any of that other stuff in it. But it does have that if I press long it should let me out of here pressing pressing. Oh, my goodness, okay, press, quick, okay, it's, a quick press, I guess – and the screens not sensitive it's, all done with the buttons, so press press to return press long, okay, we're back to the main page. We just did that one hour step count. We don't have any yet, but it should sink over here. I'Ll. Do that at the very end, for you, we of course that and that and that are gon na – be blank, but we'll go in here to the blood pressure and leave it on here and see what happens. It should be calculating that right now, there's a reading 121 over 81. Can you read it it's, so bright, okay, that's blood pressure push once more and now we're over to heart rate. I didn't see in the app a way that I can dim the screen down. I think it's, just gon na be one brightness and that's gon na be full on bright, but I'd. Rather have it really bright than too damn nice, big digits. You can see seventy four seventy five six, so it's live reading the heart rate on here as well. Another press is last night's sleep time and total hours, and I didn't pass press fast enough if you're not fast enough.

It starts all over after that. You'Ve got your power off and all you got to do is press and hold and that shuts the smart part down so that now you just basically use it as a regular analog circular wheel, Smart Watch interesting huh yep. Well, you seen the app you seen. The watch and you've seen where what I will come back here, where you can get this thing from the Z Blais Aliexpress store. This is their official company store check. This show notes down below for a buying link if you want to buy directly from Aliexpress through Z plays or you can hop over to Banga Banga is also offering the brand new z blaze, hybrid, again, check the show notes for a buying link and discount. You see, the prices are all over the place so definitely check, and if you can use our links, we really appreciate it. It helps us keep getting these watches in here. For you, alright you've been watching. Smart Watch ticks we're a YouTube channel on the web at smart watch, ticks calm and we've been looking at the Z blaze, hybrid, Smart Watch, we'll see you again soon. I put a couple of steps on it. Well, actually, I put about 200 steps on 208 shows up here and, of course it calculates the distance traveled and the calories from that.