com, opening up something new, the neo three doesn't. It just seem like yesterday. If we reviewed the neo2 well, it was just about. Yesterday, honest to goodness, i got an uh email from a guy, a comment saying that yippee he just got his neo2 in that he ordered about three months ago, and i said yippee i'm about to review the neo3, so hope you're not disappointed. I don't think he will be because these watches are complementary: uh they're, not replacing each other. This has come out in july 2020 and uh. The neo2 was like march, i believe, late march, so about shipping time three to four months during the corona virus. To get something ordered and get it delivered is about the cycle time for z blaze to make a brand new watch. What is it? It'S? A three button watch it's really interesting. The uh neo line the neo had a one button, a neo two guess what yep two and the neo three well here. We are three buttons. This is the official zblaze store from aliexpress, and you can pick it up through here, it's, a really decent price. If we have some other opportunities for buying check, the show notes for different links as well, but this is the manufacturer's site itself, it's a 2020 value king and this puppy has got all of this good stuff in it it's an ip67. They claim here now in a second i'm, going to show you a chart that says it's, ip68, so kind of back and forth between that not sure which 20 day battery life is what's important with one charge you should be able to last for 20 days, the Neo 3 here's, the specs on it.

It tethers to something called happy sports is the app supports these different languages and, as you can see in here, all these different functions are supported in the watch and we'll run through all that stuff. 1.3 inch ips color display 240 by 240 pixels. It talks about and uh some more basic information. Now, in terms of comparison, i just want to jump into the neo2 versus the neo3. This comes from their website where they pulled together as quick as they could. The information it looks like the neo2 is a heavier watch. Uh, it used a basic leather strap. This one's got the advanced leather, silicone again, ip67 ip68, maybe for the neo3 they're, both the same size. This i don't understand because we just saw in the specs 240 by 240.. I think they're the same resolution, so the specs in here, maybe i don't, know i think they rushed through it and didn't have the watch to actually uh evaluate, especially you get into um things like the bluetooth version, looks like it's gone down um anyway. All in all the uh z blaze, three differs from the two in its overall appearance and the fact that it has three buttons so let's, look at the actual device itself comes in this uh type of packaging, see if we can get it out of here. Wow that's lightweight, look at that. It floats wow. Okay, it's got a cover telling you what your buttons are in case.

You um don't know how to turn it on or do anything with it. We take that thing off and here we've got okay. That comes out. Oh yay, another charging dock. What is it all of a sudden? Almost every watch i'm reviewing has one of these alligator clip docks and honestly for me, i i really don't, like them, uh they're, crazy. They got a clip over the screen uh often times honestly, with with these this. This uh, where it connects right in here, breaks they're little plastic pins that go in here held by the spring and if you're, not careful one of these snaps and then how you gon na charge it. But here you go, we've got yet another alligator clip charger. That you have to line up with the posts here, get it clipped on there and now it's braced up against the screen. Oh, oh um, then you got it. You got to wiggle, it make sure it's in there in the right spot. So my recommendation, as i've mentioned in other videos, is plug it into the charger. Put it together like this and then do the last little wiggling to get it seated good and make sure it says that it's charging on here. Otherwise you might go all night thinking. You'Re, charging and you're not really so much better the magnetic clasp it just attaches with the magnets on there. In my opinion, everybody's got their opinion i'm sure this is a what is in here something's in here.

Oh well, look what was missing the bands and sure enough. This is the um dual kind looks like simulated leather on the front, maybe it's actual leather sandwiched, together with a rubberized backing with places for sweat to move through and your arm to breathe, and then the holes here it's got easily removable pins on it too great We'Ll put it together in a minute after we show you the manual z, blaze, neo, three operators guide and uh let's just paste through it there's the charging. We already showed you all about that, and here are the definition for the keys or the buttons and it's going to tether to happy sport, which you can download by using this qr code. Point your phone right to the screen on your computer. If you're playing youtube on your computer watch functions, of course, i highly recommend you use the link in our show notes and go directly to the google play store to download it more discussion of what each of the different screens are on the watch i like to Do this for you so uh, you know, you've got everything in case. I missed something and basic parameters and now we're into other languages, so it's a book of different languages, all right, um i'll put it together for you. Well, surprisingly, it came all charged up so i'm going to press the center button. It vibrated says hello, booting up and we're. There that's got the current time in military time or 24 hour time, you'll notice that the screen is totally non functional for touch.

Everything is done through the buttons, so we press a button to light it up. We press here that's the last thing in a loop which is shut down, so let's go the other direction up. We get into the step count followed by the distance traveled in kilometers and the calories burned and it's a pretty bright screen on there right now. Now, here's the heart rate and it's been beeping along with the green diode in the back tracking. My current heart rate. Tap to the next one i get uh last night's, no, the actual sporting uh stuff. It looked like sleep time, but here's your hours minute seconds, your heart rate and your calories burn. If you do a sport and, of course, it's non touchable, and that takes us back to the other direction, so you have to tap here to get it to go and there just vibrated, and so our one sport that's in this thing is now happening. It will bring in the heart rate and do my step count based on the pedometer and get your other things derived from that tap it again too little data but that's how you would save it and exit it and from sport. You then go into sleep time, hours, minutes total with deep and light sleep messages and by the way it there is on the side. You can see the true color it's so bright that it's washing out on the screen right here.

If i have any messages i press here and it would show them to you in that text and that size, i presume and then find your phone if you're tethered to the app would activate right here. You'Ve got a remote music player, remote photo capability and again that's the color of it it's a dark blue, not as light as shown here. Your uh temperature uh in centigrade and the air is excellent. It says for the location uh as specified in the app on your phone, a stopwatch overall settings which press here will get you into it about your brightness let's. Look at that. We should be able to oh there's, your very lowest brightness and it increases from there. Okay looks like we were on the brightest setting so i'm going to go to about right here in the middle, for what we're doing after brightness, you got a return which you do on the middle. Oh don't want to factory restore so let's bail out of here. Was that a yes? I guess it was whoops all right. I just factor we restored, but we didn't have much on there anyway, uh there. My step counts back to zero everything's back to zero and that's what it looks like fresh out of the box, gosh darn, okay settings. We were in information, brightness, restore the factory settings and then settings again and then it goes back to shutdown when we could just turn the band off or to your faces this toggles on and off, and i haven't found a way to change the faces.

Long hold on here: oh okay, it's, a long hole that will shift them and i guess another one so there's a second phase: oh here's, a third one, more of a analog face, try it again and we're back to the first one. So you have three faces in here, so how does all this work with the app now that you've seen everything that the band can do let's bring it over? First of all, from the google play store, it's called happy sports that's. What you search for and when you're ready to go, you would hit the open, and that takes you right into the app after you go through logging in and agreeing to all the terms which i want to show you right now, because they are extensive, may as Well, give it to you on the screen here you go: can you see it i'm just going to flip it through freeze frame it? If you want to read all the legal mumbo jumbo, but honestly, the very first thing that comes up is all of this and agree, so you cannot use this app unless you agree to all of this, the good news is you: don't have to create an account With password and agree to send everything up to the cloud, all your data, but you do have to go through all of this legalese either reading it or just simply hitting agree as most everybody does. But for those of you who want to know, i presume you could download the app by itself and go through this on your own phone, but here it is in youtube, so it's archived forever.

In case they decide to change this yeah there's a few pages of it. I think that's, the last one. So we were in the app to show you what it'll do you got two minutes, that's all i'm going to need. This is the only page folks. It has a place where you can connect to the device. It has a place where you can set alarms. It has your heart rate, page where it will show you the heart rate that you've taken when you take it manually from here. I can say measure heart rate remotely that's, a nice thing. We'Ve already talked about covid, capable, watches and bands that have this remote measuring option in the apps. So a patient could actually wear this thing and not even have to be awake, and you could remotely measure you know whatever the factors are. The sad thing is the only thing this is doing is heart rate. I have two data points: there's one there's, the other 72 74 70s bumping up and down right now as it's taking this live measurement and it it's doing it on a chart according to the time as well. So i can stop it and it just vibrated. On my wrist, so that would wake somebody up, possibly if you're doing this remotely and there's. The third point that it's doing so, you have the ability to take multiple, remote, uh heart rate measurements. With this one – and you have last night's sleep time on here – that's it that's this whole page.

This allows you to go into a uh sports area, so you can see your total duration, calories and distance. You can't choose from a variety of sports. You have one thing and that one thing could be anything and it's just going to give you time, calories and distance using the pedometer. You can change the date of course, for that you can tap gps and invoke a start using gps on your phone and use your phone for calculating and getting your information, including speed. But you need your phone with you, there's, no gps module built into the band itself. To me, this looks like it's a work in progress tap there and you can go in and set your own height and weight and all the other kind of personal stuff as well, but there's no pages to go anywhere else. There'S, no other stratification of graphs or details, it's a beginner's app, definitely and the watch itself. Um. I'M, not really that impressed with it. You'Ve got step count: you've got heart rate, you've got one uh exercise, you can do and last night's sleep time then connected to your phone. You got messages and find your phone in music and taking a remote photograph. You do have weather so and you got a stopwatch, but other than that, with the three watch faces in here. That'S about all you've got it uh it's, a nice overall, simple watch with three buttons a forward and a back and your basic enter or turn it on and off.

Uh type button, uh very lightweight, very thin, uh yeah it's, the the neo three from z, blaze and one more time boy. This seems like a short review, but it is there's not much to this watch. I don't show you blood pressure or sleep apnea, charts or lauren scatter diagrams. You just got heart rate: okay, the official z blaze site about 30 bucks or so check.