A variety of watch faces all of the typical stuff we see in Android 7.1.1, with slightly different layout. For those of you familiar with all of this, your overall clean up options, music player and weather once you're on Wi Fi and connected to the Internet, to bring it in. You have your notifications available to you. You have all your fitness stuff, with daily tracking of your step, count, calories, burned and distance travel and a very robust, app drawer here with all kinds of individual apps that come with it, including a front facing camera. Hello, everybody we're doing a one minute review. So I got to keep going you've got a back button. Takes you out of here on this side. You'Ve got all your different Fitness functions which unfortunately, do not tie in to GPS but calculate their computations. Using your pedometer step count or just basic calories, burned. It'S, a really nice robust watch when you get over here to the app drawer, the long standby you have the option to turn on always time, which means the time display will stay on all the time or with that off. It will go off and give you a black screen if you leave it on like that, and you go into this mode. Yeah it's gon na be more than a minute. Give me a break. We got through many things to talk about they're, just vibrated and now I've got the time and that time screen will stay on in this mode.

I can use the front or back button to go into two other pages: there's your fitness stuff and there's. Your continuous always running always on heart rate, once it acquires it it's gon na give you the report of your heart rate in bracelet mode now low power four days. They claimed life on this mode and it's available until you reboot the watch get out of here. You have to press and hold the power button and it literally restarts the watch back into SmartWatch mode.