We are a YouTube channel on the web. Oh it's, already slit for me at SmartWatch, tics, calm check it out. That'Ll. Take you right to our homepage. We are taking a look at a brand new Z, blaze product, yes and D. We'Ve been playing with the vibe series quite a bit and it's about time for a Thor upgrade well they're gon na pop up the Thor 5. The Thor 5 bro it's got a different look. If you remember, the Thor 5 had had a camera bump on here somewhere. This one's got a camera up at the top of camera on the side, and lo and behold, when you open the box there, it is sweet. Looking, okay, nice presentation, little finger hole in here, so you can actually get it up. The band is already attached and it's a Wow Wow. I haven't seen one like this. It'S got edges to the TPU and a raised section on the center looks like they've, been thinking about sweat control, wow, look at the carbon fiber itched back on it, my goodness there's the sim card cover here that you pry up to put a nano sim in Here, recessed charging ports again above the skin level, so they're not gon na corrode from sweat. This is an exercise watch folks, it's, looking like they've really done some thinking about the case. Design we've got two buttons. A camera we've got a nice smooth, reflective bezel around it and a camera up at the top facing forward and guess what yep we've seen it before six times before.

This is the seventh watch in a line of watches, based on the original Janus watch, which was designed by our American friend in Shenzhen right now, Jason, who looks like he has a winner on his hands. I know of no other watch that has been reproduced by so many companies. I'Ll show you the whole portfolio at the end, with exactly exactly the same conceptual design, just a few cosmetic differences. We open the box to show that there's the Wow Wow. Oh now, I'm impressed they're shipping this with an extra set of bands, and this is rubberized on the bottom and leather on the top, with stitching for Brown, so you can have it in a brown or a black whoa good, good, it's good to see somebody. You know getting creative and how do you make the same Easter Egg? A different color we've got the charging connector here, which is your standard. Four pin, connector and underneath here is a little manual which I will show you in just a moment. After I tell you about it, Aliexpress is the home of the Z, blazed official store, in fact just about every watchmaker who's. Anybody has a presence on Aliexpress and that's the primary place that they're selling from directly to the public. So if you're interested in the thorah 5 bro we're getting close to 1111 heck, I think we're honoured or passed it by the time you see this. The pricing should be really really good.

This special flash prices are gon na happen. However, it works. Please use the link in the show, notes. That'Ll, take you right to this page and from there hunt around for coupons or other links or anything else that interest you, even if you decide to buy a different watch from Aliexpress or whatever. If you use the link to get in there that's the little breadcrumb trail that will help us get credit for anything. You may be interested in buying, so Z. Blaze is selling it directly on Aliexpress and they sell it through banggood as well and penguins got bang. Would bang good has cut their own 1111 shopping festival happening as well as Cyber Monday and Black Friday and all the holiday things are going on, so you can use a link to get into the bein good one for the Thor 5 bro as well. What do we got? Spec wise well got a couple of presentations for you. This is it 3 gigabytes with 32 gigabytes, 800 milliamp hour camera battery and dual camera GPS watch. All of this typical stuff we've seen before it's the 320 by 320 LTPS 1.6 inch screen. Yes, it does have the flat tire. They all do its the stock way that that particular screen is manufactured, chipset memory and so forth. Cameras are 5 megapixels, both here's all your networking for 4G. Remember in the US. The GSM networks are ATampT and t mobile and again check the show notes.

I got a special link in there for you. You can pick up a SIM card. That'Ll work with this. If you're gon na be a casual user of the watch for 5 bucks a month just to have an emergency front phone number and some other limited support, it's a good way to go that's. What I keep using in my watches, it's got all this other support dimensions and languages, and just not to be outdone that other presentation of specs looks like this. I know it's kind of small it's too small for me to read right now so I'm, just gon na page through it for you. I know I could go high tech someday, but I don't want to somebody's got to show you paper. People have to know it used to exist. Ok speaking of paper, here is the little Thor 5 user manual. English opens up this way and what you get in it about your first boot. That sounds like somebody joining the army, doesn't it and dad saying son on your first boot, make sure you tie your laces, ok same installation mm, hmm and more information about the button functions. This is really really basic stuff. We tend to skip over the real basic stuff here and it's good that it's in the manual in case you don't, even know how to turn it on, for example, okay, no real pictures in this manual it's just to get you started thing it tethers to the Y watch to app and as you'll find when you boot it up the first time like it said in first boot, you get the opportunity to do the tethering.

So if you install the white watch to app to your phone first before you even get your watch. You'Re ahead of the game, you can use the link in the show, notes and install that right to your phone. Okay, as usual, I'm gon na charge it up and then we'll turn it on in see how it compares with the other six identical, watches up button turns it on so we'll press and hold that now there's, a few limited things that each of these companies have Control over packaging, as you've seen each of the packages are different: the boot up logo, which usually has the company's name, some sort of an acrobatic fancy display, and then it goes into the standard, Android boot up and then control of the firmware. The song is always the same, so that's standardized and now it's going into the the regular boot. The firmware is where the companies can put their own unique watch faces and can choose which different kind of apps they install, including the fitness app, which is one that we constantly are looking at here, are the different languages that come with this one. They also, I guess, have some limited control over the languages. They include and not a whole lot on this watch and scrolling. So you get a chance to check them out, confirm that then you get to the page. This is that first boot stuff, where you can put in your information about your height and weight and whatnot and then that's the QR code.

You can scan to install why watch too or you can use the link in the show notes that I got down there for you when you're done with that you scroll up it talks about how you tether it. We have a whole video on tethering with the. Why watch to when you're ready in your phone you'll have a screen looking for a QR code, you put this in front of it. It'Ll see the watch, the two of them click and connect and so that's how you're gon na tether, but you don't have to right off the bat you can just cancel out of that and come on over into the opening watch face, and this is the face That Zhi blaze wants to present you with, as their opening screen. Of course, they're gon na have others that's the first one in the list I'm. Just going to show you thumbnail real quick as we go through to get a feel for what they've installed. Some look similar, if not identical to other watches. Some of them are branded and, of course, you've got the little plus sign that will give you access to lots and lots of other watch faces too. Here we go with a Z blaze, branding on this particular face. Now layout is identical, you slide down and, on the left hand, side. Tab, you've got your time and charge level, and here you can go into airplane mode as well as see your Bluetooth and SIM card connection and overall time and date come here.

You'Ve got all these little icons, including making it silent mode if you want to or with sound. This is your overall I'm sorry that's the quiet mode here – and this is the twist your wrists to see the time bluetooth is over here, I'm, going to turn that off because I'm, not tethering right now and I'm, going to turn on Wi Fi, because I will Need to connect to Wi Fi to check to see if there's, any firmware updates, which is the first thing you want to do after charging the watch which it didn't fully charge it because I wanted to keep moving, but it got the good charge on it and That'S cellular connection data connection in the middle right there and it's timing out on me, because the timing is usually set to 15 seconds here's. Your overall brightness there's fulbright, which washes out on the screen that'll be nicely bright outdoors. Oh, no, that was half right holy cow. This sucker is really bright. Unfortunately, the camera you know tries to compensate and the best that can do is wash all the colors out. That is the low and the low is about equal to middle. On most watches I'm impressed that's middle and that's high, so I have to show you this review in low light. Otherwise the camera is going to just freak out. This little symbol, of course, is to turn on the GPS, which I do want to do, because we want to test the fitness app on this particular unit.

There'S your clean up, you touch that and it just basically cleans up you. No, the icons are looking different on this one than the stock that the pages are the same, but the lookout is different. Music player and then weather would be right here. So you got those pages then to the left. You'Ve got notifications yeah. This is this. Is a little bit different firmware on here? Your watch faces over here. You'Ve got your app drawer with all the different apps we'll look at quickly and then you've got your Fitness stuff right over here. So let's get the fit in this out of the way and see if it ties to GPS, we pick one of them any of them and when you're in here you can hit the start to go ah and if it starts up immediately and that little icons, Not flashing and if you swipe over – and it says finish instead of long press to stop and you just tap it to finish, then you know you've got the original old fitness app in here. That is not integrated with GPS. The good news is the one that is, and that does work is coming out, will be available over at the the tech site, which I hope, you've gone to. Wwf old Android watch, comm and you'll be able to download and install that fitness app and use that one instead of the stock one or coming over here to this page, you'll see it when you get into the apps down here, there's one called Fitness and it'll Look just like it and it'll say fitness, but it'll, be the the different version of the fitness app for right now.

Unfortunately, one strike against this when it's not using the updated fitness app, but we haven't put it on the internet. We haven't checked for firmware updates. They may have updated it in the firmware I'm gon na. Do one thing right now and that's to extend the life of the screen which we get to by going into settings and we'll cover settings again, for you sound is where you adjust all your sound levels display here is where wow wow wow. It has always time on this watch. Okay, I got ta take a breath yeah if you're with me, you know what I'm talking about I'm just gon na go to two minutes. We don't have always time on this version of the watch. It'S not been on any of the others. Okay let's see if it works. What that means is, if I come out of here. Actually I could do it on any screen, but I'm gon na come back to the home page I'm. Gon na turn. The watch off and whoa look at that: hey gang Wow, oh it's, just moved up to the top of the list. Oh my gosh. I hope they do firmware updates for the other ones. This is an always time display. What is that? What is that? It means that normally, when you turn the watch off, it goes black, but when you have a watch with an always time display – and you have that switch on – you turn it off and it goes into this watch face when you turn it on it's gon na Come back to the watch face that you select out of the list which ever one you are operating with, but when it either times out on its own or you turn it off.

Oh there you go it's taking a while, but that's okay and that's relatively bright Wow. Okay, Thor five row top of the list on on the Janus class of watches, for having that always we've wanted that so bad I'm. So glad it's back cool I've totally lost my my trend here. Oh yeah and it's locked too. You know because this is always time you're seeing the time but you're not gon na accidentally touch it and activate it, which has been a frustration of mine with the other watches they're, always black. But if you actually have them on and then you accidentally touch them or something they're gon na flip out and go into another mode but whoa yes, it's here, oh man, I'm, so happy now from here I can scroll down and oh we've got even a different Layout for your fitness, there's, your calories, burned and everything, distance, travel and step count all in one screen, here's an overall summary and where you can set all those parameters you saw at the beginning. If you didn't do it, so we only have two screens, not one. After after another, all your date is together in one place: okay and you can have it in table style as well as in the bar chart. Wow all right, let's run through the apps I've got to really pay attention here. Contacts phone and messaging are for your SIM card installation for the phone number assigned to the watch.

Unfortunately, unless they've changed it with this one I'm, not gon na, say no up until now, 7.1.1 Android watches. All of them do not do Bluetooth calling. So you have not been able to tether to your phone and make and receive calls on your watch that come into your phone. That'S called Bluetooth, tethering and that's not been available since android 5.1 a year year and a half ago, but these three things do apply to the SIM card settings. We were working our way through and I got totally jazzed with the display app list style. You have style 1 and style 2 and style 2. Is this look it's round? Okay with it always time the time not always on, but the time display, always in the middle of your apps, so you can look at them that way, it's just a different way of displaying everything. I go back to this one, so I don't miss any as we go through connection is where you'll turn on your Wi Fi, your Bluetooth, hello, come into here having a little sensitivity issue. There we go contacts phone messaging settings, wait a minute. It just popped us completely out of here: connect there, sorry, okay, Bluetooth, Wi Fi, and you can set the watch up as a Wi Fi hotspot here, which is really cool. If you've got a data sim in here and you're, going out with your tablet or computer, you could literally use your watch is the hotspot for connecting to the internet from a park or somewhere.

The gesture is where you have your raise your wrist to see the time and your pedometer services. If you're, not counting your steps every day, you can turn that off to save power. You also have an overall power savings thing with a chart of what's using the most energy and it's, always always the screen. So keeping your screen dimmed down is really good, which is nice that I can have this on level. One of the brightness and it's adequate and when I go outside simple, is from the watch, face swipe down, tap, tap and increase the brightness as much as I need. So this is gon na, be a nice outdoor watch to date and time you set after you've connected to the Internet and let it pull all that data in from your time zone, reset uninstall applications more and about the watch. I'Ll come back to more. We want to look at the about the watch to see you do have the wireless update at the top. You want to make sure what model you got. The Thor 5 bro Android seven one one come down here to the kernel and build number, and this is where you find out what firmware it's running. Okay, yes, I know you're asking me: can you get the firmware for this watch and install it on one of the others I don't know, but you know w w w whoa Android watch comm go over there. Look at what they're gon na be saying about the Thor 5 bro see if they've got the extract of the firmware and find out from those guys who will try it, I guarantee you, they will stay up, burning the midnight oil and try it on the Janus.

Try it on the X 360. Try it on the COS pet vision, all of them same identical, watch firmware, might work. Ok, so uh yeah you'll do the update in there, but you got to get on the internet first check the video I've done on firmware update for the COS pet prime. I believe it was and you'll get an idea of the steps you should take with a with a watch when you first get it in terms of checking for firmware, updates and refreshing the watch afterwards and getting it really honed and ready for you to start installing. Apps and using it well, when you go in here, you've got all these different options. Oh no, are you kidding me? Oh, are you seeing that hello up until now, only the cost bet Prime had face lock. Well, this says: face clock: okay, Wow, yeah, I'm gon na set that up later we're gon na do a little a little in thing to this, because I want to keep moving, but at the end, I'm gon na I'm gon na lock this thing up and show, If it will actually unlock my face with the front facing camera on a Janus class of watch, wow wow, oh okay, you see why I can't do this off camera and didn't to learn about it and then get scripted and go. Oh yes! Soon, as his face unlock, it would be so boring. I love the excitement of discovering this with you all these other things are including system.

Work mode are new things that are coming. This is normal and you've been looking at it scrolling everything looks fine performance puts it in a higher speed on the CPU lower battery life, but you'll see snappy response and it's perfect for playing games, and things like that. We saw that introduced on the lympho le MT, the big fancy one and a couple of the others have it now and it looks like it's gon na be stock in the new firmware. Okay, we got your default browser and download and calendar and clock and Cam Ranh gon na give you, in a minute gallery a music player. Your basic sound recorder file manager where you'll side load your apps into it. You'Ve learned all about that here's, your heart rate, there's, your fitness. We tried that the only drawback is that it's not upgraded to the integrated GPS, especially the way they have made this so much a fitness watch it's sad. But you know what you can install Strava and google fit EDD amando. Whatever his name is runtastic all kinds of different apps for fitness. You don't have to just use their stock, app your weather plate, there's, a google play store. Of course, it's supported in google maps is in here assistant if you didn't tether your watched at the very beginning. This is where you get that QR code again so after you install the app to your phone go into the assistant it's, not Google assistant.

Now this is the assistant to get you tethered to your phone on the Y and watch app scan that QR code and you'll be tethered and from there you can do remote camera button on this thing: control music on your phone from your watch, sinnd files back And forth and, of course, find your phone if it's lost, if you want to do all that, that all happens under assistant sports target, what that's, new, okay calories and steps? Ah okay, set, maybe that's tied to the pedometer that's, something different. That used to be when you would scroll up and get down to where the pedometer stuff was you'd, set it all in there, but that's something new system optimization when we were just over in system and we went all the way down to more and then we Went in to enter into all those different things: well, they've pulled the most of those out of here that you would commonly use like the clean tasks thing it's a battery saver thing, that's, going to help, give you longer battery life, your screen lock and face recognition. It'S called over here now are in this place, third party app adapter, which helps to make third party apps look a little bit cleaner on the screen. Anything that's slopped over sometimes is back easier to see and that system work mode. We already talked about and you're all over, all app freeze, which will freeze certain apps that you identify a lot of more system capabilities but they're already in system.

This has been pulled out here in the app store which won't happen now, because we're not on Wi Fi, not like the Google store. The app store is a special one that only has four apps, I think Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and WeChat or something whatsapp. I think okay holy cow, those are all of the apps and I'm at a loss for words, and that does not happen with mr. tix. This is doing way more than I expected it to be I'll, be back after. I gather my thoughts together. I still, I just don't believe this look at this thing here. They all are there rest of the brothers and sisters? The most recent one has been the COS pet vision and when I go in here to settings to display No look at this. Look at you really got to see the difference. However, this is very impactful. This is a huge difference. Go into settings go into display and you see the always time entry in here, that's what's responsible for that screen. Coming back to us when we turn it off and it's, not here not here and not here anywhere, and when you go into the. Where am I settings all the way down to the more right? Look there isn't even a system lock capability on this one and when we're in here settings all the way down to the more right or we could go to that other feature.

Look at that after background cleaner before third party apps I've got the screen, lock settings and the face clock which they mean face recognition system for it too. So this really is Wow a huge. This is earns the official purple sticker award that that it are. I even pre printed it as appear and above the peers of all the rest. You now have the distinct honor of being called the Thor 5 pro. The numbers on here on all of these are the camera resolution. Oh oh camera. I didn't show you the camera. I can't cover the camera yet so let's look at the camera yeah, but yeah there we go camera here we go. This is the side, camera right, ok, there's my hand. Oh me and it's all washed off on the screen and I'm on the lowest level. I'M. Sorry about that, but I'll take a picture just so I can show you some info on how it's gon na work and I'm gon na shoot a little video right here and wiggle. My fingers – and I know you can't – see a thing cuz it's washed, but there we go. We got some data to work with I'm gon na bring this up I'm gon na hit play. My voice is really low, but I haven't even adjusted the volume levels on there yet and I'm gon na hit this one, and this is the picture. If I double tap, I can zoom in.

I can zoom in more what happening there and goes back I'm. Getting all sweaty that's what's happening what I get sweaty the screen just doesn't want to work pinch and zoom. Oh No, shucks it's, not supported fitness and pinch and zoom are not supported, but the double tap is is supported. How crazy is that we still can't get everything in one watch, but the things we're getting in this one are great and alright I'll come back here. Wow! Okay, I want to get details. Give you details there you go. Size is matching the others 1920 by 2560. So 5 megapixel camera and, of course, if we get back out of here, we could switch around and see mr. Dix hello, everybody I'm getting more used to being on camera, because all of these are coming with front facing cameras. I'M, not gon na take a picture of my teeth again. Sorry, ok, at least you get to see what it looks like and how easy it is to switch right from the front. Oh, did you notice it brightened up to the brightest level possible when it does which to camera? Oh, my gosh. I got stuff on me um, so, no matter what your brightness is set. It'S gon na give you a bright camera image when you're in camera or in the gallery. I guess so that's why it looked all washed out on the screen. I can't adjust it any lower than that.

Alright, that is pretty much it, except to repeat to you guys that it is available right now holiday, buying time and I'm, really saying jump on a good price on the flagship that's, a good word for it Thor 5 Pro, because it is coming with face unlock, Which I'll show you in just a second, when the review is over and always time display come on always time display that is really new and a completely different design face that we haven't seen before as well. Very very impressive, zi blaze. You keep this under wraps. I usually know what's coming, but this this one blew me away all right: oh yeah, not only uh, can you get it from Z, blazes store, but banggood is also sponsoring us today on this one and they've got their own 1111 thing going so show notes. Have the links for both of them? Please enter both stores through those links and shop around to your heart's delight pick one up for you and anybody else. You love all right. We'Ll see you again soon now, as promised, let's take a look at this face. Unlock thing I'm, going into settings I'm going all the way down here to more from more I'm going down first to screen, lock settings I'm turning it on. I have to do a pattern. One two three, four one, two three four got a pattern. Good. Now I come back over to face o'clock. I turned that on I got ta enter my pattern to unlock the watch and gain access now.

I'M gon na get my face over here. I'M gon na get it ready and I'm gon na enter the face. Hello. There we go okay, it memorized me that quickly and it is done now, are you ready we're in the always time mode, it's, not gon na unlock accidentally? Looking at you from that mode, you have to turn it on. First, we turn it on there. It is and it's still not unlocking. I have to manually attempt to unlock it to get to that screen and it just unlocked. Did you see the face up at the top and now I'm actually unlocked so I'm gon na turn it off again, and do it one more time from the always time mode or if you have it black, it would be black. If you have that turned off you activate, it then comes your watch face you touch. It then came your password pattern face and it saw me and unlocked it all by itself outstanding, but wait there's more. Oh yeah let's unlock this puppy one more time. There'S, a lurid screen, I'm gon na touch it somewhere face unlock and now I've got active complications. I can touch on these symbols. Activate heart rate bring up the fitness app and he's got this programmed with the player right here. Music player and calendar up there and a whole lot of other faces just an example of what can be done: Wow, Wow Wow.