At smart watch ticks comm. So are you a Z, blaze fan? Are you like the vibe line? How about five? Three? How many of you got how many you're out there let's see? We started with the original five three on February. 1St 2018 got the review right here. Then the HR came out September 27th of the same year, followed by the pro April, 16th. 2019, then the vibe 3 ECG on May 9th, 2019 and finally, the five 3s August 22nd. 2019. How do I know all this? I went to SmartWatch and on the page, there's a little magnifying glass and I typed in vibe 3. Try it you can get all those videos up and check them out, and here it is. This is the vibe 3 GPS. Oh, we want to look at it, but first we want to tell you where you can get it cuz. I hear you going, I want it. I want it now. Aliexpress the official zi blaze store. Has it available it's the new twenty20 zebras 53 GPS SmartWatch check the show notes. If I got a coupon for you to apply, you can do that and check it out at a cheaper price. You also can pick it up through bang good working together with these guys on this 1.3 inch, full Android watt, full Android, no full round touchscreen SmartWatch they're. Looking at what just under 40, I think it's flash sale but check again. If I got a coupon in the show notes, it will be there and you can buy from your preferred choice as far as specifications go here.

It is right off the bat it's, a 50 millimeter and it's a good size and watch 15.9, almost 16 millimeters thickness. Since it has a GPS module in it by the way, it's GPS and GLONASS it's using a new case material drilling carbon coating ban material is 24 millimeter. Sports strap made of TPU it's got the wrist sizes display is 1.3 inch IPS full round color. Not all of the vibes have been that way. You know 240 by 240 there's, your GPS heart rate sensor, bluetooth battery as a two hundred and eighty milliamp power about a three hour charging, but get this 15 days of basic watch use 10 days in daily use mode and two hundred and thirty five minutes in Continuous GPS, how many hours is that guy's battery life may vary of course, it's an ip67 waterproof watch dedicated USB charging uses the fundu app. These are the supported languages right now and the standout features there, which we will cover as we take a look at it. Okay got the watch out of the box. What else is in here looks like there's a manual in the bottom and a little compartment here. That'S obviously got the charging apparatus in it and it's using a standard wire. No dock on this one, two pin connector not quite strong enough to hold it. It is a bit of a heavy watch, that's, always my test about batteries strain it of course will charge it just make sure you've got it good and connected the band's lie flat, they're, definitely removable, so you can charge it at night just by putting it down.

We could take that cover off and get you excited about seeing the screen. As we take a look at the thick user's manual, multiple languages, k5, 3, GPS, basic instructions – bracelet functions are listed here again. We do a equip going over of the manuals each time. Just in case you lose yours, we don't usually find these anywhere on the web. So you always know you can come here. Watch the beginning of a review and catch it there's a QR code. You can download to get into the fun do app. We have a course the in the show notes below the video, along with the buying links and other information that's useful, for you so be sure to check their basic parameters, and that ends the English part, all right there as usual time to charge it up and Turn it on then we're fully charged press. The button turn it on really quickly. It comes up with its first watch face and it give you a layout of what's on here when we're from the watch face. We swipe down, we get into a looping thing that shows you your step count your current heart rate with highest and lowest. It looks like your last night's sleep time, hours, minutes, light and deep sleep and daily sports records. If you have any those loop continuously at that top level, if I go here to the right get to my notifications and no further go to my left and I get to some icons, which included do not disturb mode that you can turn on maybe brightness there.

We go brightness there's, full bright, which is really nice. Good and bright, looks like it should be. Pretty easy to see. Outdoors dim is moderately damn. It could be dimmer for my taste for indoors at night, but that's its level right. There 1 2 3 different brightness levels. Your find your phone when you're tethered to it and I'm, not getting that silent mode to work, then I can go into settings and you got all kinds of setup here which we'll get to once. I get out of this because I didn't want to go there. I got that on the left, that on the right that whole thing going up there and then coming up, we get to all of the apps, and these also go around and circle back again. I think we have setting in there if not we'll go back the other way, so you've got your overall step count which we saw on the panel up above here are your different sport modes that you could set walking and running. These are going to use GPS. No doubt indoor running, I keep usually scrolling up, but you can see this watch wants you to go to the side. Okay, then we've got outdoor cycling which should be GPS. Climbing. I don't know this I've never heard of pedestrianism that's like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious uh pedestrianism. Can you say that three times it looks like hiking to me, but then there's climbing, so climbing hiking pedestrianism, I don't, know free training and then motion record.

This is probably the list of all your records, which remember when we went down was one of the tabs up above as well. Okay that's all in here, then we get into here and there's the sports records again, which I guess may be the same as the ones we were looking at there here's our do not disturb no it's, not there's our last night's sleep time. Sorry, yeah, yeah. Okay, that covers all of these step count of your your sports stuff, your records and last night's sleep time. Now we get into heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and such for that let's put it on cuz. You haven't seen it on yeah. By the way, guys, you see all these wonderful marks all over my arm. I know you guys are wondering, oh, my god, does he have a fatal disease or something ugliest arm in a world? I know, and you know what misses ticks, makes me go out and weed whack. The yard and it's got a lot of boulders and rocks and things and doggone if they don't slam up and bruise me. So I am so sorry, but they'll go away and I'll have new ones. That'S. How you can tell the age of my videos is by the pattern of the stars on the arm. Now you know it's I'm, just fine it's all gone having to do weed whacking. That makes that ugly, but it's really ugly. Today, so I thought, I'd tell you: okay, heart rate, we are starting out that's flashing, the little heart thing.

It looks like we've got low and high and we're gon na get a regular reading there and then there's a pointer but it's, really small it's in the blue zone. Now I get 66 across the board if I'm exercising theoretically it should go up and we're hoping this is working in the background all day long so that you could check it periodically and see what your highs and lows work for right now, it's doing its thing And it's doing it well and no way out of that okay swipe down, then we come over here – and this says MMG, which is usually millimeters of mercury, which usually applies to blood pressure. So we'll see what we get here. It could be altitude ight. I doubt it and I'm not sure how long it will take, but we'll give it a moment. Yeah 71. Over 118, this kind of backwards, diastolic over systolic it's, usually reported the other way that's low for me typically, but it is a reading. Nonetheless, and as we all know, a reading is better than none right blood oxygen. We always take a peek to see if the diode is red. Nope it's green it's, a much better, faster, more accurate reading for blood oxygen when it uses a red, diode, that's, okay, it's, simulating it and getting it. However, it's doing it as long as you're somewhere above 95, you're, probably okay, but just remember – don't – rely on it for anything more than just a casual reading because derive from the green diode isn't.

Actually, the the best way to get it. Then we got like it looks like alarm clocks that we could set here and ask that page music player when you're tethered remote camera, when you're tethered find your phone when you're tethered and at all tethers to that fundu app, which we've seen many many times and Now we'll go into settings where you have sedentary reminders that you can turn on or off from the watch, which is nice to be able to do that and about which gives you, the information, it's, the I've three GPS, that's, the software version and such your screen. Brightness is controlled from here, as well as from that icon, and that was the lowest setting huh that's plenty bright for us indoors right now, that's the first page, restart power off or reset the whole watch and that's what you got those two pages for setting. So I think we've covered everything, page 1, page 2, page 3 ohto, we have it. We have a stopwatch which is on here. We always like to know. Can we leave the stopwatch and come back and will it still be running? Well, no, it whitter din pause, but it didn't reset it. At least let's check that again we're at about 12 13 14. We were about 14 seconds and now I'm out of it, and I come back into it well, it's at 18. Is it still running in the background I don't know it should have been that high if I stopped it at 14? Okay, it stopped at 18.

Now you got me wondering. I know this is how we eat up time. Are you getting some flicker on your screen? I'M, seeing it here it's, not in the watch, if you are seeing flicker, it has to do with the refresh time of the watch and the camera interfering with each other and there I talk long enough to show you that it was running. In the background. All this time, but when I went into it it put it in pause, never seen one behave that way but good to know. If you want to time something you can, you can start it out and you can leave. It looks like we've got split times that you can have, but they're real small. You can pause it, you can reset it. You can get out of it, and this one is your count down. Timer I'll set it for two seconds, start it and finish but I'm, not feeling a vibration or hearing a sound, but it flashed on the screen that it's finished. Okay I've always been using this button. What does the bottom one do? Aha, it takes you into the the fitness settings, which is really where we want to go now and I'll do more of this review after I've gone out and played with it with the yes well, I got some data on ER and sadly I can't report that This is working really well. I'Ve tried hard to get it to conform.

If you will to the way GPS is expected to work and if I'm not getting there, I then are walking running let's, see done some cycling, which was actually riding around in the car and even a pedestrianism session, and all of it is given me. Some strange results. Let me first take you to the records here's here's on the watch, some of the records that we get that one's real teeny let's go to this one. Here I get a nice simulated graph and it's just a line against a black background. That shows me the information this was outdoor cycling, the time the consumption which is calories burned, the heart rate average, the distance traveled and your speed in terms of pace now and then, of course, you can throw the record away and the chart like that, and if I come back here. I could show you another one there's another cycling! Well, alright, let's! Look at this one! This was the Podesta Podesta for the life of me. I can't say that pedestrianism pedestrianism I've never seen a watch. Do that stopped it right at 30 minutes there's my consumption number of steps, heart rate and I believe that's speed and pace and stride number of steps per minute and the distance travel that's all collected there, but no GPS record on that. One and one more we'll. Look at let's see: do I have any more yeah. I do here's a straight walking one that was around my house, so it scales automatically to show you a graph that will fit in the screen and you can't read.

They do anything with that it's just there, but this is more or less GPS accuracy of several yards just around my my living area. Here again, I got time and calories number of steps and so forth and so forth, and so each of these records gives you some basic data, but the the true story is when we tether this thing to the fundu app, which I have here to show you. This is just the basic walking record and if I go over here now, when we go into history, it has to synchronize with the watch to bring that up, and here we go so I've got that first walking data refresh success. Here'S the detail on the app shows you the kind of things that is collecting when it's doing that and I've got the pace which is not really shown here and then I've got my charts, which is a heart rate, chart stride and that's not really shown on That one so let's use a different one. Come back here, whoops let's get back in here! Let'S! Try this cycling! 151 minutes! Here we go. Look at that. I'Ve got a chart. I'Ve got some statistics on here, that's all in the trajectory and when i zoom in you can see I've got Wow. I got quite quite the display here, and each of these are markers for miles or kilometers, which I can turn on and off right here plus I can turn on and off the background map if I want to – and the map is currently on in just the Generic sense and then if I press that I go into my satellite map, the google satellite map – and this is where it gets interesting because you see my entire tract – is floating in water, and that was a really nice excursion on the mountains.

Underwater somewhere off the coast of Australia, if i zoom out far enough to get the whole map to show up it's, nowhere close to where I am, where are we talking China's over here? Australia is that in Indonesia, anyway, it's great at accumulating some sort of a chart. However, the GPS coordinates are completely on the other side of the planet and yeah. I I can't make sense out of it. This is not an anomaly. This is how it's working. So my trajectory is useful to get an idea of the chart it's useful, to take a little look like this, but you can't use the map on it at all because it's nowhere near accurate to where I'm. At the other thing I found out when I'm, actually using it, the speed is way off. It jumps all over the place from 12 miles an hour 257 miles an hour. The average is nowhere close to the actual movement, so you can't use it real time for giving your speed – or I presume your pace, that's related to speed or your energy, which is your calories, burned, related to speed and heart rate and distance travel yeah. But I did get a vo2 max in milliliters per kilogram per minute. Training levels see some other stuff on here: there's the pace and I'm getting actual dots on here for pace, cycling, yeah, cycling pace, I guess that's the longest nice a shortest something like that, and then an overall chart that's showing me a change in elevation, which is Pretty cool a heart rate which just kept going up and up and up which is, of course not realistic over the 51 miles of or minutes 51 minutes that my heart rate would just be linear, like that.

I don't know anyway, either there's an issue with the the data on the fun. Do app fun to, as you know, is not one of my favorite ones, because it does support ECG for the watches that do ECG. However, it fakes the ECG charts on here so I've had a little bit of a rub with this particular app. To begin with, the data that's coming in on this is is strange and it's, either strange, because it's generated by the watch that way and there's issues with the GPS and the watch or the app or both you're, seeing what I'm getting I'm just recording it. For you also, you have from this main tab that overall sports page history we got to from there. You have your daily step, count, information and last night's, sleep time, which I didn't do because I haven't slept with it, but it would be here. You have an overall heart rate, which also seems to be a bit abnormal and even if it were normal, I know if you can see that line over here, that's showing you the gauge of these things, I'm getting average minimum and maximum I'm not getting a scale Across here and I'm, getting a squiggly line like you could do with a crayon on a wall or something I don't really have a scale against. I don't know how what I would use this at all. I can't spread it. I could just kind of look at it day by day, and I think this is a good part of the time I wasn't even wearing the watch so there's my heart rate data as simulated by the watch.

No blood pressure not on this watch, no blood oxygens, not monitored on this watch and no ECG, which would be the next tab. If the watch supported it, it doesn't even show that tab on here, so the fun do app tethers with this one. But I get really strange results and meaningless results. The watch is a nice build quality. It looks good and sturdy it's got a nice bright screen if I brighten it up to maximum it's like seriously good right, so it would be viewable outdoors if you want to use it for telling time and maybe checking your step count. Its battery level is already down to two thirds I've, worn it a day and a half to day two days. I guess now and done some gps work with it, but it's not going to be a thirty day. They watch so it's, not really ranking high.