Remember those greetings and welcome to smart watch ticks, and so indeed the vibe line of Z blaze releases. Another VHS, yes inside this box is the new 5 v we've, seen the 3, the to the for the ECG, the PPG, the all those things, and now now we have the newest one in the vibe line, the colorful Z, blaze, 5. 5. So where can you get it where can't you get it it's all over the place, and I got buying links from everybody on this one. First of all, there's the official Z blaze, Aliexpress store. You can pick it up from them, have a direct link here and check the show notes for a discount price. In fact, all the prices you're seeing could be totally different by the time this video is up because they come in and out of flash sales and coupon sales just have to check it out. Bang good, of course, bang Goods gon na have the vibe 5 they've got it on a discount right now, and you could pick it up from Gear Vita. All of these are our wonderful sponsors that send us all kinds of watches and we're helping them out by also including them on the buyers list for the vive 5. So, whichever is your favorite, you can pick it up from them, including Tom top they've got it too. So what exactly is the vibe 5? Well, just like it says, it's an ip67 waterproof heartrate long battery life, color displays screen, multi sport mode, fitness, tracker, SmartWatch that's, a test for how long you can talk without taking a breath, it's a rugged SmartWatch, they say and you'll see.

It really is. These are the different languages supported waterproof 1.3 inch, IPS color 240 by 240 screen. Pretty good and bright too you'll see that and it uses the wear health app got all these different sensors and heart rate is what they call a green cell heart rate algorithm. I presume that means it's, pretty accurate. They have been getting better for sure. We got standby time of a hundred and sixty eight hours on that 180 milliamp hour battery and charging times about an hour and a half, and these are all the standard features you're. Seeing on the screen right, there, quick look at a different perspective on it. Here is the item, description and overall features and specs kind of a repeat of what you already saw with a few other things thrown in like it's, a band material is a TPU it's round haha. Oh, what else five atmosphere, waterproof it says, is ip67. Now I got to admit: they've got these things all screwed up, you know. Ip67 is really just splash proof you can dabble in the water for under a meter for a half an hour kind of thing, five atmosphere that's way down there. You could go thirty feet down or more so I'm, not sure, but be gentle with it until you know for sure I wouldn't take it. Diving I'll put it that way, but it sounds like you could go swimming with it: okay, there's, the rest of the specs and now you've got your dimensions and everything else.

I know you really want to see what's in the box. So do I so let's open it up in here we have a really nice presentation. It'S, all in black we've got some black foam insert that the watches hovering in already has the bands attached and even a protection on the clasp that's, pretty nifty it's always fun to unwrap things. So this is a good one for a present real, flexible removable. Tpu bands with holes galore look at that. There are so many all the way both sides – you could put this on any arm up to that big or down to like incredibly small that's nice. Okay, we've got a nice solid construction. Definitely waterproof well looks like a couple of buttons here and there charging dock there, and I imagine that's what we're gon na find in here is the charging thing. Yeah see little tube yep yep we've got a wire with a two connector magnetic coupling yeah, got it right for once: okay, not strong enough to hold the watch it's a little on the heavy side, but not too much, but it does seem to hold itself in Place it's not going to fall off easily and then we've got a manual down in here that we will skim through, I think it's, all in English too. Now I am going to test you. Yes, I am. I want you to look very very carefully at this manual. This is a manual you are gon na want to keep, because there is something in here.

Something really really important in here that you need to know, and if you don't know it, let me tell you from experience you ain't gon na figure it out nope nope. This watch has RTFM technology built into it very rare to find it is so deeply hidden that you have to RTFM in order to figure it out. You guys know the acronym right read the fantastic manual RTFM. I had to do that. Folks, it's been a long time since I literally had to read the manual to figure out a watch, but this is one of those days and you too will find out the secret at the end of this video but that's, not where we are we're. At the beginning, we are gon na charge it up and turn it on and walk it through its paces. Here we are, can you read the writing powers over here? Up is there down? Is there – and that says back so I got you back with the power button up or down let's hit the power button and let it turn on now, while it's booting up which doesn't take but a moment well point out that there's a little plastic cover, not A screen protector, but just a little piece of plastic on the screen, you're gon na, want to grab that and peel it off, because you see some bubbles underneath it there. We go see, it's, not really a screen protector, so you're not damaging anything or taking away an important cover and then there's the actual thing it's Wow is that cool or what look this watch has wallpaper.

That is one of the wallpapers and you can make your own oh it's, getting really really fun hit it a second time and I get into the watch face. I can go to a variety of watch faces. This is one of my favorite, because it's got a lot of data on it, here's a fancy one in blue there's, a nice analogue one here's, a kind of combination, analog and digital and then we're back to that Back to the Future kind of a look but I'M gon na leave it on that one because I think that's just hot in fact that's the one. I want you to see it on my arm with yeah. If it'll come on, I don't think I have it on the twisting and light up yet so that's. What it looks like on yeah, okay, now let's get through to the functions I hit it. I hit it and if I touch that again, I go into my step. Count: calories, burned and distance traveled your basic pedometer stuff. Then we get beats per minute. That'S, our heart rate come over here and you've got your last night sweet time. We just took it out of the box. Pretty much messages pushed from your phone when you're tethered and a sports section which, if I press and hold here, does absolutely nothing okay. These are the back and forward buttons. I guess I need to hit power, nope mmm, no touch it, no, no idea! Well! This is awkward.

This is another RTFM moment, except when I just looked at the manual it's. Nothing there, however, based on the other event that I'll be showing you at the end. I figured it out I've been pressing on all these once we're in sport to try and get it to go into it. These just go forward and back that one takes us back to the home. This one takes us nowhere. Unless you tap it, you have to lightly tap the power button in order to get it to go into the running mode, it's running and then there's, walking and cycling. I don't think you can see it is kind of washed out in the bright light here or climbing I'm. Sorry, climbing there is biking. You can see the icons on the side popcorn. No, what the heck is at ping pong, of course, badminton mmm. I don't know that's badminton. What was the other one basketball badminton looks like they're kicking something probably football and back out the sport tap again and we're into it. Let'S pick one like running let's mm, hmm. What else have we got this one again tap it, and we start alright it's doing the heart rate thing. It is gon na track your steps, your heart rate and time, and those are the three factors that are gon na, be tracked tap it again and that stops it and back should take us out whoo that's sport, then we've got a timer built into here.

Oh we're, getting the hang of this right tap it tap it to start tap it to stop, and I guess back would reset it. Take you out of it cool, okay. Finally, I hope it's. Finally, timer: Oh fine, if you're tethered to the the app in your phone that would ring it. So you'd find your phone gosh darn and it takes us completely out I'm going backwards here. So after fine you get the power off, and this one man. I looked all over again now. This is in the manual, and this is what I wanted to show you you compress long and hard and deep and forever on all of these buttons and it will turn off, but in the manual it says, if you want to turn this thing off, you bring Up mmm that icon you tap the power button. Then you tap tap there to get it to. Yes, then you tap it long tap it long hold it. Yeah long hold it to finally turn the silly thing off: Wow, okay, the tethering app so I've got extensive reviews on this app up there and in the show notes. I got links over to the Google Play Store where you can download the where health app and also other reviews of watches that use this app where I've gone into detail on the app, but just to give you a quick look at it. You have your opening page, which kind of has everything on it, your sports, your sleep and your heart rate, and I actually did use this a while ago, and I just wanted to show you a few nights ago.

There we go woops that's. What the sleep report looks like and any of these blocks that you touch in here, you can get a little bar with information about it, you're awake time. When you begin sleep, I guess light sleep and deep sleep and the starting and stopping time of your sleep and your total sleep target and how many times you woke up, which is kind of cool and it'll, of course, do a weekly synopsis of all of that And monthly, so if you're working on improving your overall sleep quality, you could use the vibe 5 for that other than that it's, basically the same stuff with your sports information, your heart rate, stuff blood pressure. You can do your overall measurement. There you've got the tethering to the the app find your phone kind of thing. All of that again, I got covered in other in other reviews as well. So bottom line that's it. This is oh yeah. You can set the oh, we turned it off didn't. We you can set the wallpaper in here as well, and you can actually put your own picture in there for the wallpaper. If you want to – and I think I have to wait to timeout so then we turn it back on. We can show it to you in the meantime, I'll tell you yep there you go that's the canned wallpaper that it comes with, but you can use your own image as well.

All that's in there I'll tell you that you could get this directly from Aliexpress or the Z blaze. Official store is carrying it, they do have their own watches available for you or you can pick it up from any of these participating sponsors. There'S banggood. We also have it up here from gear Vita and from Tom Top. All these guys have been supporting us over the years with giving us great watches to review, and they also all carry the vibe v so head on over check it out. Nice little watch rugged solid, waterproof does quite a few things and it's the latest in the vibe line.