New Smart Watch, West 420 CS is about to launch in the market and friends in this video. You will get to know one to all all the details from the launch price of this glass to launch About the date and where it is going to be launched and in the meantime, I am going to cover all the features specification in this video. So friends, if you have not subscribed to the text message yet, then do it and also press the bell icon and if, If you like, the video, then definitely like this video and share it with your friends. Then, first of all I will give you this whats like and many more and after that we will discuss about its price and launch details. Then friends, you would have come a lot.. It is with bluetooth call function in which you get investment and, at the same time, friends get you more smooth in this heart rate, monitor is sold so that you have 2478 monitor and, at the same time, match your blood oxygen level and real time Blood pressure. So friends, amaze you in this now c features will be given along with magnetic charger and water resistant time of IPC intake, and in this you will get friends given three colors, then white, gray and black, and with that you will get refund plant friends. Then friends, it is going to reach all in one friends. This was also a twit over of Cross.

I will quickly tell you all the features in detail. So friends, the biggest feature in the meantime is its call function. Yes, friends. In the meantime, you get the input speaker and mic so that you can call By connecting it with your phone and friends. This is the biggest feature of this thing as well as friends. Today I become water resistant of 8067, which is a must have friends in today’s time in this smart watch., This friends was clearly making. You watch watch that as well as friends. It will give you amazing features like blood pressure, monitor, sdo, toe, monitor, full touch, color display, customizable watch, this heart rate ram, display seven sports mode on call function, udaipur with sports mode juice, Let’s come in it’s, fast, boat mode, football mode, really Running Cycling. Loot With this command Heard, you have trouble with badminton mode as well as sports mode plus 20. I read from you Meter Gallery Born in this track. Sleep Monitor Caller ID Object, Alarm Clock, Set Entry Reminder Remote Cameron, Music Control Feature is visible Friends. If you want to know about the space between it, then friends, you will get more than a hundred custom, personal life watch, money and friends inch plus you will get tired of using it, but will never end because there is a lot of face in quantity. And The biggest height of the company is friends, its all function, which will be absolutely calling and at the same time it is its fund available custom pass.

So friends Barauli. I really liked it very much and friends like we will bring this skin boxing video. You will know only then, If you subscribe to this channel and friends, definitely subscribe to this channel and press the bell icon. If you have not done it yet, then friends today, let me quickly tell you when the watch is going to be launched at what price it was launched and where Friends. First of all, let me tell you that this watch is yours. It will be your launch. 6, that they, yes friends when Ronik Jet 420 CH, is going to be launched on Amazon on June 16. Friends and its price is friends, it is only from 300 And friends. You should note this thing that this is the launch price and going forward its price. Will definitely increase, so if you buy it at launch, then you will be benefited, and this is why it was made in the video before unboxing, so that you guys, who are my subscribers – That you want to get smart watch, then call feature that of Vijay Planets. Then tell you before launch because 20 years make video after product launch, but we made video only for that. If you want to buy loan tips, watch then be able to buy So friends, I will repeat the launch price in the meantime. Ok, it will be a limited period offer so friends, if you want to buy this box, then you can still go to Amazon and click on the notification and if you go to its link, then I will give you the link for the description then definitely comment.

Tell in the section, how did you like the features of this watch and what effect you are doing? Leave it like this video share it with your friends and if you have not subscribed to the text message yet, then definitely do and all press on the bell. Icon Do and friends we have sent more creatures to our channel. You can also check them out by going to my play, mini deposit target 25th. Put it recently in the video, then definitely check out those videos and do not subscribe to the channel. So do what I do that’s, why I take the videos of the products first to YouTube and the community type with song is very active. So if you do n’t like and press on the bell by subscribing to the channel, then you will miss all these updates.