So in this video I wanted to share almost 20 tips and tricks that you need to know about the Apple watch Ultra, which, in my opinion, makes it worth it. First off lets talk about the action button because I feel, like a lot of people. Dont realize the power that this button can actually have and thats, because I have this set to run a shortcut every time I press it and that shortcut is actually contextual based on the time of day or based on, if Im in a focus mode or not. So, for instance, if Im in the Sleep Focus mode or if its after 9 pm, when I press this button, it turns on the flashlight during working hours. When I press the action button, it opens up the notes, application and then after working hours, it opens up the fitness application and Im going to leave a link to this down in the description below, and you can kind of tweak this shortcut how you like to Change that button to do certain actions based on the time. I will leave that Linked In the description below, but I think you should consider using this instead of just the preset workout or something like that. That way, you can get a lot more use out of that action button. Next up. We have to talk about the incredibly bright display, because not only is this 2000 nit display great for outdoors, like when youre under direct sunlight, you can see everything perfectly fine, but its even better to use as a flashlight because of how bright this screen gets.

So I cannot tell you the last time I used my phone as my flashlight, because now on the Apple watch Ultra I just I just pull it up in the control center. Put my Wrist out like this, and I could see everything in front of me even better than I could on my iPhone now. If you care about the health of your ears, you should most definitely enable environmental, sound alerts that way you get notified when sound around. You is above a certain decibel level, but the trick here is that you could actually change what that decibel rating is when it triggers an alert, just go into the watch, application on your iPhone and then go to noise, and you will see you have environmental, sound Measurements, and then you have noise threshold and in here, is where you can change that threshold, which is when you get that alert. So if you dont want to get an alert until it goes over 100 decibels, which I would not recommend, you could turn that on right there, and it also shows the limit of how long you can sustain that amount of noise per day. Now Ive never been. Somebody who uses low power mode on my iPhone, my Mac, pretty much any device Id, never use low power mode on, but with the Apple watch Ultra, I think low power mode is a game. Changer like it is a huge difference on the Apple watch Ultra specifically.

So if you swipe up from your watch face and you tap on the battery percentage right there, you will get the toggle for low power mode and when you turn this on, it will show you a little description of everything. It is turning off which youre not going to have always on display. Your cellular connectivity is not going to update as often its going to do it once an hour. Your sensors dont run as often workouts are no longer automatically detected and your blood oxygen measurements are not taken and you can see a description of everything right there. So that is a tip but theres a trick inside of this tip, and that is to enable the lower power mode and you do that by going into your settings and then going down to workouts and in here you have two different toggles. So first off is low power mode. So if you dont turn on low power mode all the time you could have it turn on automatically when you enter a workout, but the big one here is going to be fewer GPS and heart rate readings. You want to make sure that is turned on during low power mode, and this setting right here is how apple is able to claim that the Apple watch Ultra can get up to 60 hours of battery life and Ive actually exceeded 60 hours of battery life. Early on when I was really testing out the battery life on this watch, but if you want to get the most battery life possible turn on low power mode and also do fewer GPS and heart rate readings during workouts.

Now another way to save battery life is inside of the accessibility setting. So if you go into accessibility, you will see an option here for grayscale and if you turn that on it will kind of take away the color of your Apple watch. But if youre in a pinch – and you really need to extend your battery life as much as possible, I would recommend turning on Gray a scale in addition to low power mode. Now this next one might be obvious to you, but this is a good tip for those who dont know that you could actually use any Apple watch band. With your Apple watch. Ultra you dont have to use the exclusive ones that Apple advertises on their website. So you could actually use any Apple watch band that is 45 millimeter. So if you had a 45 millimeter watch before this, you can use that with the Apple watch Ultra and you dont have to stick to the more expensive ones that are made for the Apple watch, Ultra and fun fact. You could actually use the Apple watch. Ultra exclusive bands, with the Apple watch SE or the Apple Watch series 8 in both 44 and 45 millimeter sizes. The wayfinder watch face is the exclusive watch face for the Apple watch Ultra and I love it. It is like my default, my everyday watch face, but did you know that if you just simply scroll on the digital dial that you will see the digital Crown, you will get a red mode which I find to be extremely beneficial at night because it doesnt stream? My eyes as much its not as bright now, theres no way to turn this on automatic likely.

Unfortunately, but if you just remember every night to kind of just scroll up on that digital Crown, you will see that red mode, which comes in handy more than you think and speaking of night time. I never was one to track my sleep with any Apple watch or any device until the Apple watch Ultra and its kind of ironic, because this is the biggest apple watch yet. But I wear this watch to sleep every single night to track my sleep and it does a tremendous job and not only you know, tracking everything, but it gives me great insight as to how Im sleeping now there is a setting for this. So, if its disabled, for whatever reason you might want to go into your settings and go to sleep – and you will see that we do have the sleep tracking toggle right here – and you also have some other toggles as well like turn on at wind down and Other things like that as well, and if you dont like getting those reminders that really vibrate your wrists and tell you, you need a charge. Your Apple watch before going to sleep. You could turn those off in here as well, but if you dont like wearing your watch on your wrist at night, and if you dont care about tracking your sleep, I would highly suggest that the next tip, which is to turn on on nightstand mode and what This does, is it essentially will replace your clock, nightstand that you may have had on your little side table before with obviously your Apple watch Ultra.

So when its hooked up to a charger, the display turns off, and if you tap it in the middle of the night, it will show the time in a very dim way that wont wake you up. That wont be super bright on your eyes. The next tip is one that every single person with an Apple Watch Ultra should be doing, and that is setting a custom watch face for your focus modes. So every Focus mode that you find yourself using on a daily basis. You should definitely have a custom watch face to go along with that Focus mode like for my sleep Focus mode. I have a very basic watch face here that just shows my alarm and the time and thats it or when Im working. It only shows my calendar and the calculator and the time very basic things like that, because thats all I need when Im working, I dont need the extra distractions. So I would highly recommend going into your focus modes and selecting a custom watch base for each Focus mode that you use. The next tip is a classic Apple watch tip, but I have to include it because I use it every single day and that is unlocking your Mac with your watch. So if youre wearing your watch, you could automatically unlock your Mac as long as you have Wi, Fi and Bluetooth turned on and the toggle enabled on your Mac. The next tip is another one.

I use every single day on my Apple watch Ultra and that is raised to speak so now. Every time you want to ask Siri a question you dont have to press and hold on the digital crown or you dont have to say the key phrase: hey s. You could just simply pull the watch up to your mouth and start talking, and it will register that and ask Siri whatever you are trying to ask now this next one is funny and its definitely not something you want to do if youre trying to save battery Life, but you can actually watch full YouTube videos, see the description, see everything on your Apple watch Ultra using an application called watch tube. So this is, you know, complete vanity, its, not something that everybodys going to like, but it is pretty cool because I found that the Apple watch Ultra that big display is kind of perfect for watching. You know YouTube videos when youre without your phone or, if you just want to do it just for fun its pretty cool. Actually now something else: thats cool is Apple watch mirroring, so you can actually mirror your Apple watch screen to your iPhone and you can actually interact with the watch from your iPhones screen. You can pretty much do everything you can pull up the control center. You can press on the buttons on the side the action button, the digital Crown. You can do all that from your iPhone with this setting, and you can also do this the other way around.

So if you wanted to control your iPhone from your watch, you can do that with the control nearby devices feature just go to your settings, go to accessibility and then scroll down until you see control nearby devices, and then it will show the devices that are nearby And connected to your Apple watch or connected to the same Wi Fi network. Next up is a feature that Apple talked a lot about, but I feel like its still somehow under the radar, and that is a backtrack. So this is a feature that allows you to trace back your steps if you ever got lost now its the best for the Apple watch Ultra, because we have the Dual frequency: GPS, which is better than the Apple Watch series 8 and any other Apple watch to The GPS and you know everythings, going to be much more accurate on the Apple watch Ultra. So not only should you use this feature when youre out and about that way you dont get lost, but you can also Mark objects to remind you of where you are. If youre out lost in a desert, you can Mark a tree to show you know when you backtrack. You should see a tree right here that way. If you ever lost, you have a better idea as to where youre at and where youre going, and you can even change the glyph thats associated with that marked object that you put on the map.

The next tip is to change the text size with your control center. So, instead of going into your settings or into your iPhone, you could just swipe up to pull up the control center and then tap on the two As and that will take you to this right here, where you can change the size of the text. Now, if youre like me, you dont need those its time to stand reminders on your watch. They happen too often and Im, just not a fan of those. So if you want to turn those off, you can just go into settings activity and then right here at the top, you have stand reminders which you can turn off. Not only that, but you can also turn off daily coaching. If you dont want to get notification that help you complete your activity, goals and monthly challenges, and the final tip is for those who plan on snorkeling or especially for scuba diving with the Apple watch Ultra and that is to download the oceanic plus dive computer application. This is going to have a pre dive, location planner. It has stats about the body of water that youre in and so much more. I think this is an essential application. If you plan on doing that, I dont personally do it, so I cannot show you an example of that, but it is an excellent application that takes full advantage of the Apple watch Ultra. So those are a few tips and tricks that I find it makes the Apple watch Ultra worth buying.