It is sent by the SS official store on AliExpress and I have already uploaded the full unboxing and full feature review on this channel. But in this video we are going to dig deeper and talk about every feature in this Smartphone in detail before we start make sure to hit the Subscribe button, so lets unbox it. So, first of all we have this card and on the back we have some instructions about the smartphone. Then we have this accessories box in which we have the ocean straps and the wireless charger, and in the end we have the h11 ultra Smart Watch. So lets take off the plastic wrap, and here is the first look on the smartphone lets. Turn it on so well get this hello dialog and here is the first look on the smartphone. It comes in 49 mm size and it is exactly of the same size as the Apple watch Ultra and it even fits the Apple watch Ultra case. The seller also sent out the screen protector for the Apple watch Ultra, and here you can see that it perfectly fits the h11 ultra Smart Watch. If you talk about the body, it has titanium alloy case as advertised and if you can see it here, it also has the GPS antenna design. It doesnt have GPS, but it still gets the same GPS. Antenna design like the Apple watch Ultra, which just looks so cool on it, and if you look at the back side, we have the wireless charging and health sensors.

Here we have the new temperature sensor and we have the real screws at the back and then we have the strap rocks, the strap rocks are real and the straps wont move from their original place. No matter how hard you try so remove the straps. All you have to do is press this button and then push the straps out. The seller also included a lot of straps, so it becomes easier for you to decide that which one should you choose so now lets go ahead and try all of them out. So, first of all, we have the ocean straps in five color orange, yellow beige, black and red and heres how it looks on the smartphones. Then we have the Trail Loop in four different color combinations, and here is how it looks with the h11 ultra smart watch. Then we have the Alpine Loop in three different color combinations, and here is how its looking with a smart watch. Then we have the sports band or the Nike bands in black white, black, green and white black combination. Then we have this braided strap, and this is how its looking and in the end, we have this leather strap, which is just looking so good with the Smartwatch and looks really unique so which one is your favorite. I really like this leather strap. Let me know about your favorite in the comment section below so now. Lets talk more about the Smartwatch. It comes with rtk 8763 e chip inside it, and the smartphone is set to be ip68 level waterproof, but there is no proper information given if it can be used while taking bath or swimming so that thats, why? I would assume that it is not fully waterproof and you can use it normally, while washing hands or in rainy days, but I wouldnt recommend you to use it while taking bath or swimming, and I found out that there are two models of h11 ultra going around.

In the market and this time, Ive gotten the one which also has Compass. If we talk about the display, it is advertised to come with 1.91 inches of display with 425 into 518 resolution, and here is the bezel size, which is quite thick. Let me show you all of the watch faces. Another good feature in it is that if you tap and hold on the word face, you can lock the word face. So even if you use the Crown Key, it wont change the watch face. Some of the word faces are themed and can change colors when you tap on them. The watch faces are also interactive and you can access the applications which are shown on the watch face, and it has two screenoff dials, one with the analog clock and one with the digital clock, and it also has tab to wake which only works for four to Five seconds after the screen goes off or turns on the screen of dial and after about four to five seconds, it will stop. Working smartwatch has the always on display for the normal screen on time, which means the screen can stay on Forever Until the battery dies, but sadly the screen of dial can stay on for a maximum of 1 minute. Overall, I really like the smartphones display, and it has really good colors and the refresh rate, and everything is quite good. Although I wish that the bezels would get thinner in the upcoming model and the UI will become a little bit more smoother like the hw8 ultra Max or the S8 Ultra Plus, or the ts8 plus Ultra and in the menu, we have the watch OS icons, which Just looks so good on this Smartwatch and also because, unlike the other smart watches, the honeycomb menu style in the smartphone resembles more with the original watch OS.

And it also – and it also has the option that if you use the Crown Key to scroll all the way down, it will animate the icons and, if you scroll all the way up, it will open the application which is in the middle. Unlike other models. This Smartwatch only comes with two menu styles, with a honeycomb menu style, and this list View and the scrolling is also quite smooth on the smartphone. If we talk about the touch response, the touch response is quite quick, but sometimes Ive noticed that the software is quite laggy, as you can see that it is opening right away, but it is lagging and while the quick access menu is opened, if I swipe from This corner, it will lag and will try to open the quick access applications, and it also has the app history, which is a great option, and you can access the previously opened applications directly from here, for example, if I want to turn off the always on display, I can just access the app history and open the bright screen duration from here and change it to 60 seconds or any other time. One of the negative things about this each level Ultra Smartwatch, is that it doesnt not support much languages. These are all of the languages supported by the Smartwatch. It uses the QI fit application, which is one of my favorite applications. So far you can get the call notifications without having to connect Bluetooth, calling any notifications.

We have the others option, which means, even if an application isnt listed here, it can still send you the notifications for it. So because of this, it can send you the notifications, from almost all of the applications on your smartphone and for contacts. It has a high limit of 500 contacts, which can be synced in the Smartwatch, and one thing which could have been improved is the fine device option when you use the find device option, the smartphone starts vibrate and the vibration intensity is quite high, but I still Think that it could be improved by adding the sound option also, while you are using the fine device option, another good option is that you can use the 12 hour or 24 hour format for time, and the best thing about this Smartwatch is the dial customization. First of all, it comes with a lot of watch faces and all of them are available for totally free. You can go to the wallpaper section to use your own picture as a watch face and another great option in it is that you can use pointer dial. Also, you can increase and decrease the brightness of the wallpaper and, while using the digital watch face, you can choose which information is displayed on the watch face and you can also choose the font color and in me you can also choose the built in watch faces For your smartphone, so you can delete all of them and choose your favorite from the dial market or use your own pictures as both faces in your smartphone.

Another great option in the watch application is that you can move the contents of the word face anywhere. You want, while customizing the watch face. Another thing that could be improved in the software is that it still does not have the banner notification and still shows a full screen prompt whenever it receives a notification. And when you receive a notification, it shows more part as compared to the notification center. Here is the full message and it showed half of the message, even though the notification on my iPhone wasnt showing this much content. It only comes with the heart rate, blood, oxygen level and body temperature Checker and as far as Ive checked, it even measures the data on the table. You can subscribe to my shorts Channel where I compare these smart watches, with real oximeter Im gon na be linking this channel in the description box below in the end. If we talk about the battery, it comes with 450 MH of battery inside it and as advertised it can give you five to seven days on normal usage and 15 days on standby. The action button on this Smartwatch cannot be customized and it can only be used to access the sport modes, and I really wish that it could be customizable, like some other models like the hw8 ultra Max, and also there is no dedicated button to turn off the Display or to turn on the screen of dial, which is a negative point, the screen of, and if the action button was customizable, the screen option could be used on it and it does not show a red dot.

When you have an unread notification here, you can see that I have this Android notification, but it is not showing Red Dot on any of the word face. If you talk about the full brightness of the smart watch, it is quite high and Im sure that the display will be clearly visible in the daylight, with a clear and crisp display. The maximum brightness level is really good, and the lowest brightness level is also quite good on the smart watch and wont disturb your eyes if you use the Smartwatch late at night. Another thing that I really like about this Smartphone is that, if youre not using the always on display – and you cover the screen with your palm, it will turn on the screen of tile and if you are using the always on display and cover the screen. With your palm, it will dim the display, and if you turn off the screen of tile and also the always on display, then you can cover the screen to turn off the display at the end, lets talk about the smoothness. So if you talk about the smoothness, this Smartwatch might not be the smoothest, but it is surely one of the smoothest Apple watch Ultra apricots Ive used. The animations are quite quick and quite smooth. Even in the honeycomb menu style, you can see that the icons are lagging a little bit so looking at the overall build quality of the Smartwatch and even the software quality that the smoothness will be better in the upcoming models so guys.

This is all from todays video. What do you think about it? It is surely one of the best Apple watch, Ultron apricots. It is the only watch, Ultra replica that Ive seen so far with the GPS antenna design and the overall build quality is really good. It has the real screws, it has the strap locks and the size is same as the Apple watch Ultra, which means you can use the Apple watch, Ultra accessories with the Smartwatch and really like The Virtuous menu style and the Watchers menu icons. The smartphone is also quite smooth, but if we talk about the few things which can be improved in the upcoming models is a bigger display which will result in thinner bezels. And I also wish that it gets the proximity sensor in the upcoming model because seeing the Smartwatch measuring the data on the table and in the air, I would assume that the sensors are not real and I would not trust the values. Even if I place it on my wrist, because I wouldnt be sure if it is actually recognizing that its my wrist beneath it or it is just giving you random values, if you would like to purchase it, Im gon na be leaving the link in the description Box below – and I would really appreciate if you can use that thing to purchase the Smartwatch, you can also check out my best Apple Watch series, 6, 7, 8 and Ultra applicants.

Playlist Im gon na be linking it in the description box below make sure to hit the Subscribe button for more videos like this. I will catch you in the next one until next time.