Is this gon na be your next one stay tuned for the full review Music? If you guys, like this video and my other videos, helpful, please click on the thumbs up button down below. It really helped me out a lot if your new panel, please click on the red subscribe button and the bell icon to get notified for all future. My tech reviews videos and more, if you’re, an existing subscriber. Thank you very much if you’re new, thank you as well, so currently at the moment that i’m recording this video, the current wise watch, the 47 and the 44 mil um size is currently out of stock. The reason is because i actually pre ordered this back in december of 2020 and i also live in canada. That was really really hard to get. They were out of stock, maybe in about um within a week or two. But currently, if you go to and like if you go to and just search for watch and if you guys don’t know who wise is it’s, basically a company that produces really affordable, smart technology and smart watches, i personally use why stuff a lot. So you’ll be seeing me create a lot of why stuff in the future video. So basically, this is the actual wise watch, there’s two sizes, the 47 and the 44 mil right. So, as you guys can see, they are currently out of stock, but if you notify them, if you click on, they notify me when available they’ll, basically um, you know tell you when it’s actually available, so um there’s, basically two versions.

So basically, the main features of the watch – it’s really lightweight right, it’s made of aluminum um fitness, tracking notifications, big battery life and much much more right. So basically, it has a really good blood oxygen feature. Well, i’ll show you later in the video. You have a nice good touch screen, so you can clearly see um where the email is coming from, where the whatsapp message is coming from right. It has a nice frame to it. You could also have shortcuts to control your otherwise products like i’ll show you i personally have it set up to control my wise bulbs right, you can do custom face plates right and it’s. Also, water resistant not waterproof, with ip68 weatherproof rating right and with sleep monitoring, step tracking, menstrual health tracking and much much more and supports notifications from all your favorite apps and with a great battery life and also customizable bands here. So i think personally, this is a great watch, but later, of course, in this video you can be the just of that to basically see exactly if this watch is worth it or not. Inside the box itself, you basically just get two things. You get the wise watch itself and you also get the proprietary uh charging cable. Now the cable is based off usb plug into your computer or any sort of sort of wall break, but you can’t use your micro, usb or usb type c cable. You have to use this cable, it basically attached using magnets um.

If you connect it the wrong way: it’s not gon na actually work and that’s. Basically, how it looks like uh, it seems pretty solid, so maybe you can hang off a computer or something you plug it into like a in this case. I have an iphone adapter here plug into the wall or, of course you can plug into usb of your computer or your laptop, but of course the wall chargers are going to be uh much faster than your computer. Looking closer at the watch itself, it is a fully aluminum body with silicone straps wearing it for long days seems to be absolutely no problem. The back of it is sort of a fingerprint magnet. The top section of the charger, and the middle section is that sensor. Um the side, you have only one button and it’s a full aluminum body and it does sort of scratch easily. So that is one warning: if you think it’s not going to get scratched, it probably will the glass on it it’s not as strong as other premium watches like fitbits or the apple watch? Well, that’s. One downside of the actual watch putting on is actually really really easy and comfortable. Just like any other watch with this with the silicone band, it doesn’t put any pressure on your wrist and it clips on pretty easily with this little extra slider to make sure it’s on. You know really really strong, so you’re running jogging sleeping it’s not going to fall off really comfortable, and it also has that race to wake feature.

You just kind of flick. Your wrist and it’ll turn the screen on the front. Looking at the watch um itself, if you go from the top down, you basically see your notifications right from the left to the right. You get a quick app into your tracking data, so your calories steps taken um, you know, steps walked, etc, etc. From the right is basically all your apps, the first one is your activity app. So if you start while going for a jog or going for a running, this will basically track it differently and save it as an activity it doesn’t do like swimming um biking. It currently only does jogging and running, hopefully, they’ll, add more activities in the future. The second one is a shortcut to your your overall app. The top right. One is, if you want to measure your blood oxygen level, so you basically were on your watch. You started and it’ll give you your actual level staying with the heart rate while wearing the watch. It’Ll do the actual scan for you. This is your actual sleep exercise, your sleep. Sorry, then, you also have your alarm when wearing the alarm it only vibrates to wake. You up there’s, no actual sound and there’s, also a timer as well, so whether you’re cooking something or you know you want to say, for example, you’re warming, something up or whether you’re out and about, and you want to wait five minutes. The timer works really really well as well, again, vibrations.

Only there’s, no sound of the actual watch. The uh next app that’s available is um the shortcuts um application. This only works. If you have customized products set up in the app with your light bulbs or cameras. Otherwise, not going to work, you also have your weather and your settings, which has, for example, you can change your wallpaper check. Your hardware settings increase your brightness, enable disable duo, disturb and look at your actual watch information as well that’s, basically, all the apps, the actual watch comes with so we’re gon na go here into my wise application. This is basically where you would add the watch, monitor it, manage it and basically take care of everything. So, as you guys can see, i personally use the wise a lot. I have their cameras. I have their wise fitness band wide scale. I have some sensors. I also have some lights cameras, uh door, sensors so later on to this channel i’m, going to review these more in details, but for now we’re going to look at the wise watch itself, so we’re going to go ahead and open up the wise watch. This is basically the settings that you see on the watch. One is connected, so first you see the status of it because it’s currently right beside me, it’s currently connected with your battery life. If you click on the three dots on top right hand corner you click on it, that’s, basically, where you can change the name right.

You have your device id mac address, firmware version. If you lose your watch and you can confine watch, it’ll actually ring your watch and vibration only and short tell you what it is: there’s, no actual speaker or microphone in this watch that’s. The only downside – and you can also reboot from here as well right if you click on clock, faces and go to edit. This is where you actually can modify your clock faces, so there’s a preset set of faces. Here you have the little pointers you have. The simple one diamonds, starry number rolls color ball. You know number zero. You have tons of information here or, of course, with what i have right. Currently i have a custom um watch. So if we go down here to the bottom, you can see how you have your custom photos. Then you tap on what you want to watch you tap on. Add then you basically have to it, tells you how to actually remove a current one, because i have a limit of three but basically how it works. You have the my face here. You have basically three of them where you actually have to. This is three currently saving the watch and you have to either remove one if you want to test a new one. So currently i have this 597 one, but as you can see, tons and tons to basically choose from right now, if you keep on going down below, you have notification.

This is where you can choose what type of notification to get when you get a phone call. It’Ll your fall watch will let you know when you get a text message. You watch what you know again. These are only notifications, so you can’t actually call from the watch or text from the watch or look at your camera from your watch. That would be cool if white updates it, so you can actually see your camera, but currently it’s notifications. Only. I currently, for example, have the ones that i think are primary to me, because otherwise, if you have all this enabled your phone and watch is going to be really annoying. So i only, for example, currently have phone call text messages. So when anybody text me or give me a call when i go when i get a notification on my wise cameras, i also have whatsapp apple mail and apple calendar. Anything else i don’t want to be notified on my watch because my phone is enough. So, basically, if you get a call, your actual watch will let you know as well so uh. If i, for example, go down here, you can enable a stretch reminder so basically, between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. If you don’t move a lot, your actual watch will let you know. Oh by the way you have to move around now, you’ve been sitting for too long right activity goal. You can set a goal so that, for example, every single day, if you reach 10 000 steps or 500 calories, it will say: oh you reached your test for today.

So if you really want to monitor your health and your step and calorie um, how much calorie you burnt, this is a really great way to set your goal: do not disturb basically from midnight to 7 a.m. When i sleep, i don’t want to be disturbed when somebody calls me, i don’t want to start my watch, because you could also be wearing this watch when you’re sleeping right. So when, when you’re sleeping, this will basically put your watch. It do not disturb automatically from these times, so really helpful, of course, because you don’t want to be disturbed when you’re sleeping raise to wake is when you actually flick your wrist up and to automatically show you the watch face now. I only have enabled between 8 am and 11 pm, because, when you’re sleeping with your watch for your uh sleep tracker and you can’t, even move around, you don’t want the bright watch face to shine in your eyes. So after 11 pm the race to wake is disabled. You can only manually check the time if you click on the side button to actually see your watch face now. If you click on the wearing wrist, usually how it works, which is you can choose to be configured to wear on your left or your right now the proper way to wear a watch, you should actually wear it on your non dominant hand. So if you use your right hand to write and do everything you’d wear on your left hand – i’m – i personally am right handed so i would wear on my left running in the background is an optional setting.

Basically, what this enabled um. You can basically always find your watch when you lose it right. The app doesn’t run in the background, and also with weather, as well so with weather and always knowing where your watch is. If you have it disabled and try to find your watch since it’s not running in the background, it won’t actually be able to find it, and even vice versa. If you lose your phone and you want your phone to find your watch, you know same sort of way you have to have the watch running in the background or otherwise your phone can’t find your watch and your want can’t find your phone. So i have it running it doesn’t drain that much only a little bit right and then you have apps, so it has a weather app to show your location, so i currently have stats on my location, and shortcuts is if this is only compatible. If you have other wise smart products, i personally have a garage, a smart garage light and a smart porch light, and i have shortcuts that, if i’m, actually outside i’m walking home from night, i don’t have to, for example, go in my app right. Click on the wise, app click on ports, light on and off directly from my wrist. I can go ahead and enable and turn off my smart products and that’s, basically it for the actual first tab. The middle one data shows you an overall of your steps that you’ve taken calories, that you’ve burnt your blood oxygen level, if you use that feature heart rate and, of course, tape tracking.

Of course, sleep tracking will only work if you actually wear the actual sleep. If you wear the actual watch, while you sleep, otherwise it won’t work. For example, i tried it out when i first had it. It knows when you’re in a deep sleep, a light sleep and when you’re awake – and it nicely shows up on the actual graph and do today, weekly or monthly same way, of course, with the heart rate, calories or steps. So, as you go back and forth, as you guys can see, you have a nice little overview of everything you’ve been doing over the last month, and if you go to my info, all you basically see is you can put in your body type your birth year. Height weight, it can authorize it to work with third party applications like health kit, so that’s, basically, the actual um wise app again, this wise app is not just meant for the wise um watch. You can actually support this with lots of cameras, sensors power and lighting home and much much more again in the future. I will do more reviews for my smart, wise products. So, in conclusion, what do i think of the actual watch? Well it’s, only 20 bucks. It works on ios and android, with a big color display easy to read with a long up to two week, battery life supporting almost all app notifications, and this looks cool for 20 bucks with a built in fitness tracker.

Now. What i don’t like is that there’s, no speaker mic or electrical support, the body does get easily scratched and you can’t watch your wise cams live feed on the screen itself, so otherwise overall great watch, i love it and i recommend it for just a 20 usd. What do you guys think, let me know down below if you guys found this video helpful. Please leave me a thumbs up and clicking the thumbs up down below otherwise click thumbs down and don’t forget to follow me on twitter, and i will see you all on the next one.