Galaxy Watch 4: In Depth Review You Don't Want to Miss!

The watchforce still has a really polished software, but now benefits from the app ecosystem on googles. Wear os now ive got the bluetooth version of the galaxy watch. 4. theres, also an lte variant, and there are two sizes: samsung also launched the galaxy watch, 4 classic, which comes in better build materials and […]

HUAWEI Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro REVIEW – Elegant eSim Smartwatch with Long Battery

So here they are up close. The new huawei watch 3 and watch 3 pro both follow in similar design language as each other, but with some differences. So both of these models feature a large case, design with round edged style and the display on both of these features a 1.43 inch amoled, which […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic💰Primera REVIEW y UNBOXING

Lo que toca es probar su hermano mayor mayor entre, comillas porque, es un dispositivo, ms caro en torno a unos 100 euros este me ha costado, 300 69 euros. Si! No me equivoco este me: cost 299 y la diferencia, no es interna, no es en cuanto al procesador el almacenamiento del que ahora […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 REVIEW: a REDENÇÃO

E alm de ser lanado em dois tamanhos nesse modelo aqui que o que tem a coroa digital para navegao, tambm, chegou com, Mais dois tamanhos no modelo Classic que tem a coroa fsica e mais carinha de relgio tradicional. Entre as novidades o grande destaque dessa gerao o sensor que a Samsung t chamando […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Garmin Venu 2 | What are the differences? | Smartwatch Comparison/Review

My name is youre watching the product, video and thats me so whats. The plan for today so were not going to talk about every little feature since i already covered both these watches in separate videos. So if you want to check them out, i will leave the link in the description below so […]


Some people use them for tracking health and activities and fitness, while other people dont really care as much about that and would much rather use it as either a style accessory or maybe just as an extension of their phone. To reply to notifications, emails and all types of things like that, but regardless […]

The BEST (Non Apple) Smartwatch – Samsung Watch 4 Review!

I think the market share of this is around 55. So a lot of people own them theres just something that i cannot get over with the square design and maybe thats me coming from a bit of an og watch background. But um circular, smart watches have always been my thing, and this is […]

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review: Samsung Takes Wear OS For A Spin

The galaxy watch 4 is the most significant change to samsung smartwatches since 2016., its built on new silicon running a new os with a new user interface to boot. But samsung has done a lot of work to make. This galaxy watch feel like the three that came before it and its mostly worked […]

Camera on a Smartwatch? – MISIRUN Z35PRO Review

It was one of the better selling smart watches on amazon, and i decided to give it a look and that video did fairly well, especially for the time i was uploading now, since i uploaded that video about once every three days or so i get an email From some random smartwatch company, some […]

Smartwatch HW18 40MM Unboxing Review – Um dos poucos com 40MM! Mas vale a pena? É bom? – HW18 PTBR

Se, eu lembrar o deixo o link embaixo ou melhor na os oito t aqui, no pulso por qu que os oito interessante porque ele um 19 menor, usa nova, ele tem, 40 4 milmetros 1840 mm t aqui a caixinha bem bacana moa, vocs, rapidinho j vou, para O smartwatch Lembrando que na descrio […]

SmartWatch Flagship Killer : Kospet Prime 2 | Lắp Sim 4G – Camera Sony | Cấu Hình Cực Khủng

My tnh na lun cnh bo cho c tay nh trc khi, nh, mua, cho c. Pes hay cc k to y l, chic, smartphone c kch c to nht m mnh tng review, so snh vi, mt vi, Smartwatch khc, cha y l, trc lemforder 15, ny to hn r rt gtr2 46ml, cn […]

GALAXY WATCH 4’s ONLY COMPETITION (Best Android Smartwatch)

If youre trying to buy a smart watch. That is a general utility smart watch that is not one thats hyper focused on fitness or something like that. Then you really only have two options. So on one hand, you have the galaxy watch 4 and galaxy watch 4 classic which just came out and […]