We are a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch. Tix.Com. Are you seeing the screen here? This is the COS pet DK 0 8, and we have already reviewed this one and you guys are amazing. You keep saying, looks like a pip smells like a bit when I look it, it almost tastes like a BIP. Why don't you compare it with the PIP. Ok we're gon na. Do that right now. First of all, let me refresh your memory about what this one will do with this little one minute clip. This is the DK 0 8 it's, a transflective that's, a reflective type of a screen that gets brighter in the light than it is in the dark, but it does light up at night with a backlight it's, a basic fitness band with digital time on here, when You tap it, you can get your daily step, count information, Fitness which covers just basic running and bicycling. You can do your heart rate analysis right there and got 24 hours of heartrate capability, it's last night's sleep, informations available. You have a stopwatch messages, actually show up and are readable on here when you're tethered to your phone and overall settings, which gives you an option to find your phone check the info and get a QR code for setting this thing up for tethering. You have a brightness level to set delete the data on the watch. You could turn it off from here and of course, you can go back as well beyond that.

You'Ve got a few other screens that you can bring it up to a nice colorful one and at least one more in here, it's, the DK 0 8. Really nice metal band option with the magnetic coupling small works from in or women check it out and now for the bit now. This is actually the bip light, because the BIP is so old. I didn't do a one minute review, but it's identical, except for the GPS. So let me show you the little clip on the bit light. This is the BIP light it's a transflective screen watch that gets brighter outdoors than it is indoors. It has a backlight as well it's a bass, SiC fitness bandits, thin small TPU band does all the things that the original bip did, except it has a no GPS in it. So for all of the tracking information you have to have a tethered to your phone which, by the way it won't even go into time, unless you are first tethered to the Amaze fit app on this. You have overall status with your step count stuff the different activity areas like I said that can be tracked with the watch, but needs the phone to see GPS overall weather in your area is available for you. You have alarms and timers and overall settings where you can change. The different watch faces long press definition for this button on what activity you want to go into, adjust your screen, brightness up and down, and a few more goodies and settings it's a little simple ban and it's called the BIP light check it out.

Now that we've jogged your memory, let me tell you one more thing where you can get all of these. The actual BIP and BIP light are sponsored by geek vine for us, and so this is the latest print out check. The show notes, if I can get you a discount on the price it's holiday season, while I'm recording this, so prices are jumping all over the place. This is the Biff light. This is the BIP. Ok, the BIP has GPS in it. Otherwise, it's pretty close, not identical, but pretty close to the BIP light we're. Looking at about 65 retail 58 retail between these two and look at the price difference when you hop over to TomTom, which is offering us the discount on the COS pet DK, 0. 8. So, as you look at these watches, see what do you think about considering the price differential between them at all 65 to 38? Well, here they are. The first thing is this screen: it's a trance flecked of screen and it's really hard for me to kind of show it to you like this. So I'm gon na take a flashlight angle. It a little bit and show you Wow. Okay right now, I've got a very bright white screen on the bit light, and over here I've got a color screen that shows more vivid colors. So outdoors, both of them are really really easy to read. Now I'm gon na switch. This watch face okay, I'm.

Putting a relatively high contrast, white against black watch, face to try and compare these a little bit closer here we go and with the backlight on if it'll work, when I twist it it's on the wrong arm. For that, anyway, there you go that's the brightest setting indoors, with the light on you see it light up slightly now, let's check the bit. Here we go on the bit light and this would be the same on the bip. I put it on a high contrast screen as well, and if you get just the right reflection, you can see it, but what about indoors much brighter? I just activated it. You see the line, go that also unlocked the screen. So, yes, for those of you who have noticed that subtle difference between the two different reviews here is the brightness indoors on the COS pet – and here is the brightness indoors on the Amaze fit it is brighter it's backlight, you can be set to a brighter level. You have five different degrees of brightness here you have only three here so that's, one of the big differences between the two now let's look at the screens themselves. I put this as kind of a medium bright in the screen because that's what we've got on here. I don't have any on this one there's very few, like only three or four screens that give you the kind of range that you have on the bip so that's.

Another thing you have more watch faces to choose from on the bit when we light it up, which I have to do to push the button here or touch here there they are bright. You see this is much brighter, but also look at the screen, sizes and positions. Now they are pretty much a square exactly the same overall size, but the COS pet watch well, it looks like it's the same size too. I think the screen is just floating different. It'S a little higher up on the COS pet watch and pretty much centered on the bit interesting. They both have curved fronts. I mean they're, really really clothes. There is one button to activate and move through things on the bit there's, no side button. You have to touch below to get activity and to move on this one. Once it's activated you slide to get through things, you have your status and activity here, we're showing step count and sliding it. I guess I have to work with one at a time. Oh go away: let's get through this okay fitness when I press and hold fitness, as you saw on the other one I've got bicycle and running, and back and that's all you have on this one. But to contrast it on the bit, you have quite a bit more, you have outdoor running and treadmill and cycling, so those are the basically those three then walking and your overall activity. History is here as well as your activity settings can be set up on the bit now again.

This is the bit lights so come on in mr. bit, here's the official bit and I've modified it a bit I've taken the band's off because I use it in my pocket and I've put a really fun cover on it, which we reviewed here earlier. I'Ll have a link to that review if you want to order your own specialized custom like this is a carbon fiber, look appeal that goes over the bezel and gives you a little more of a highlight of the screen anyway. Going through this, one you've got the basic status and activities like before. You also have weather timer and a compass now that's, one of the difference. The BIP has the compass built into it. The bit light does not, and of course the BIP has the GPS sensor in it. So when I go into my activities and come over to activity history, I can actually have a track GPS generated track going along with the watch and when you transfer that to the app you have all of that laid against an actual map. And, of course, your distance speed cadence pace, all those other kind of things are much more accurate because of the GPS. The BIP is ahead of all of them in that regard, if you really want to use it for fitness and it's the same bright screen that you have for the bit light, these are identical, watches, except for apparently the compass in them and the GPS in them.

This would say amaze fit and be black if I didn't have that cover on it and otherwise they're exactly the same front and back yeah, pretty much identical a little bit different size spots, which brings us to the Chargers let's call these guys over. This is the bip charger now here's, where I am NOT as happy with the bitline as as the cost bet line, this thing needs to clamp down in there with some force and all this could sit forward or it can fold and sit backward. If you have this kind of a band on it and it plugs in and it charges this way right and now it's morning and I'm, getting up and I'm groggy and I've got a I've got a mess with it to get it out this one a little Different now, of course, the band it comes with, you have choices, but this is one of those metal bands that just slides through its charger, is different, it's, a little compact case kind of thing. Actually, I like this better, you line up the dots and that's what the bottom looks like on this one again pretty much similar. You drop it in there's, no button on the side. You just click it down. You know it's in position. You know it's locked in you know it's gon na charge nicely for you USB it's kind of a shorter wire. You just lay it down. The bands, of course, are flexible.

You can put it any which way you want to in the morning when you're ready to get it, you simply push on the side there open it up and take it out of the case. This is a little bit more rubberized force to get in and out of it, but it's subtle, just whichever you like, but both the the bip and the bit light work together with that charger. They don't they don't work in here. Obviously you can't interchange them because the buttons in the way – and oh my good it almost fits look at oh okay, connect to the app and blah blah blah, but no it's not really meant for that, and this one well, if I press it in there, it Fits so it tells you, the body sizes are the same, but it's just it's, not in there solid it's kind of a little bit loose. I wouldn't mix them up, but that's what's, going on with the the Chargers now. The last thing I want to compare with these two watches in this comparison review is the tethering app the COS pet dk0 e tethers to the AI band, app the Amaze fit BIP and Biff Light tethered to the amaze fit app right off the board. I want to tell you that this one can be used right out of the boxes of watch. You really don't need to pay unless you're gon na transfer data and whatnot so it's fully functional.

This one is dead in the water as all amazed fit watches are until you tether it, so you have to have the Amaze fit app running. You have to create an account there's, no guest login, and you have to set up all of the things, including your location, in order to be able to activate just to activate the watch. So as far as BIP goes and Stratos and pace in any of the amazed, it watches you're really slave to using the app. But if you have the app in here and you see, I've had a bunch of them in here you add the device you tether. It you get it linked and you're good to go that's in your profile section. You come back over here and you have your overall information and tracking and everything that goes along with that, including your last night's sleep stuff, which I have on both of these watches, because I slept last night. I band is just another app that you connect to it. It'S got your current location and weather on every one of these screens. I'Ve walked around a little bit with it. Today, you have your step count: here's, your last night's sleep, stuff, here's, your last night's sleep stuff on this one that's. What you're getting – and this has a little more color and detail. It looks like it shows you you're light and heavy sleep time deep, deep and light and and total awake time here, and this shows you you're falling asleep waking up and awake duration minutes here, which is 0.

7 hours, here's 16 minutes. So that's pretty even and it looks like that's all we can do that synchronized it overall seven point eight hours. It looks like sleep score on getting off of this one. This isn't giving me any kind of an analysis score on sleep it's, just showing you graphs. When you fell asleep compared to eighty percent of them or the rest of the population, more things about length of sleep and asks you, how did you feel so you can do a little bit more analysis. It looks like with the bit around sleep, but you have more details and pretty graphs with the COS pet okay, what else? How about heart rate? Here we go with cos pet I'm, getting a graph going. It looks like it started at 230 in the morning and Rin right up until I took these off and dot's every I believe, half hour um based on when it actually started at 238, so it's, probably a eight and thirty eight again one dot every half hour On here and it's, showing my current last heart rate, reading and that's about it, I can measure it remotely from here, which is nice on the bip. We'Ve got a pickup that when the morning when I woke up it looks like it didn't calculate my resting heart rate. Unfortunately, although I did wear it all night on my arm, just like the other one I've got some other information that it can track for you and manually.

Measured results are here too, so if you initiate it manually, you can get it and you can also get the continuous 24 hour a day reading as well, and they you it's, going to decrease battery life, but this one's got a really long battery life, as it Is so if you don't mind charging, maybe every five days – I'm, just guessing, but maybe five days instead of 30 or something like that, then you can turn on this automatic monitoring stuff for the heart rate as well that's pretty much in a nutshell, the differences on The things so it's kind of up to you. If you really know you want Fitness with GPS, you have only one solution and that's to get the original bill and because it has GPS built in and gives you a compass as well. If you are looking at casual use of a fitness and a watch that's going to be bright outdoors well, either of them is going to do that for you because that's the nature of the screen. However, if you want to be able to read it brightly indoors, the bip is gon na, be your best solution, because it's brighter when it lights up, you see that subtle difference in there yeah this one's like really hard to see indoors with some sunlight. But this one hard to see without it, but once I light it up, you've got it right there, okay, once again, just to remind you if you're interested in the bit with the GPS geek buying, has it about sixty five dollars with a discount.

If I can get you one, if you don't need the GPS for just a few dollars less, you can get the light now. It'S, not just if you don't need the GPS. You get to save a few dollars, but you save battery as well. If you don't have GPS in there and need to activate it, you'll also get longer battery life in general, okay and then. Finally, if you like, the cost bet design the dk0 eight and we did find out they're exactly the same size they kind of fit in each other's charging cases so it's the same size watch little bit dimmer indoor screen, but significantly different in price. Tom top. Has that one check the show notes for a link to buy that one and there you go you're all you need to know. I hope comparison, video of the bip and BIP light with one button and swiping or the deke 0 8, which you activate with a touch sensitive button at the bottom, and you just simply tap there. Sorry, you can't see it. Can you page your way through? Oh by the way, did you notice on this one? You have a heart rate press and hold, and you can take an instantaneous heart rate right on the watch. I don't have that on the BIP. When I go through here, I get the your basic status and activity weather report right, alarm, timer settings and then you're back out of it and the other one the actual bit.

This is the BIP light as a compass in there, but none of them have the heart rate. So if you want to have on your wrist instantaneous nice heart rate reading, well, you can save a few bucks and pick up the DK y08. All right, we'll see you again soon, thanks for watching and thanks for asking for this review, and enough of you do that it like make sense.