If you have a fever or not, otherwise, we still have the same 1.4 inch amoled display, which offers very vibrant punchy. Looking colors sensitive to use as well as 2.5 d curved glass and makes the ui feel very responsive. It still retains the built in gps. It can actually map your location, really. The only difference, as we alluded to in our unboxing is the regular has 4 gigabytes of built in storage, which allows you to place music onto it and use it like an mp3 player. Even when detached from your smartphone versus the 2e doesn’t have that built in storage, so some reduced memory, the only other exception being the lack of a speaker on the 2e. However, the 2e still has a microphone because it still supports an offline, smart assistant which allows you to do some certain voice commands like set an alarm or check the time without even tapping on the screen before we dive deeper into the software and performance let’s. Take a closer look at the design, so overall it’s still very sleek and stylish watch. In my opinion, again, the distinction between the gtr, the r here stands for round and the gts, which is square that we checked out before, is really just the body shape of the watches. One advantage of the gtr series, though, is the better battery life and, in my testing, it’s significantly longer lasting than the gts watches. This watch here can last around 24 days of regular usage before you need to recharge it again, and that is with some occasional gps tracking and other capabilities of heart rate monitoring turned on, and in fact i use this watch now for over a week and the Battery has drained less than 20 percent that’s compared to the gts2 which, under the same type of usage, i had to recharge every five days or so in fact, there’s even a extra eco mode, which can further optimize the battery life.

And it will only tell your time as well as record steps and sleep, and this can get the battery life up to 45 days so over a month before you need to recharge it, which is crazy. Now you can see, after a few seconds of inactivity, the watch’s display typically times out and goes into this ambient mode since it’s a amoled screen. It does have a always on display function that you can activate. Overall, the watch is also very lightweight and super slim, as we also saw in our unboxing. The sides are constructed out of aluminum alloy sturdy, but at the same time it feels again almost invisible on your wrist, comparable to the experience that you’ll find on the aforementioned gts2 and it’s a huge difference compared to say a tic watch pro that we saw about A year ago, it’s significantly heavier and thicker. Just like the irregular gtr 2, it retains two crown keys that you can push to control different things, including the top button that can bring up the list of all of your applications and the bottom key that can be accessed to find all the workouts and sports. That you can begin tracking now, the back of the watch is constructed out of a polycarbonate plastic, but overall it’s still very comfortable houses, a familiar looking array of sensors for the heart rate, spo2 blood, oxygen monitoring and in terms of the charging mechanism. It is exactly the same as on the gts series and other current generation watches from them, so it’s very easy to snap in and fully recharges in under an hour and a half finally it’s worth mentioning.

The straps, of course, are removable, so you can customize these with different colors and materials. If you prefer buckle is also made out of aluminum, but overall still feels very breathable and comfortable on the skin. Now, moving on to the performance and the software next, so taking a closer look, it is the same ui that’s powering their other smart watches like the aforementioned gts2, just on a different aspect, ratio screen, which is round this time to change the watch face. You can simply long hold for a few seconds and bring up a list of the different options that you can jump back and forth between overall, pretty easy to use and with the companion app, you can always find more watch faces and styles to customize. The watch with you’re bound to find at least one or two that you like in terms of further customizing some of these designs. You can tap on the settings here to tweak what the elements are showing in terms of information. So if you want to change it into showing your battery life or calories, you can actually further tweak this uh based on what type of info you commonly like to see so pretty good customization overall, and you can even set your own image as the background as Well, if you want to using the app the next screen over, tells you your activity for the day in terms of number of steps times, you’ve been active, i can swipe down to take a look at additional things, such as calories, burned and distance, converted and swiping Over again, we’ll begin to take a closer look at my heart rate for the past day, as well as how long i was in a relaxed versus warm up versus aerobic and different segments of my heart rate zone.

Next over is controlling the music again, since there is no built in memory. You have to be connected using bluetooth to use this as a remote, essentially for controlling the music from your phone and then once over again takes a look at weather information which is synced once, and it can record the data for up to seven days before it Needs to be refreshed, tells your sunrise sunset time, as well as the weather patterns for the next few days ahead and overall, again it’s a pretty attractive. Ui high score is a consolidated score, which basically takes into account your steps, as well as your sleep and other statistics, and gives you a score out of 100 to tell you how well you’re doing statistically and then once more takes you into a stacked list of Different widgets or cards, so you can take a look at more info at one glance, so this includes any upcoming alarms, as well as the weather. Currently, as well as the aforementioned high score, your heart rate activity goals met as well as the sp02 overall it’s in the carousel view and swiping does feel pretty. Smooth and responsive didn’t have too many problems here. Stepping down once takes a look at your quick settings, including a flashlight which will turn the entire screen white to illuminate some subjects in the dark. There is the aforementioned adjustments for properties like the screen brightness, and there is a ambient light sensor on here as well.

So, depending on how bright or dark your environment is, the screen can also automatically adjust itself swiping up here will take you into your list of notifications. Social media messages will be populated here. However, you aren’t able to reply back to messages. There is no built in keyboard, so that is one thing to keep in mind, similar to other smart watches from them. One observation, though, is the full list of applications. Doesn’T include sleep, although sleep is automatically tracked, and it even tells you things like how well you’re breathing at night the different levels of sleep. You can only see that data on your phone once it’s synced over, but this is not the case with the gts2 mini that we also reviewed a while back. It actually has a dedicated sleep tab that can tell you your past sleep in terms of number of hours directly from the watch itself. This is mainly a software thing more than anything else, but i do hope that they can release an update to also bring that function over to the two e’s list of menus scrolling down can also see some additional functions, like a stress, monitor that tells you kind Of how well you’re doing it’s, basically estimating that, through the svo2 and the heart rate monitoring and gives you a score out of 100 widgets or functions, there is a built in compass as well, and it works well as expected in terms of different sports and activities.

There’S, actually, over 90, that you can track from the watch. There’S also built in barometer and air pressure, monitor on the watch itself and some standard tools like a countdown timer, as well as the ability to find your phone. If you are connected using bluetooth and making your phone ring or chime and vice versa, you can also find the watch if you are connected to the app and triggering find my watch from the app so overall, the list of activities pretty simple and straightforward, but working Well enough moving into performance starting off with the step count or the pedometer. I found that overall, it was decent and in this regard, the sensors are actually the same that they’re using on the gtr and the gts2. That is to say, i find the accelerometers that they’ve used here to be on the conservative side. That means if i’ve walked 100 steps, it often will say i’ve walked, say 95 steps, in other words around five percent margin of error, which i do think is acceptable and because it’s conservative it’s never going to over count your steps overall, still good within the kind Of margin of estimation, heart rate monitoring is also very accurate, really no complaints. The same sensor array is pretty much used on all of your current generation. Wearables it’s, not really a big difference. There it’s continuous it’s fast compared to the body temperature monitor, which is perhaps less accurate than the sbo2, simply because it has to be touching.

Basically, your skin to get a measurement sometimes fluctuate a bit, especially if you’re in a surrounding that’s, hotter or warmer. So again, not medically grade accurate in this sense, but still is an again nice secondary feature baked on in, although one surprising part about the thermometer is at the moment, the temperature that you see here on the watch is not saved on the companion app when you Sync, the data over everything else in terms of spo2 heart rate, you know sports and activities, sleep is all tracked and saved, but on the thermometer function it seems like it’s only shown in real time on the watch. That is one thing i would like them to update through the software, but should be pretty easy to save like their other current generation wearables. It can also track naps during the day as well. So, no matter what time you’re falling asleep, it will count that as sleep and delineate between different stages, including deep sleep, light sleep when you’re awake and also gives you suggestions in terms of uh. You should sleep earlier. Maybe your deep sleep versus the population is too high or too low and how to adjust for that by giving you some quick general tips really the final thing here in terms of sports and activities. I do want to mention the gps accuracy on the watch overall, when you’re outdoors. It is quite easy to get a lock unless you are in a super crowded, perhaps metropolis area with lots of towers, but usually if there is an open environment, you should be able to get locked within just a minute, and afterwards i found the accuracy to be Good enough for a smart watch, maybe it’s not going to 100 match what you can find from a more professional, garmin or more expensive gps watch, but for casual tracking, certainly didn’t have any problems.

So all of these information is continuously tracked during the session and then saved over for you to analyze. Aside from changing your goals, such as how many steps you want to walk as well as your profile in the settings, you can also download additional watch faces so giving you a quick peek here. We saw this briefly in our unboxing but here’s a closer look of some different options that you can find and the watch has enough storage actually to hold around 10 different faces on it at a time and then, when the memory is full, you can always replace Existing watch faces with new ones. Finally, talking about the voice command function, so there’s an offline control which allows you to open up certain applications, just by saying its name or adjusting things like the screen, brightness or even the volume levels. So here’s a quick demo open alarm and you can see here that it’s recognized that and working quite well again, if you’re, maybe wearing gloves or it’s harder to tap on the screen itself. The watch can also be customized depending on. If you want to wear it on your left or right wrist, both of those can be set up and you can even access the watch in a different wearing direction. So, for example, if you want to tap on the left button, what that means is you can even flip the watch over like this, and you can still wear it.