Now this is a brand new feature. Pack smart watch with a large amoled display a whole host of built in health. Sensors promises up to 12 days of battery life and lots lots more, and here is how the watch looks on my wrist. So, look at that beautiful 1.45 inch, amoled display you can see its quite a large display and in case youre wondering i have a wrist circumference of seven inches, but even with such a large display im surprised to how thin and light the watch is on the Wrist so 1.45 inch amoled display screen res 480 by 480 check out those tiny bezels beautiful, looking amoled screen and it offers up to 1000 nits of peak brightness and you do have features like always on display as well. Now you do have a simple minimalistic design. Bezels are made from lightweight aircraft grade, aluminium alloy, and the back cover does feel like plastic. The watch is 46 millimeters in diameter, with an 11 millimeter thickness and it weighs only 57.6 grams. This watch does have multiple health sensors built in capable of monitoring your 24 hour heart rate, sbo2 sleep and breathing quality, and you also have a built in five satellite gps, so lots of health features which we will be checking out later in the video on the Side, we have two metal buttons, the top button can actually be used for scrolling and it does feel very nice and smooth to scroll on the other side.

We have nothing, but just underneath you will see there is a speaker grille and at the bottom of the watch. Youve got your health, sensors and charger pins and i want to quickly show you the charger. So we have a magnetic usb charger which just clips on to the back of the watch plug this into any 5 watt usb source, and it takes around 90 minutes to fully charge the 450 milliamp hour battery the smartwatch pairs up to your phone via bluetooth version. 5 for better and stable connections now everything can be managed from the zep app, which is compatible with both android and ios devices and heres a quick look at the smartphone app. So when you first open up the app it will show you your pi score sleep data, heart rate, youve, got stress, levels, blood, oxygen, monitoring, your weight, your bmi workout history, youve got some tools and workouts that you can immediately open. Youve got step counter, calories, energy status and then youve got your sleeping, breathe quality. You can edit this page and you can add and remove stuff as required. If you tap profile and tap on the device itself, it will show you your battery information and then it will give you a whole bunch of settings for the actual watch which i am going to quickly skim through for you. So youve got the store, so you can download watch faces so yeah lots of watch faces to download and let me tell you right now: there are some really nice watch faces check this one out ive actually downloaded this one and check out those complications.

So really nice watch faces available to download and watch face. Management are the ones that are already installed, so you can add and remove accordingly app store. So there is nothing there, no launched apps. So that means in the future. This watch may certainly support third party apps, but we got ta, wait and see if that actually happens, youve got your notifications and reminder section health monitoring, so you can have all day heart rate monitoring active, which i did and you can have it every minute. Every five minutes, or so on so forth, youve got assisted sleep monitoring and sleep breathing quality, monitoring, youve got auto stress, monitor, stress relief, reminder automatic blood, oxygen monitoring and even alerts for low spo2 levels. So, as you can see for health monitoring, i have everything on and ill. Let you know how i got on battery wise a little bit later. Watch settings so a whole bunch of watch settings. You have here lots of customization options, so you can customize the upper button. The lower button im wearing direction offline voice control, so this watch does have an offline voice control which ill demo in a bit and over here you can see a whole bunch of app settings. So if you want to activate alexa voice control, well, just tap on amazon alexa here go ahead and sign in you can see ive already signed in so i dont need to do that, and amazon alexa is working on.

This watch ill show you that working in a bit and if we keep going, you can see a whole bunch of settings over here, including system update. So far during my time with this watch, there has been one firmware update and yet it did improve the stability and performance of this watch um. I am actually paired up with the galaxy fold 3, but this will work on both android and ios. Now, unfortunately, this watch does not have any built in wi, fi or nfc, and the watch is running zeps own custom os called the zep os. Furthermore, this watch is 5 atm water resistant, so you can track your swimming distance, strokes, etc. The smart watch also supports bluetooth phone calls, but unfortunately i could not get this feature to work. I have been connected to the galaxy fold 3. I tried everything in the user manual, but bluetooth calls just does not work for me now. Ive also tested this watch out thoroughly with the iphone 13 pro and everything works as it should, including bluetooth phone calls. So it looks like we have some compatibility issue with the galaxy fold 3, but iphone bluetooth phone calls works absolutely fine. So that means any other android phone should work. Fine too, and i like to add that bluetooth phone calls does work really well loud and clear, but bear in mind it didnt work with the galaxy fault 3 and it might not work with other samsung phones.

Possibly, notifications and messages work absolutely fine, including whatsapp messages, but all the notifications and messages are read only so you can read all your messages directly on the watch, but you cannot reply from the watch so read only messages battery size, 450, milliamp hours so bigger battery Than most other flagship, smart watches and you have the potential for the watch lasting up to 12 days and amaze fit promises a battery life of up to 12 days now. This might be true if you have battery saver on and some of the health features switched off from the 24 7 monitoring mode. However, if you make full use of the health tracking, so 24 7 heart rate, monitoring on sleep monitoring and monitoring your breathe quality, constantly stress monitoring on screen on hand raise on always on display active voice assistant, always on automatic spo2 monitoring. So, with all of those features on, i was able to achieve around two days of battery life, so that is with heavy usage with medium to normal usage and most health tracking on switch off a few of them. You can still achieve a solid three whole days of battery life and possibly more depending on your usage. Now these straps are made from silicon, and you do have this textured finish on the outer side, and the inner side of the strap is just a plain design. These are 22 millimeter straps and they are easy to remove and replace with your own straps, and you do have a traditional style buckle made from metal now its time to check out the watch features.

So first of all watch faces, and here is the default watch, face its an animated watch face and to change your watch face. All youre doing is keeping the center press for a few seconds, youre not going to feel any haptic feedback, but it will immediately give you access to a whole library of watch faces that you can immediately change to, and what i want to do first is just Change to the default watch face, first of all, just to show you what that looks like so its like an animated watch face. It will just give you a heart rate reading at the bottom and the date and, of course, the time – and i will now give you a few examples of some of my favorite watch faces available on this watch – Music. Music. Those were the watch faces now lets check out the watch features if you swipe down from the top youve got some quick toggles, so youve got your screen. Brightness volume do not disturb torch mode, bluetooth, settings and your main settings. If you swipe to the right or the left, you will get your health tiles and shortcuts. So weve got a step counter with a few extra details. Swipe again, youve got your heart rate sensor: local weather, your pi score your music player. So you can store music directly on the watch and you have just over two gigs of space to store your music on. So you can transfer your favorite music directly from your phone and you can do it through the zep app and then you can play it back ill.

Give you a quick taste of what to expect Music, so thats playing directly on the watch is loudspeaker. So you can fill it up with your own music. You can connect your bluetooth, headphones or earbuds, and then you can manage and play your music directly from your watch privately. If we swipe again, it will give you a very useful one page layout, so we give you the date time and shortcuts to amazon, alexa weather forecast, high score alarms your sleep monitoring, heart rate activity, blood, oxygen and recents, and all of this can be edited by Hitting the settings button lets go back to the watch face and swipe up – and here you have your notifications, so you cant reply to any of these notifications. They are read only so thats something important to point out now. If you tap the top button, you will see all your apps im going to quickly go through these with you. You got your pi score. Heart rate blood oxygen, one tap measuring as soon as you tap play. It would give you a four in one health snapshot. Measuring your heart rate, blood, oxygen, stress levels and breathing rate all in 45 seconds. I am going to test that well, come back to that. Weve got workouts. Workout history, workout status, stress activity, sleep phone, so you can initiate phone calls, weather, music, alarm, calendar settings and more tap more and you get sun and moon compass barometer cycle tracking, breathe exercises temperature.

Stop watch timer, find my phone world clock to do voice, memos, primer and camera remote. All right, quick, look at sleep tracking just want to show you how that looks on the watch. So yesterday i went to sleep just after 2 am, and that is true and i woke up at 7, so thats 4 hours in 11 minutes sleep score 56, deep, sleep, 56 minutes. But if you have a look on the phone, you can actually get even more detailed information quickly have a look at activity so steps today, nine five, seven, my goal is two thousand. Yesterday i didnt achieve my goal. It was one thousand five hundred and fifty five. So it tells you everything and then it gives you a summary there, 966 calories burnt how many stairs ive climbed and how long ive been sitting and so on so forth, so thats activity i want to show you next were going to check out. So next were going to check out the sun, and moon just want to show you what that does. So today, 7 15 was the sun coming up and 6 22 the sun will be going down. That could be handy for some youve got a compass, collaborate, rotate ball, so theres a ball. There were just going to rotate it round and round in order to collaborate and its done compass, and it even shows you your elevations and stuff nice. So compass youve got a barometer temperature, so check this out 34 degrees.

Skin temperature monitoring is included in this watch. That is, cool and youve got voice memos. So you can record voice memos testing testing one two three: this is the amaze fit gtr 3 pro and we can play back your recording testing testing. This is the amaze fit gtr 3. So another thing i want to show you guys is the voice assistant, so we got alexa. What is the weather like today and there you go, you got todays weather and you can scroll it. So alexas works and its ready to use, but it doesnt give you a voice response, so youre not going to hear alexas voice. So alexa uses the internet to work. So it uses your phones, internet, so theres, no wi fi in the watch, but you also get offline voice control, so you dont need the internet and you can control many functions of this watch with your voice. As soon as the screen comes active, you have five seconds to tell the watch what to do and it will be listening out. You can turn the feature off if you dont want it because it does consume battery, but let me show you how good it works. So here we go open heart rate and there you go. This worked lets, try something else out enable battery saver. There you go, we are now in battery save mode, just like that start playing and the music is playing just paused it its quite loud as well.

That speaker, so you can control your music. You can open alarms, you can open events, you can do a whole bunch of offline commands and its here in the guide inside the zep app theres a lot you can do. You can even do workouts and thats quite convenient, so say youre out and about early in the morning. Youve got your watch on just want to start our workout. So all you do is flick. Your wrist start walking and its ready thats it its trying to acquire a gps signal. Its getting your heart rate and the exercise has started here – are the names of the workout, so you can say start outdoor running start treadmill. Any of these you can do it. Pull swim, poor swimming is there as well and so on so forth. So there is over 150 workouts. You go to more and theres plenty more. So there you have it guys that was the amaze fit gtr3 pro now my thoughts on this watch. You have an advanced biosensor, you have all round health tracking. There are over 150 sports modes built in and i like that. You have onboard music storage, you have music, playback and music control all directly on the watch. Now i do love the large amoled display and i also like that they went for the galaxy watch. 4 style minimal design, so its slim, its light youve got thin bezels its a good looking watch and it manages to be very light on the wrist.

Yes, there are a few kinks in the software, but im testing better software right now, and this is a prototype early model just for me to test so based on that this is a brilliant smart watch, its smart. It looks good on the wrist its very easy to use. You have lots of cool health tracking options. Battery life is also pretty good, depending on how you use it, and the watch has some of the best designed watch faces. I have seen in quite a while, but also matching always on displays for each watch face and lots and lots of downloadable free watch faces. So i absolutely love the way they have implemented the aods and watch faces now. The ui is mostly smooth in operation. Scrollable top button is very convenient and enjoyable to use so bottom line. This is a pretty nice smart watch, but would i choose it over the galaxy watch 4? Well, probably not because you are not getting nfc payments. There is no built in wi fi and currently there is no third party app support, so you cant download any third party apps. Yet it might be coming soon, but as it stands, you cant download, strava you cant, download, um, spotify or anything like that. So if you predominantly want an ultra premium, fitness tracking smart watch, which also gives you 5 atm water resistance and a pretty decent battery life, then the amaze fit gtr 3. Pro will not disappoint you and with that being said, i will leave the links in the description box below.