Zdnets matt miller has been testing. This sports watch out for us matt. Give us your first impressions of this device yep. So this is the gtr3. It was just released last couple weeks, as you said, beth its its a really its a great watch right and ill start off by saying this runs as ive talked about in videos before rtos a real time operating system. So its not a google watch, its not an apple watch, its one of the ones that uh is customized by the company um and, as you mentioned with that comes very long battery life 21 days, so um the gtr 3 um available for only 180 dollars. In two colors this is the the thunder black one um, its five atmospheres: water resistance, its very lightweight. You know you can kind of see on here, theres a theres, a vibrant display, um its a super brilliant high resolution 454 by 454, pixels 1.4 inch. Amoled i mean it is very, very nice display on there and its got very nice design elements its glass here. Then it transitions into a nice aluminum on the side, thats a matte finish very, very comfortable silicon band for gps use. You mentioned 21 days. Is your typical smart watch where it every day tracks your sleep tracks, different things and then, if youre going to go out and do a run with gps, you actually get 35 hours of continuous use, which is a level that we see on pretty expensive gps sports Watches so 35 hours is going to cover, you know some pretty long runs and workouts, and things like that or days and days of that it has the bio tracker 3 sensor.

It calls in the back, as you can see there, this tracks, blood oxygen, sleep, your breathing rate, stress and just about any kind of health metric that we see. Nowadays it can track. It has more than 150 sport modes on there and, as part of that, eight different, typical modes, elliptical walking running swimming eight of those can be tracked automatically. You can set it up to recognize when that exercise been going on for 10 minutes. Itll just pick it up in case you forget to turn on the tracking and youre doing an activity um. You know the watch itself is very powerful. Theres uh certain apps that the mazefit provides on here, theres, not a lot of third party apps. There are something like i dont, know, 50 or more watch faces, so plenty of watch faces to choose from um youre not going to load on there. Some of your special apps that you see on on a google watch or apple watch, but everything you need for a smart watch is on there and the the real power behind it comes with the smartphone app itself. So for android and ios theres an app called zep zepp and if you go through this app its almost too confusing because theres so much in there, but it takes all the data thats captured by the watch gives you different reports lets you know how youre doing And it actually has a lot of coaching things and uh tips for improving your sleep.

Itll. Give you a sleep report and say you know, maybe you should go to bed a little bit earlier. Try not to have a drink before bed. I mean all these kind of tips and tricks, and things like that to try to help you get better um its overall, its a pretty amazing experience, and you know these are available on amazon. Now um, you know these uh, these amazefit watches are becoming. I think more popular because theyre reasonably priced watch and theyre theyre extremely powerful. Okay and last year we saw the gtr 2. How is this uh? How is this version different from last years? Sure you know its kind of funny um the mace fit, did something new. This year, so, in my opinion, the the gtr 3 is actually a bit of a downgrade from the gtr 2, which you wouldnt expect um. The major i mean the hardware is almost the same. It has the same 1.’ inch amoled display same battery size. I mean if you were, to hold them side by side. Youd, barely see a difference. The operating system thats on the watch has been updated, so its a little bit zippier a little bit more responsive. It has a slightly different look to it um, but the gtr2 had a speaker. So if a phone call came in, you could take a bluetooth phone call with it. This one does not have a speaker, it does have a microphone, so it supports amazon alexa commands, but it wont give you a audio audible feedback.

The gtr2 also had onboard music storage. This one does not, but this one does have a longer battery life. Thanks to the improved operating system, so its a bit of a step down from the gtr 2, if those things were important to you, its the same price as the gtr 2 was and everything else, the zep app and all that kind of stuff. So whats interesting is what amazefit did is the real upgrade to the gtr2? Is the gtr3 pro which i dont have in hand, but it looks very similar to the gtr3. It has a slightly larger display, 1.45 inches. It actually has a leather band that it comes with so its kind of targeting a higher end, but like the gtr2, it has a speaker for the alexa and for the calls it has the onboard music that we saw on the gtr2 so its essentially the gtr 2 thats a little bit bigger, has the newer operating system um and that kind of thing, and its only 50 more so you kind of got to balance out what you want and 50 isnt a huge increase. The one thing to know is the battery life actually goes from a 21 day battery life down to 12, and i dont know if thats just because that larger display is taking that and consuming that, but it does have the same size battery. So it must be the larger display, thats, sucking it down, and the music storage and things like that.

But overall you know and one thing that ive im trying to do. I have so many watches. I mean these watches come in every two three weeks, so its hard to stick with one, but i would really love to do a long term test on this, because it offers so much that it takes time to really dive into it. So im gon na try to do like a one or two month or three month with within a mazefit watch, because they offer quite a bit and we do see kind of an annual update with these things as well all right matt. Thank you. So much for testing out all of these devices um. As always, we have links to the products down below, as well as a link to matts written review. If you want to see it written out there all in one place, uh.