com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are here back again with the x8 smartwatch series and we have here the newest one of the newest, okay, smart watch, the x8 max smartwatch, and we have the the first version here: the popular x8 smartwatch, okay. So what we are going to do this time is to compare the two smart watches and see, which is better okay, well see. If how what is what are the upgrades of the x8 max over the x8 smartwatch, okay, and as you can see here, obviously you can see you can already see the difference here for the x8 max smartwatch. We are using a charging cradle here, its not magnetic, but its a charging crater and for the x8 we have. What we have here is the charging tip which im not really a fan of okay, so its really sometimes its hard to charge your wearable. You really have to attach it properly. Okay, align all the connectors to charge your railroad wearable compared to this one, the charging cradle with a bit of magnetic okay, just laid it down on the charging cradle and thats it. Okay, very easy to charge. Okay for the design, okay, so lets have a closer look. Okay, so obviously, as you can see here, the x8, this one has a much bigger k body here compared to the x8 max smart watch. Okay, so still the same with the crown button on the side.

Okay and if round oval button on the bottom part, okay, so for the thickness, as you can see here, okay, very obvious difference here. This one is much slimmer and lighter compared to this one: okay, very thick body here, and it is much more heavier. Okay. On the bottom part theres some changes on the sensor, also, okay, so theres some upgrade here to the bottom case, okay of bottom cover here and the sensor okay. So obviously this has some additional sensors compared to the x8 x8 smartwatch. Okay, so lets check on the screen display here again for the full specifications of these two smartwatches just check out the links below okay, so lets turn this on, and this one okay lets pick a much okay brighter screen display for this one for the x8. Okay, Music, so we can check the okay, so the bezel here, as you can see here, we do have have a an analog display screen or an analog watch face, but, as you can see, obviously theres a very huge difference in the size of the screen display. So this one x8 max smartwatch, do have a much larger screen display any much proportion, okay screen bezel here compared to the x8 that we have. Okay, it has the almost square, okay watch or almost square screen display with a very big big bezel here on the bottom part: okay, okay, im going to turn it on again. Okay, so you see the difference here and lets have a much cleaner and purpose display.

Here, hey see the difference between the two okay for the x8 max mark, which we have a split screen: support: okay, similar to other latest series; 16 series: 7: smart watches. Well, for this one, we dont have: okay, as you can see, although both do dont have a function for the crown button support. Okay, no rotating crown button here, hey for the menus here. Okay lets check. Lets miss it okay, so we do have both the support for bluetooth call dial on contacts call logs and messages. We do have a sports sphere but limited for the x8 smartwatch 4d x8 max. We do have several sports functions. They all have a an automatic activity. Tracking okay, we also have sleep monitoring here and see the entire support hey what else we also have bluetooth camera here. Okay, find phone stopwatch health function; okay, find phone, do have some torch here. Okay, alarm also the same for the style. We have at least two menus here for the uh x8 max smart, which i think we do have several menu options. Okay, so here they also support facebook. Let me check for the x8 okay. We also have the torch here: okay, so facebook, twitter, okay, whats up what else we have weather. Let me check i do have here. We have a weather. Oh okay seems like you, dont have here. We have a dice game, also heavy body temperature monitoring. We have a calculator, so there are several options here for the x8 max smartwatch compared to the x8 okay, but theres, a very huge okay difference when it comes to the screen display.

Okay, so, as you can see here, the screen display of the x8 max is much better plus it has several sensors, including a health monitoring, function. Okay, so pretty solid here, okay, so language support. Also, let me check for the menu have a menu option. Okay, or is that located style? As you can see here, we have grid style, nine grid. Okay, we have this one gip, so fila we have nine grid style two well for the x8 smartwatch. Let me check. Oh, we have at least two only okay, so theres a lot of functions added to your x8 max smartwatch compared to our x8 smartwatch. Okay, the addition of the split screen, also okay, is very good, as well as the temperature monitoring function you do have here. Let me show it to you hey: where is that body temperature monitoring? As you can see here, we do have okay, so thats it.