If you’re trying to decide between amaze, with gts 2 watch versus amazing gts2 mini watch. What are the similarities? What are the differences? All of these? I will list them down in this video, so let’s get this start. I made a note of all the features based on the website and on amazon, so yeah let’s get it started based on those specs. So starting with the price, the price is pretty much different. One comes at around 12 000. Another comes around 7 000 plus minus, based on what all the offers you can get. So that is the difference. To start personally, i use huawei magic watch 2, which is a great fit for my you know a bit a smaller wrist and it’s working pretty much perfectly so far, so let’s talk about the common features starting the sensor, so both of the watches contains gps, which Will help you to track down while you’re running or walking both of them have heart rate? Sensors, no ecg? Basically, because ecg is available only on high end watches, like apple watches or even the samsung galaxy s3 watch, the galaxy 3 watch, but heart rate sensor, which is pretty much available in all the watches, is there. Apart from that, there is sp2 sensor to track the blood oxygen level, which is there in both of the watches. Both of them can track your sleep at night and both of them can track your stress so which is like common features.

Apart from that, there is accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor to track your orientation and track your different activities. Even your steps – and things like that so which is there in all of that and then there is ambient light sensor to basically dim or lit based on the conditions in the outdoor environment. One difference which i found in sensors was: there is no air pressure sensor in the gts 2 mini, which is there in the expensive gts2, so yeah, nothing more significant like that. The second point is both come with bluetooth 5.0, which is kind of de facto standard. These days for the reliable connection and, in fact, longer range, so it is good in both the watches, but there is wireless lan in gts2, which is not then gts2mini again. I am not sure how they are going to use it. Probably they can use it for pushing notification things like that without using the connectivity with the bluetooth mobile, so that is there in gts2, but wireless lan is not dangerous too many based on their spec. The build quality of both the watches are like with the aluminum and steel frame along the silicon strap, or you can also get leather strap based on your requirements. So pretty much say both are five atm water resistant, which means you can even go swimming with the watches no issues there. Now both the watches comes with amoled screen, which is great for outdoor readability, and i think the brightness was 450 nits, which i had somewhere.

Considering all the deeper blacks and high saturation, it is amazing that they come with emulator screen resolution for the smaller one. Gts2 mini is 1.55 inch of a screen with 354 cross 304 of resolution versus the 1.65 on the larger gts2, with 454 cross 454 of resolution. Again, based on spec sheet so resolution, is there pixel density? Is there you don’t need to worry about that? One difference which i noticed in the specs is that there is mention of 3d glass template and odlc coating in gts2 the expensive one. These things are not mentioned in gts2 mini, which means there might be again i’m saying there might be a chance that gts2 mini is less resistant, it doesn’t have odlc coating and all so yeah, just based on their specs and also one more thing. Gts2 mini is 2.5 d glass, just basically all talking about how you know bezel less and how curved and look wise, i mean again ignore all these things. These are not very significant when it comes to daily usage. Now, both the watches comes with different amount of batteries, gts2 mini v220 and gts2, with around 471 mah of battery tts2 mini says that you can use it for 7, 14 or 21 days, depending on how extensive you use, while gts2 can be used for 14 or 38 days, based on how much you are using it and the charging times are two hours for gts2 mini and 2.

5 for gts2. Coming to seventh point, both the watches have silicon strap with quick release, so you can swap them anytime. Gts2 mini uses 20 mm band. Gts2 uses 22mm, so that’s the difference it’s a broader band, a bit now coming to the 81. It can be a deal breaker for many people again. This is based on all the information and a spec sheet. I could see all across the amazon and ami suites own website. Gts2 comes with 3gb of internal storage, which means you can put your music in the watch, and you can pretty much hear it with your bluetooth speakers, while gts2 mini does not offer that feature again. This is based on os because i cannot find anywhere in gta, 2 mini even on amazon or amazefit website, where it mentions music capability within the watch. So you can pretty much control the music on your mobile using the watch, but there’s no mention of internal storage. In gts2 mini so this can be pretty useful for people who want to leave their mobile phones at home and run with just the watch and hearing the music with the bluetooth earphones so again take it with a grain of salt. If anybody knows this, please let me know in the comment section if gts2 mini has internal storage or not, and i will pin that comment so that others can be can like find. That comment useful now come to a nine point, and this is again the biggest difference between both the watches is that you get speaker and microphone capabilities in the bigger gts2 version which are absent in gts2 mini meaning you can receive the call via bluetooth.

Take them talk them hear them what they are saying without the use of earphones, while on gts2 you cannot, there is voices sent in gts2 and you can use even offline voice system, meaning that you don’t need to have internet connectivity or mobile connectivity, and you can Turn up like show me the heart rate or show me the calendar things like that. You can use that also for voice instead, so that is there in gts2. These are all the differences and similarities. One very important thing guys see. I found at three four instances where the spec sheet mentioned on their website. The their own amaze switch website is not accurate and the same goes for the details they have given. On amazon, for example, i will show you a snapshot where, on amazon they have mentioned the resolution incorrect in a similar fashion. The screen size in their website for the gts2 is again incorrect, so i just hope that they get these things resolved so that people can basically understand what is the correct specification for each watches. Now, if you want to order, you can order them from amazon, gts2 gts2 mini are available on amazon gtr2. I think it’s, two with the circular dial is available on flipkart links will be in the description. Please use them, they are affiliate amazon links, so that was all guys please if you have any questions list them down in the comment section please don’t forget to like share and subscribe this video.

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