Smart watch youll find the link to the product in the description and you can use the link to check the latest price and other user reviews watch till the end to know our final verdict on whether its worth the purchase amazefit t rex pro long term smartwatch Overview if youre not new to smart watches, youve, probably come across amaze fit t rex, since zep health introduced a better smart watch, many people have been investing in amazefit t rex pro. This is a rugged smart watch that comes with upgraded sensors and lots of improvements. It can withstand extreme conditions without getting damaged. Since this watch is water resistant, you can even use it during swimming. It comes with a 22 millimeter band, thats, not only secure, but also comfortable. This smartwatch also features a circular amoled screen that remains bright in different conditions. Amazefit t rex pro supports more than 100 workout modes. You can check the different exercises that are grouped into the watches menu, like other smart watches. This model also has lots of extras, such as barometric, altimeter, location, tracking, heart rate, monitoring, sleep tracking and stress monitoring feel free to choose the smartwatch from the different colors available. What we liked it comes in a robust design offers numerous sports modes spo2 tracking. It is water resistant has an impressive battery life. What we didnt like plastic, build specifications as per the specs. You can tell that this smartwatch comes with a high performing display.

It also has impressive battery life features, design in the creation of a maze fit t. Rex, pro zepp came up with an ecosystem that most fitness fans look for in wearables. You may find it hard to distinguish the amaze fit t rex pro from its predecessor, since they both have a similar appearance. The mazefit t rex pro has ridges and angles its made from polycarbonate, though the smartwatch looks bulky its, not very heavy. It comes in a robust looking design. It also features four metal buttons that are textured to boost operation. Even when youre wearing sporting gloves, the smartwatch features a 22 millimeter band that is fused into it, display most customers that choose this smartwatch, like the display it comes with. It features a 1.3 inch amoled screen thats quite colorful. This delivers impressive sharpness and contrast. Even when you use the watch in direct sunlight, youll still find the display bright enough its easy to view in different lighting conditions. You can even use the auto brightness adjustment feature found under the quick settings. It also features a durable glass cover that does not break easily when it falls modes. One of the reasons why many fitness fans choose the amaze fit t rex pro over other smart watches is its support for different workout modes. This supports over 100 workout modes. The exercises are classified on the watchs workout menu using different colors. This menu covers most of the basics, such as hiking running, walking, swimming and strength, training, sensors.

This smartwatch can give you access to different kinds of sensors. It offers robust location tracking and a barometric altimeter, which provides elevation and air pressure data. This sensor is useful for activities such as climbing stairs. You can also evaluate the performance of your body through spo2 tracking thats available through this smartwatch amazefit. T rex pro also offers well being features such as stress, monitoring, apps, sleep, tracking and heart rate. Monitoring. You can access such features through the zepp app verdict. So is a mazefit t rex pro an ideal smartwatch. Yes, this is an ideal smartwatch that can give you value for your cash choosing. This smartwatch can give you access to numerous features, such as sensors, a 1.3 inch display screen over 100 workout modes and long battery life, who is it best suited for a mazefit t? Rex pro is ideal for people on a budget. Looking for a great smart watch that can offer numerous workout modes. Are there alternatives, garmin, fenix, 5 coros verdicts, 2 polar grit x? If you like this video, give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to this channel. Also, do let us know what you think of the amazefit t rex pro long term smartwatch. If you plan on getting one leave us a comment or if you already have it.