I really appreciate it. Today we have the tissot t, touch: connect, solar and im not going to read off the model number, because its really long anyway, guys. This is one of the most advanced watches out there and ive been wanting to review it for quite a while. Now its been out for about a year, i just got a chance to go ahead and take a look at one of these things. Its super advanced, its a really nice watch lets check it out. Music, all right guys well get into this, but first check out my amazon shopping channel. If you like this or any of the other watches ive reviewed on my channel, i do get a very small commission if you buy from my amazon store, so i definitely appreciate it. So here you go typical tissue, uh watch box. You know outer sleeve inner watch box. There we go theres. The outer sleeve nice watch box got a little red accent there, its nice man, there we go, got some stuff already falling out here. Let me show you what you get with the watch. I can get all these manuals here, all right. So, first off, is you get a little quick start guide right there? Then you get. It looks like the um, the warranty card right there customer service right there. Basically, you know explaining your warranty and all that good stuff, uh and heres your actual manual there you go written in different languages, so i mean kind of typical stuff that you would get with a watch.

Heres a watch itself comes on this very luxurious. Cardboard watch. Pillow, you would think theyd. Maybe you know, do something nicer for the watch pill, but anyway you get a little silica desiccate package down there at the bottom uh. Those are to absorb moisture. So if you, you know want something that doesnt, you know you dont want. It to get wet or anything like that, those little packets absorb any moisture from the air, so youll see those a lot in electronic stuff. Here is the actual charger im not going to open it up all the way, but obviously this charge is via solar. Any sort of light will charge it and you can actually charge it on the charging stand. Uh, the cable does have usb uh. I guess b and usbc, which is really nice, put that back lets put all this stuff out of the way here and guys. This is a very, very advanced watch im not going to do a full review because, honestly, it would take forever and this type of watch im just ive, never really been into smart watches. I dont know why they just dont really do anything. For me, i mean ive got a cell phone and my cell phone has all the features that this watch does you know and im just like eh do. I need basically two of the same technology on my body at all at all times, thats. Just me personally, uh theyre, very cool dont, get me wrong and some people love them and some people have been.

You know, really utilize all the functions and features that smart watches have. But smart watches for me personally have just been. You know its like its youre, too teched out. You have too much technology on you uh, but this thing is so cool. I could not pass up reviewing it uh. It really is one of the most advanced watches out there. This is like the uh third generation. These first came out – i guess back about 1999, so about 21 22 years ago uh they came out with the first uh t touch. Then they came out with the t touch solar a few years ago, and now this is the brand new t, touch, connect solar or their smart watch. Thats, solar powered so and i think the swatch group, which owns tissot they spent about 35 million dollars or actually 35 million swiss francs to develop this brand new platform that im assuming theyre, going to kind of distribute throughout all of their other brands. That the swatch group owns uh but its its fantastic. I mean i, i love it. I love especially how fast these hands are. Wait till you see this is kind of trivial and stupid, but wait till you see how fast these hands move. It reminds me of a citizen satellite wave that i reviewed years and years ago and it had super fast hands, but this just blows that out of the water again its a silly little thing, but its watch how fast these hands move really really cool all right.

So lets get all this stuff out of the way. I know i went a little overboard on how fast the hands move, but i dont care whatever man, i think its really cool all right lets get all this stuff out of the way, of course, ill. Give you all the uh basic specs you need. I didnt just knock my camera here ill, give you all the basic specs you need and then uh you can check everything else out down there in the description field. You know for, like all the other specs, like all the different things it can do like it has an altimeter uh. You know uh barometer, uh thermometer, all the three million other things ill put those down there in the description field, for you all right. So here it is its a big watch. By far i mean its its massive, i mean its 47.5 millimeters, its a big watch, but luckily because its all made out of titanium the case, the bracelet everything is titanium. It is very light at 140 grams, but uh. If youre not used to wearing a watch with a with a face, this big, its its going to kind of catch, you off guard for a couple seconds uh when you first put it on actually maybe the first couple minutes, but because its so light, it wears Extremely well so, anyway, its a 47.5 millimeter titanium case, its 15.3 millimeters thick, its 47.5 millimeters lug lug as well.

Its on a 23 millimeter titanium bracelet is water resistant to 100 meters, which is 330 feet. Its got the eta e32.001 movement side again with about a six month: power reserve uh. Of course you get a sapphire crystal with ar coating and three million other things like. I said that you want to check out uh in the description field. If you want to learn more about this watch im going to basically go over the basics with you again, not a super uh detailed in depth review, because the two things two reasons one it doesnt interest me that much and two literally it would take. I mean this video would be an hour long if i went to every little thing that it can do so lets go ahead and talk about the the build quality, fantastic, build quality. Obviously titanium. We got the ceramic bezel there titanium case, titanium, bracelet um sapphire crystal. I mean its incredibly well built good. Looking watch got a lot of polished areas, a lot of brushed areas um. I love the um, the big buttons on the side over here. Really nice t touch logo on the left, its a little like uh. It kind of reminds me of what invicta does i hate to say that, but they could probably get rid of that logo if they wanted to, but you know its its uh, its its its a styling preference. I guess they wanted to put that on there, its not a big deal, but you dont need it on there anyway.

So there you go uh the case back is plastic, some sort of probably really nice plastic. There. You go all right and its screw in its. Not a screw down case back, let me go ahead and pop the bracelet. This does have a dive extension right. There gives you what about another inch and a half two inches, something like that. Almost so theres your dive extension. You only get two places of micro adjustment right there. So if this watch doesnt fit you you might wan na, you know maybe investigate into getting some more links or taking out the links, its kind of a pain in the butt to size. This watch to tell you the truth, not a big deal. It uses the old pen and collar system uh, but again with only two points of um adjustment. You know they could have done a little bit more with that so anyway – and this is not this dive extension is not meant to use to be a micro adjustment. This is actually meant to fit around a dive suit or a wetsuit. So anyway, there you go all right, so there you go. I love the scissor clasp nice machined, scissor clasp again in all titanium got the tiso logo right there on the buckle, looks like the links are brushed on the side. A nice crown there nice signed crown non screw down its just a push. Pull there. You go, got some crown guards right there all right, so the watch right now its in lock mode as you can see right there.

Where my finger is you see the lock? So, no matter what i press nothings going to happen, i can press the crown. I can press this button id have to press this upper right hand button for two seconds to get it out of locked mode. Now you just saw how fast the hands moved right. Then, but anyway, so now its in its in um, its basically in your mode that youre going to use to you know access all the settings of the watch or whatever, okay. So now what i can do is is, i can press the dial and i can go to all the different settings so say i wanted to press. That was the tissot. The t touch menu lets press the center, so what you can also do is by turning the crown. You can also access all these different menus. So, instead of having to touch the dial, you can also use the crown to access all your different sub menus, which i think is pretty cool, so lets go ahead and start with the basic all right. This is the tissue t touch. So basically, this is your quick settings, your sound, your vibration, your battery level, your solar energy level, thats, basically saying how much light is hitting the dial heres your settings menu. You can. I dont have it paired with the phone yet, but you can go up here with the phone system. This is where you dive deeper into the settings.

Your time, password password by the way, is an absolute nightmare. Dont even mess with that. You got to touch the screen like 15 million different times, dont, even try to set a password, its just a pain in the butt they need to do. An update on that sounds like your different sounds. Like your notification sounds, you can turn them on or off. Theres, your vibration turn it on and off the vibration. I think its pretty good um. If you want to save some battery life, you can maybe turn off the vibration, because you can also have it set to whenever you touch something youll get that haptic feedback with the vibration, but it does use battery life. So if you like, the vibration turn it on, if you dont turn it off all right notifications again, i dont have this uh paired with the smartphone. Do the same thing with the notifications? Let me see here. Go back sounds units. This is where you set up. All the different units, like you, know, feet or um uh meters kilometers miles per hour. All that other stuff see feet. Centimeters weight, pounds kilograms, so you basically want to set you know, celsius or fahrenheit for the temperature. So this is basically the the main settings for the watch. This is going into the like the uh, the deep settings. Energy savings – auto sleep. So if you dont mess with the watch for two hours, it goes into an auto sleep mode.

Uh. In fact, let me go ahead and enter sleep mode right now. Watch this so now its in sleep mode, its gon na do a little hand check now. The one thing about this watch that really bugs me, i mean its its an 1100 watch. That minute hand is slightly off and theres no way to fix that if you can see its slightly to the right of center at the 12 oclock index and man that just bugs the crap out of me and if you notice also it looks like the dial. It looks like the inner chapter ring where it says a medio activity that might be off a little bit as well, but things dont line up perfectly, and that does bug me. It really bugs me – and this is an 1100 watch uh now. This watch also has a feature: will actually set the hands so in case the hands become really out of alignment itll actually auto, adjust those hands in fact wake it back up again. Lets start it by pressing and holding it two seconds now. Youre back lets go to settings, t touch, okay, turn the sound on or off, lets go into settings, and let me show you this calibration thing. You can also calibrate your compass, your barometer altimeter and here are the motors. This is for the hands, so press this and watch this even after its been calibrated. That minute hand is off just a little bit, but its just enough to drive me absolutely bonkers man.

It drives me nuts so because that minute hand being off when you go to like when it turns like three oclock four oclock, that minute hand is not going to be perfectly hitting that 12 oclock index again, you know eleven hundred dollar watch. They ought to. You know check these before they leave the factory, but uh anyway. So lets go back. Its locked itself again lets go back there. Your tissue touch settings heres your chrono, so press your crown. This is how you enter your um. Your stopwatch mode start stop reset exit. Chrono timers all sorts of different timers. If you like timers alarm, lets, go back to alarm real, quick theres, your alarm add alarm go back now again, i can use the crown to rotate or i could just press the screen. Theres your navigation compass, all right. It has to calibrate the commas im gon na go ahead and skip out of that calibration mode, just because it takes a while, but anyway theres your compass, you see the hands move, pretty cool all right lets get out of compass by using this is the back Button all right scroll up here, get out of compass, all right, theres your medio. Basically your your barometer altimeter, all that other good stuff barometer temperature. Now remember with the temperature. You want to wear that. You know you want to wear this watch all the time, but youre not going to get an accurate temperature.

If you try to get the temperature while youre wearing the watch, you need to take the watch off for about 20 minutes for it to be accurate, thats. Just the way, it is all right next one, this is your activity activity, tracker altimeter there you go scroll one more. This is the pair of the watch, which i dont have it paired. As you can see and go back there, you go now, youre back in the tissue t touch settings and again you just go back in so its actually a pretty easy watch to use uh its a complicated uh watch for sure, but it is pretty easy to Use with these buttons in the crown uh, so again you can turn you can access different menu settings by just turning the crown or by pressing the tactile screen. So battery level ive been messing with this thing for hours and hours and the battery level hasnt dropped a bit solar energy level. If i aim it towards the light there, you can see it pops up a little bit. If i aim it away, you see it dips down there. You go and settings im trying to think what other settings i might have missed system user profile use a profile. You know put what gender you are: yada, yada yada, your birthdate, your height, your weight, um, move alerts, step, stuff goal alerts, and all this stuff is basically, when you pair it with an app see what else calibration calibrate the compass calibrate the barometer altimeter and again, The motors, like i showed you earlier, i think, thats it for the main settings yeah so guys.

I like this watch a lot again that minute hand being slightly out of alignment again. Does drive me nuts, with this being. You know an 1100 watch also you cant adjust the brightness of the lcd screen at all. You cant adjust the sound level of any of the beeps or anything audible on the watch. I wish they had done that where you could actually adjust the brightness level of the lcd segment and adjust how you know allowed. You want your alarms to be uh that kind of sucks, but you know not a big deal but again, just an incredibly cool watch. Uh, i think its a fantastic looking watch honestly. For me, i would probably get the generation before this just because i dont need smart watch features ill, probably just get the regular t touch solar uh and i actually want one of the blue ones. One of those blue ones is absolutely gorgeous, so id probably get one of those instead of this again, just because i dont need all the smart watch stuff i just i just dont – need it so again, really really cool watch before i go. Let me make sure i try it on here for you there you go its a big watch. Man, i mean good lord, you dont realize how big it is to put it on, but luckily its very light, its very light. All right. Let me check out the loom here: great loom.

You got that ceramic bezel is loomed a really really nice loom. Let me go ahead, zap it. Let me cut out the monitor here. All right. There you go its a nice loom, got the hands the indexes and the um the bezel. Let me zap it again here real quick, this my batterys dying on my flashlight here there you go really really nice. Looking might as we cut everything back on, lets, go and finish up. This review. Tell me what yall think man tell me you know: do you like this smart watch again? This is something that swatch group has spent a ton of money on and im sure youre going to see this os and tons of other different watches from the watch groups underneath the swatch group. So tell me what you think: man uh you know again, its uh its an expensive watch, its about 1100 ill, make sure to put a link down in the description field. If you want to get one of these things and as always, make sure you like and subscribe make sure you click that notification bell. I definitely appreciate when you do that. You know, as usual, weve got tons of cool stuff coming up so stay tuned, and i will see you on the next review.