This is anuj from gadget kick today. We have with us one more smart watch from boat and its the boat whats in it, and in this video we will do the unboxing and well show you the features. So here is the box in the front of the box. We have the picture of the smartwatch, and here we have the model name, watch zenit and at this side we have some key features, such as 1.3 inch, ips display, customizable watch faces sleep, heart rate and spo2 monitoring at the back. We have some more key features. Such as call and text notification, ip67 dust and sweatproof menstruation cycle tracker for females, its compatible with both android and ios, multiple sports modes, camera and music control, and this smartwatch comes with the bonus features such as theater mode and inbuilt game. And here we have the box content info. The mrp of this smartwatch is rupees 6990. However, the launch price of this smartwatch is only one triple nine. Now lets open the box and show you the content. So here on the top, we have the watch itself and guys this smartwatch is available in three colors steel, green gray and black, and the one we have here is the gray color, and it has this chrome finish on the dial. We will look at the smartwatch in a moment. Lets see what else we have in the box. So we get the warranty card product catalog, and here we have the user guide, and here we have the qr code to download the companion app and guys.

One more thing: i should tell you that you also get this screen guard, which is really good, and i guess is the first budget smartwatch, which comes with the screen guard and then. Finally, in the box we get the charging cable, and here is how it connects at the back of the watch so thats. All we have in the box now lets look at the smartwatch closely. Boatwatch zenit is a budget smartwatch youre, getting this smartwatch for just rupees 2000 and in this price. My first impression is that the build quality and design is pretty decent. The straps are made up of good quality material and also feels comfortable on the hand in terms of the design. I find this chrome finish on the dial good though the watch is made up of plastic, and that is the main reason. This smart watch is also lightweight in terms of the overview we have the 1.3 inch ips display in this smart watch and on this side we have these two buttons and both these buttons work. Similarly, and with these buttons, you can turn on and off the display and go back to the previous menu. Now looking at the back of the smartwatch, we have the heart rate spo2 sensor, along with the charging pins, so in terms of the design and build quality. I find this smartwatch from both very good, and i think right now, its the best smart watch in terms of the design under rupees 2000 now lets turn it on and pair it with our phone.

So here it is on and ready to pair the app both hub is available on both android and ios, and here we have the app installed and for pairing just go to the add device section and select the watch and thats it. Our smartwatch is now ready to use now lets. Look at the watch features first, so here we are on the watch face and upon long pressing you can switch between different watch faces. You can also add more watch faces from the companion app, which i will show you in a moment in terms of the controls swiping down from the top shows you, the quick settings, and here we have the brightness weather and the settings swiping up from the bottom Shows you, the notification history swiping left from the right side will give you the access to the quick cards such as step count, sleep data, heart rate, spo2, music and so on to access the main menu. You would need to swipe left from the right side, and here we have the menu. So first we have the step count and guys. One thing which i have noticed here that the touch is responsive. However, there is a slag in the menu and also there are these accidental touches every now and then, which is little concerning now coming back to the menu after the step count, we have the sleep data and then we have the heart rate. This smartwatch supports continuous heart rate monitoring, but guys this data is not correct, as you can see, im not even wearing the watch, and here you can see the heart rate and similar thing.

I have noticed with the spo2, which is disappointing now coming back to the menu. Then we have the training mode which includes sports modes such as walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball and football. Then we have the weather menu, which shows you the current weather, along with the weather forecast. After that, we have the shutter, which is the remote camera shutter, and then we have the music menu, and here you can control the music on your phone, but you dont get the soundtrack name and the volume controls in this smartwatch then in the menu we have. The settings and again like the boatwatch vertex, we have the stopwatch alarm and timer in the settings menu which, according to me, should be in the main menu after that in the settings we have the brightness vibration alert and the usual power off reset and about menu. So, in terms of the other features, this smartwatch also supports race to wake feature which surprisingly works, pretty good and you get the race to wake, as well as flick wrist to turn on the screen feature, and also you get this inbuilt game in this watch. Young bird, which is similar to the flappy bird and you need to tap on the screen to guide the bird and i find it a pretty good time pass. So thats all the features we have on the watch and feature wise its good. But the hardware is not that good, especially for fitness data such as heart rate, spo2 and so on.

Now lets look at the companion app, both hub. So here we are on the home page. So first we have the fitness data on the top, which includes step count, calories, burned, distance and the active minutes. You can also tap on any of these to see the historical data and at the bottom we have the heart rate sleep and the spo2 data on the home page. We have the connected device status and when you tap on it you can see the settings, and here you can see the remaining battery on the smart watch and then below it. We have the watch phase store and guys here we have 100 plus cloud based watch faces and you can also create a custom watch face for your smart watch. Then in the settings we have the notification menu, and here you can select the apps for which you want the notification on your watch and talking about it here is how you get the call alert and guys in this smart watch. You can reject the call from the watch itself, and here is how you get the message alert. You dont get the preset replies option or the emoji support in this smart watch, so thats all the features we have in the app and guys i find the component app layout good and the user interface is easy to understand. So overall, the botwat zenit is a budget. Smart watch design and build quality wise its pretty decent, keeping in mind the pricing.

But if youre looking to buy a smartwatch for fitness data, then i wont be recommending this smartwatch to you as the heart rate and the spo2 rating is not correct. Nonetheless, if youre looking for a smart watch only for app notifications and other smart features and also if the fitness data, such as heart rate and spo2, is not your requirement, then you can for sure check out this smart watch. But if you ask me, i personally wouldnt recommend this smartwatch due to the wrong fitness data, so thats it guys. This was the unboxing and overview of the boatwatch zenith. Let us know if you like this watch and also, if you have any queries or questions about this smartwatch then do let us know in the comment section below so thats all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadgetgig for more videos like this.