Look in 2.5, Discover Glass, you will get C plus form. The most amazing thing is that it will be launched only at 1 special branch office. And in this video I am going to tell you the details of it, whether it is its design watch you. How is its health sciences accuracy? You will get to know all the details and no dont will remain in your mind. So if you have not yet, If you have not subscribed to Tax Monday, then definitely do all the press on the bell icon, because we keep watching the boxing review. Videos of the product at such latest time and all the products are going to be launched in the market. Then their DR office will be the first to post them on YouTube.. He gives, As you know before this, I have brought Amrin Baji her video on my channel Trusted to you, which is similar budget, have like button and now defy s brand new, smart and device complexes. Videos coming on our channel subscribe, remote channel and bell Press the icon equal. If you dont want to miss all your videos, friends before boxing, I will give you some features in its box. So as you can keep it on the side, you can enjoy it. 1.8. Its Luft Display 2478 Monitoring Oxygen Situation, C, Plus Sports Mode notification, lite fitness tracker, app, 220 sub, tiffin williams and back of the box. As you can see, you got me voice ass watch, piece, ip68, water reseng and in which is very good thing and, as you know, murray is indian brand and soon i, If you show you its MRP, then as you can see at the bottom of the box, That I will get you the MRP.

It is ok, but, as I told you, this smart watch is very amazing and reached the square, and that is what it is friends and you give it. A boost. Can like in its crop, which is happening and ali 8th june 20m on flipkart, and i have given it in vagina description. So do nt, mash up friends, sale like last time go ahead, will definitely increase watch price so as soon as possible. If you like this post, you should like to watch this video After that go to the link given below and press. It then quickly watch this boxing. Smart watch then laughing before the boxing container. Friends. If you like this video, then definitely do it to Delhi to bring you the magic hour I have seen without. If you make a video, then friends then definitely press the like button friends. First of all, if we talk about the box content, then, as you can see, the topic contact details go not you can easily reset the QR code memory by scanning this used oil and only You will go to the knowledge welcome card by scanning. So much love. You can see more details about the watch after that, smart in the box and which I will discuss in brothers details and end. Where goes its charging cable, which is magnet charging cable and its build quality, Very good. Looking as you can see, if you have any problem, thought that todays Indore medical is also far away friends, as you can see here, I am smart and that everyone was rom and very amazing, build Its quality and, as you can see in the side you erase, But get this which i think is of Allah build quality in the dark side, you will get palika apne bill, which is very smooth and matte finish.

That will give you all the sensor simran Branding and above you will get magnetic charging port. And if you talk about the other side, then here you will meet again, which is not meeting what is their function? I will show you in the video friend I will show you this in 2.5 cup display in detail.. I will show it but friends before talking about its amazing wine quality, very awesome tips with 22mm thickness. You can easily replace it as you can see. Alum quality is very much problem and it will breakup you from anywhere zodiac problems. If you dont row, friends are now jailed for Avatar Tester Amazing display. So, as you can see, you get 1.28 inch Amazing in this. You get long 2.5 too much meaning of work display this great with you, and I will also suggest you that Go take. This mask is very premium, so if you order someone then talk quickly after booting it up and setting it up. So, as you can see, I have muted my smartphone now quickly set up the match. If you do, let me reveal it to you in detail then before set up. If we talk about its display quality, then it is very high, as you can see that in 241 240 pixels resolution, the picture density in it is looking very high. To tell right friends. Brightness is very much impressed money. You can see why I have very low screen brightness.

You will get 50 meters of brightness in which you will not face any problem anywhere indoor and outdoor. Then friends set up that. If you talk, then you Simply Download Defeat Of Joe Andra uyd support. Both is my very favorite app after that you just have to turn on your bluetooth on location and click on device here, as you can see here next voice, rom and after that i will connect directly and Here a notification will come that my smartwatch is broken As you can see, the set up process is very simple and you have a problem because you need to log in you just need to get OTP from the phone number, etc. By downloading and setting up the watch. You will become a unique profile If I am able to access it then, as you can see here, I will be able to mix easy bluetooth, calling WhatsApp and its music play from here too. So if you talk about sowing smart watch, then first of all, as you are here from above., But you will get hurt in messages and notification. Security. Such as full settings, brightness vibration, mode torch and many things like weather and time, etc. then here and, as you will see, Baba sitting here is 127 and talking about the rest in this, you will get a right hand subject, which is. It is very different and if you are a heavy user then now you will get comfortable for five to six days now and if you use bluetooth calling more, then you will get ticket for two to three days.

Like you do business. Here, you will see the features of your Saif Ali, positive, etc. After that you will see help monitors such as Heart Rate, Monitor SDO Tomato, in which, if you compare with the option meter, you will see the phone will come back, which I Will show you in detail after that music, You will get a player which you can control. The music will go to the weather report, in which you will see the future for graphic ahead of the weather. You will get the rear camera sweater and finally, you will get a boy center for disease control mode like here. You will see me and on top you will see phone face, lift inver Steps. Training BP, Monitor, has also been found, which is a very good thing. Sp City, Montessori, Voices and Weather Sweater player David James, will be able to see it before you can see it. You can play it in free time. I have given you time to do timepass etc. Going to the settings. You can see all the other features like stopwatch alarm: timer menu, ie friends, you can change my grade even after that you will see something like this. You can easily abs that I have Hussain in my personal list., So lets change the same. If we talk, then here you will get the option of brightness screen in which you can adjust Rinku, whether you want the stirring, then you want vibration. Simply you will get the option to turn on or off the vibration in the middle of the theater mode.

. If you will get options like power off butt, then many options are inside the customizable box, which is a very good thing. If you talk about watch special, then you can change it as dark saved. As you can see, you will get many options, but so on me I will suggest you that such hospitals, in which your money is absolutely scared. As you can see, if you will give black lot in post, then it looks like a display with more message and looks very good. If you talk about the photo of smart watch., What is the individual money of these two buttons, then, with the button above, you can simply turn off the display and sister in law has this button, but only the button is your shortcut to go to exercise mode As you can see here, you will find a lot Get exercise mode, Almost six speed exercise. The presence is very good and you will get any problem in it because of getting ICT water resage, you can take it in little water and there will be no problem in it. Then, if you talk Its main is the light key which is behind its phone. So you can search it by going to the phone from here or you can do 200 write 100MB here you have been given the frog of the phone directly and in the menu of the phone. You get three options so that You will get special option.

Mukesh. You dial the number directly at the deposit office, And here you will try to make contacts which you can easily send as your favorite contest so quickly. I showed you its quality demo and see how the performance of its speakers is a catastrophe. Till. I give you this. I have shown you the quality of its speakers. I have filed the volume from here which can transfer the call you can mute yourself by pressing the button in the phone. You can add the call from here. If so, you get a lot of customization options, you have the watch center, which is a very good thing. Only the performance of the eligible music player. I will show you the live demo of it too, Like reducing the volume playing pausing can go to. The next 9 can be done on entry. Then you get a lot of options anyway. If you like the quality of its speaker, then I will like it very much if consider its budget, Which is available in the eighth low price, so very high Da is my speaker quality, whether it is talk of quality, music quality friends. I have shown you in detail in this voucher, very smooth, his watch and you will not have any left and very amazing touch controls of the watch. And if we talk about health sciences, Let me compare this recipe and show it with a professional oximeter friends. If we talk about hot monitor, then almost the same reading is the oximeter.

Here is the smart watch ur as soon as the oximeter is less and the reading is similar in smart class., Which is a lot of cigarettes? If we talk about the back monitor, then, as you can see, there is a 98 reading. Here is a 98 reading which is plus minus one, which is very different, and if you consider the clock of the smart watch, then if Talk about daughter, as you can see, my babys flat is doing, but still friends. I will suggest you that you should use professional device to call spo2, daughter, etc. Only smartwatches and friends. If you talk about channel This recipe is, as you can see, Lets go to the bank account and calculate it from the note, which is a lot of difference and according to me, this magic juice cream is very good thing in the budget of 18. Then it is much more like agriculture of smart watch than me you day to day time. I can use it with Ram friends. Finally, you also talk about it, as you know that I, like you very much, and I have done it many times in Reveal in my channel in the last many videos, the biggest feature of the whole team. It is that friends, I will write you all. The features in you below it, you will measure the features of GPS in it, which is a very good thing at the top. You will get its midding from all here.

If you go to the boss, like you, then o torch will see all the features. If you Losss battery backup will appear connected on top, you will see watch money. It will give you worse hospital than hunted and you can customize it here. You mind notification in which you will see all major. You will see that you can turn on notifications after this Aarten Tamilna to you, alarms, camera sweater fabric contacts too Google Play Store Amazing. 10.