Lets check out this one from manny gu today hi. This is david of tech for baba a channel. I share my experiences on how technology enhances my time with kids and family as a dad. If this is your first time here, welcome, please consider subscribing to the channel Music in todays video lets unbox and check out this very affordable. Smart watch on manigou. Look at how well its many functions like the hardware monitor and the blood oxygen sensor work compared to the apple watch series 7. I have here. The watch comes in this nice white box inside the box theres the watch under a protective sticker with simple instructions for the two buttons and a silicone watch strap lets see underneath a charging cable with usb a on one end and a special connector on the other. There are a couple of spare spring bars for the strap and an 18 month warranty card, which is good and long Music, a safety guide and an instruction manual with colored pictures in english and several other languages lets look at the smart watch in more detail. There are two colors available pink and black one, like the one i have here. The watch is round and large about 45 millimeters. Across luck to lug is about 51 millimeters and about 11 millimeters thick, which is nice and thin. Itd be great if theres a smaller version of the watch for smaller wrists. It is rated ip68 waterproof good for swimming here.

It is next to the 45 millimeter apple watch series 7 for reference about the same size except one is square and the other is round by the way. If youre curious about the apple watch, series 7 check out my thoughts on it linked here and in the description below back to the mini goo smartwatch. There are two buttons on the right side, one to turn the watch on and off and the other to enter the training interface. Like other smart watches, the sensors are on the bottom of the watch. The charging port is also here on the bottom. The watch is charged with this proprietary charging cable, which connects magnetically. Very nice, takes about 2 hours to fully charge, and the battery can last up to 10 days of normal use, which is great press and hold this top side button to turn the watch on theres. A bezel around the display, but the screen is still quite large, its clear and vibrant to connect the watch to the phone download, the app unwear from the app store. The app is also available on android. You do need to create an account to sign in the watch connects quickly to the phone by bluetooth. Just select the device, starting with lw 36 to connect the app is well designed with settings and records for many functions, theres a button to upgrade the watch firmware. Also theres a dial center with over 100 watch, faces to choose from plus customized ones.

I can make using a photo as the watch face background, lets, put on the strap and try the watch on the rubber strap is black and very smooth and comfortable. I like how it comes with these quick release, spring bars, so no tool is needed to put on or take off the strap to get to the functions. I can swipe down for the settings shortcut swipe up for messages, swipe left for activity, heart rate, monitor and sleep monitor and, lastly, swipe right to get a menu of all the functions. Sport activity data sport tracking the watch can track eight different exercises. Sports record heart rate, monitor sleep tracking, spo2, sensor, music, weather, stopwatch timer message, fine phone and settings many functions lets. Try the hardware monitor out and compare it to the apple watch. The manigou smart watch could check and record the heart rate every 10 minutes. For me, the manigou smart watch tends to show a bit higher heart rate than the apple watch sometimes, but for the most part, the two are close heres how the spo2 sensor block oxygen level compares while the apple watch takes 15 seconds to take the measurement. The minigoo smartwatch measures more frequently the readings have been relatively the same on both for me for about 60 us dollars. The manigou smart watch is packed with many functions of much more expensive, smart watches, like the apple watch. There are discounts from time to time. In the link ill put in the description below, i love how the battery lasts for days, so it doesnt need to be charged every day.

If you want to experience what smart watches are all about, but dont want to spend too much money on it. Yet this is a great affordable one to try out thanks for watching. If you find this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Are you also considering a smart watch id love to know your experiences with them? In the comment section below, if you want to see more videos on how technology can enhance our life with kids and family, please subscribe and turn on the bell to be notified. When i put out my next video ill see you in the next one.