Yes, this is the helio solar slg5. This is the best smartwatch. I think that has been released on 2020.. The budget and the cost is really amazing, with just a simple and less money. You are getting a great amazing smartwatch, with a lot of benefits, so let’s check this out: Music, Music, Music. It doesn’t have a lot of smartwatch faces, but the watch faces it. Has it amazing, like this one one of my favorite and like it, gives even some kind of like casual look and also this one with many informations and this one another great looking smartwatch like you are getting your calorie burns and also a strip counter, and if You want kind of like classy, also formal look. This is great. I really like this one too and if you want some kind of like minimalistic in the loop here, you go this one it’s great. So if you touch swipe left, you are getting a strip counter mileage and also kilo calories. It also has a heart rate counter, so you can check your heart rate and also you can track your sleep mode and here’s, whether if you connect with the fonts right now, it’s not connected that’s, why the weather, isn’t showing – and you can also exercise your like At the time of heavy stress, moment and other stuff, so you can take a break with some breathing exercise. So that’s, amazing you, if you swipe down you’re, getting, do not disturb and also brightness counter, which is amazing.

It has a huge brightness, so you don’t have any kind of like outdoor issues. So that’s definitely good point of having this. If you swipe up, you are getting all the like sports modes, so either slip and all settings mode. You can also change source pieces from here, also turn off and reset so there’s a button here with that. You can just swipe back kind of back action like this, and it will go here like a home button. So the best part it has even 22 millimeter strap. So you can use any kind of 22 millimeter strap. You can just buy it from anywhere. You would like just change it and it’s comfortable with this. So that’s really amazing and great. Looking let’s see how it looks on my wrist, this is, i really think, it’s one of the best looking and best budget smart watch that’s. Why it’s the best smart or chop 2280 you can ever buy. You won’t find anywhere a better watch than this. Just take a look which looks amazing right just gives you a kind of really classy and great inexpensive. Look when you need kind of like a casual look, just use this watch face and if you want to have like of office or can the other formal look just press and hold it, you can swipe there you go now. You are having kind of like casual. Look, this is amazing, it’s, amazing and it’s, not so heavy, so it gives a light feel because the frame is metal frame.

So you are getting a higher durability, but the back side of the smartwatch it’s plastic, but the quality is good. So you are getting a nice build quality, also, a great kind of like lightweight, feel so man. I love this horse because most of the smart walls, if you use like after using some days, we feel and face kind of like leggings – are less touch responsive but it’s, really so responsive and works so fast. You can’t sideload any apps, but the apps and having this is really essential. You can just use your android phone having bluetooth 5 install hello feet there, you go enable bluetooth and that’s it. It will automatically be connected with your watch and you can form here see all your information, so you can see notification here. All your information, sir, and you can also change some of the other settings like how many times it will have or how each app it will gives information or sagittarium endeavor call reminder, etc. So that’s all about this smartphone, this smartwatch desire to win the best smart watch of 2020.. I really like this one, as you can see it even supported wrist to wake mode it’s, not so highly responsive, but it works not so bad way. So if you swipe up it will automatically open your so that you can check the time every time you go out or somewhere plus so that’s about this smartwatch and things. This is the basic smartwatch.

So if you want to buy this, you can buy right now with an amazing price.