Go hey you guys. This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today guys is. We have here the bp doctor pro, and this is a special watch, because it will measure our blood pressure, since it has the inflatable cuff, alright, so now guys um. This is actually from yi technology. So i actually put the link on the description box. If you want to check this product out all right, so here is our the box of rbp doctor pro and on the side. So we have here the model and also the color, which is bright silver and at the back so theres. None so lets open this one sedan, our bp doctor pro so lets take this one out guys and okay. So inside we have here the okay. Okay, we have here the charging dock, guys, okay, what else? So we have here the charging cable here, its micro usb – and we also have here the diameter strip – and we have here the quick start guide, yes and also the instruction manual okay, so guys. This is just a disclaimer, so uh in the manual it says here: uh there are differences or errors in the data due to individual difference, usage methods and habits. So please refer to the actual usage so guys it means that this is not really a medical device and health data provided is for reference. Only so guys take note is only for reference only so as we know that nowadays uh its really health is very important.

So having this bpa doctor pro smart watch can actually help you in tracking your blood pressure, if its too high or if its too low. But as i mentioned its only a reference. So if you have any questions or if you think that there is unusual reading on your blood pressure, then you must use an approved device for taking your blood pressure. Okay, so i hope thats clear guys and then we have here our uh diameter strip. So this is, there are instructions here, so uh. You need to place the strip just below your wrist, so lets check where uh the measurement of our rest, guys. Okay. So, in my case, so it is around uh its in seven, yes, and when you are going to wear the watch, then you can lose this one to uh two two holes. Yes, yeah, like that, so that you can get a proper reading. Okay, so lets have here guys the watch, so i already uh took out the plastic, so lets turn it on guys but uh before that lets check the parts of the watch. So, as you can see guys, we have here the silver color and its quite heavy guys its because the the material that they use, perhaps its a metal or mixed with stainless okay and then on the right side. We have here the blood pressure shortcut this one, and this is the power on and off button, okay and on the left, theres, none and at the back.

So you have here the sensors and the charging pins okay and on the strap guys in silicon and then uh beneath. We have here another uh parts. This is the air cuff. So this is the one that will inflate whenever we measure our blood pressure. So it will really look like we are using a blood pressure like a rare style. Okay, so lets turn it on guys. Okay, so upon turning on, you have here the yi technology logo, and we have here the watch face so lets check the watch face guys. So, like okay, just long press that one and then lets count one two: okay, three, yes, one, two, three: okay, we only have three watch faces and when we scroll uh down guys, so we have here the shortcuts. Okay, the brightness and we have your bluetooth and we have here the power saving mode, okay, alarm, and i think this is the do not disturb mode and shortcut for the settings and vibrate. Okay, yes, and then on the upper left. You can see there the time and on the upper right, you can see the battery percentage and then we scroll up it will direct us to the message shortcut, okay and then, when we swipe to the right, then we have here these shortcuts for the k, call And the steps and when we swipe to the left, then you can see there the blood pressure, the heart rate and the spo2 okay and then okay, when we press here the menu.

So it will give us the different uh applications. The bp spo2 heart rate, workout alarm calorie sleep. We also have here guys the weather, and we also have here the hrv, so it will run automatically during sleep or light sleep, so it will analyze your sleep state, yes or your mental state and arrhythmias and heart rhythm and as well as your heart rate. Okay, so that is really good guys. Okay, so now lets go to the uh main uh feature of this watch, which is the blood pressure so lets test this one guys, okay, i will be wearing this one uh. Okay, guys, as you can see, lets check the blood pressure, our blood pressure, so as you can see guys its its its already fit. So for me i will loosen for like two or one hole so that it will not be too tight when we take the blood pressure or lets uh just loosen it for like two holes and then lets wear the watch. Okay, so, as you can see, there is actually a quick start guide guys, so you can refer that one. So you will have no problem uh navigating the watch, so we have here bp, doctor smartwatch uh, quick guide. So, as you can see um this is the application. Okay, smart watch application and then the diameter type so uh for daily use. Please loosen one or two two holes until comfortable, so not too tight, so blood pressure measurement so keep the height of the wrist and the heart consistent during the test and keep the body as stable as possible.

Then guys just a reminder: do not drink coffee smoke or exercise 30 minutes before the measurement, take a seat, relax the body and avoid exerting force talking and moving yes. So there are two ways to take measurements, so you can press the home button and touch the blood pressure or press and hold the home button to begin measuring. Okay, so i will be testing this one guys. So it says here we shouldnt uh really talk. So i will be testing this one okay in a while, i will try to relax so now guys im about to take the blood pressure using our um bp doctor pro. So this is the box, and i will just place it like this. Yes, so that it can, it is a place in the level of my heart, yes, im sitting right now and and uh uh, as you can see here, guys, okay, so there you can put your two fingers just below your wrist to measure so its in here And i will be focusing also on the air cuff, so that you can see that it is uh actually inflating yes, so i will do like this guys in here and lets stop talking and lets measure the blood pressure Music, all right guys. So we have here 125 over 90., so thats my blood pressure using the watch. This is our first attack, so i will be uh testing this one two times and lets see the comparison of our omron bp apparatus later on: okay, so thats 125 over 90.

Music, Music, okay guys, so our result is 119 over 82, okay, okay! So now guys i will be dividing it uh two times and then lets check the result, all right guys. So i will now be testing the omron and i will try to check this one for around two times and lets check the the result of the bp. Third pro: is it the same or is it is the result too far or its just close to the result of our approved apparatus, which is the omron blood pressure monitoring? Okay, so now uh? I have here the cuff connected to my left arm and lets check Music all right guys. So our blood pressure is is 121 over 82. Okay, so lets uh take notice, guys 1 21 over 82 Music. So i will be resting for a couple of minutes and i will take my blood pressure again, okay guys, so this is now the second time that were going to take our blood pressure using our omron blood pressure apparatus, Music, Music – all right guys – so i have Here the results of our bp doctor pro and the omron uh bp apparatus, so on our first take of the bp doctor pro we have 125 over 90 and the second take its 119 over 82 and then the final result is 122 over 86 because we added The systoli and also the diastole and divided it by two and the um run, is 121 over 82 for our first day and for the second take thats 119 over 81 and the final result thats 120 over 82.

. So guys, as you can see, the result of our bp doctor pro thats 122, this is julie and it and the sisterly of our omran, its 120 and for the diastole of our bp doctor pro thats 86 and for the diastole of our omron, its 82.. So guys the difference is uh, not very big, so they are quite closer to each other. So in my opinion, if you use the bp doctor pro, then there is a chance that the result of your omron can be can be close also with the omron uh. Bp apparatus, which is approved for medical uh usage now guys my take for this, is that, although the bp doctor pro is a good indicator or a good reference of our blood pressure, there are still some difficulties guys, such as, for example, if its the environment is Quite noisy or if, if the smart watch is not properly fit into your wrist or if it is not evenly placed with your heart, then the result can be different. Yes, okay, so, but if you use it correctly, then you might get a desired result, which is somewhat closer to the actual uh blood pressure taken by your omran natori apparatus. Okay, so guys – and once again this is just for the reference. Only if you have, if you think and if you use the bp doctor pro and if the result is too high or too low, then you must use your approved bp apparatus for accurate results.

Yes, okay, guys! So, for me it is a good, a reference, but you have to use the approved apparatus for medical usage, okay guys. So if you have any questions just comment down below and for now guys, i will be giving you a tutorial on how to connect your bp doctor pro to your smart phone. Okay, so i will now be showing you a quick tutorial on how to connect your bp doctor pro. So if you have the ios, then you go to app store and all you have to do is type bp doctor pro okay. So, as you can see guys, we have here bp doctor and then just tap on, get right guys. We have now uh downloaded our bp doctor pro just tap open, okay, just tap on allow and everything allow okay, then uh, as you can see guys. So you need to register your email so ill, be setting this one guys: okay, guys so im already logged in health and here uh, bluetooth and then tap on yi connect with 5006 pairs, so confirm bluetooth, pairing request, pair and voila guys, our bp doctor pro smart Watch its already connected so lets. Try guys um here is the menu of the watch, so they have here my dial, so you can actually change to the different kinds of watch face that you want then lets say, for example, this one. I want multi, digital, so download and install Music. All right guys, voila, our watch face is already changed and actually its.

It looks nice guys and then you have here uh blood pressure categories, so you can also check here and then Music. We have here unit.