Juk were reviewing the ticwatch pro free ultra gps smartwatch by the company mob voice. The smart watch comes packed with some really great features. So without further ado lets get into the video and well see what the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps is all about. So this is the box of the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps. Now this comes in at around 290 pounds in the uk, so we are definitely looking at a premium smart watch here and its similar price to the fossil gen 6 and the galaxy smart 4 watch so theyve definitely placed this to compete with these watches. On the back of the box gives you pretty much all of the standout features, and i just want to say a big thanks to mobvoid for sending this out for review purposes. So in terms of what you get in the box, you have the watch itself, a quick start guide, your health and safety and warranty information and, lastly, the magnetic charging cable, which mob void, use their unique proprietary. Usb charging cable here is the actual watch itself and its a nice circular design. The ticwatch pro 3 ultra uses a fluoro rubber, strap. I must say as soon as you get this watch out of the box, the strap is. The first thing i noticed is super soft and comfy, and its very nice and smooth fitting. The watch on to your wrist is a very nice and comfortable experience.

I do find the straps on the apple watch, not as comfortable as what we see on the tic watch: 3. theres plenty of holes on the strap to adjust to fit your size, and these are just a 22 mil standard strap. So if the rubber band isnt your style, you can just take these off and replace them with something of your choice. This rubber band is more of a sportier option. Lets say: if youre wearing your shirt, you might want to get a lever option to undo the strap. Just pull the little clip here and it slides straight out takes a little bit getting used to. But once you get that knack, you can take them off really quickly. The main casing of the watch is made from stainless steel and also nylon fiber and its not too heavy at all, coming in at just 41 grams, when you have it on your wrist, it really doesnt feel too heavy. You could say that this is a bit of a chunky watch, even with my small wrists. I wouldnt say that it looks too big for me. Likewise, with the other versions of the tic watch, we see the two main buttons on the side they push in and spin. You also have the little notches around the edge bezel, and these come in increments of five minutes. I really do like the little notches on the edge of the bezel. It gives it a nice sporty look to this watch, but sadly we have no interaction with the outer edge at all.

It stays firmly as it is when you first turn on the ticwatch. You want to go and download the wear os by google app on your smartphone. Now this works with android and ios pairing. The tic watch really is very simple. You literally just download the app it searches via bluetooth, and you just pair it like that in terms of the protection with this watch, it uses corning gorilla glass. So this is going to be really strong and durable, especially if youre prone to knocking your watch on the end of the table. For example, over the past couple of days, i have already hit it on the side of the table a couple of times, while im working and theres absolutely no scratch or anything like that at all. So its definitely going to be a watch thats going to last. A long time – and this has also been tested to a military grade – standard of 8, 10 g, so its gon na survive some bumps and be able to withstand really hot weather, and things like that and lastly, it is ip68 water resistant. So it means that you can go swimming with this and it can be submerged into water. The tic watch uses wear os by google operating system, and i know it has its critics, but i must say for me using this watch interacting with wear os and using it. I can definitely not fault it at all its lovely and responsive and easy to use.

I can find everything i want at the click of a button and does absolutely everything i want it to by far one of the best things about this watch is the display. So there is actually two displays on this watch. We have a colorful ammo, led display, which has really bright, colors, its nice and clear and crisp, and with this being a nice big, 47 millimeter display, it really is nice to use. But on top of the ammo led display is an fstn screen, and this is basically a secondary screen. Gives you all of your important info on a secondary basic screen. I found this really useful just having a quick glance to check the time you can even choose from 18 different colors for the secondary screen. The whole thought process behind this dual layer screen is that whenever you want to have a quick glance at the time you havent got to keep waking up the amoled display. It then means that youve got extra battery to do all of the smart features on the colored amoled display throughout my time using the tic watch so far. I really do like the clock faces that you get with this watch. They give you a lot of all your statistics. You just do a long press on the screen, and there is tons of other clock faces that you can flick through all different analog and digital ones. Theres other ones over here that make it look like a mechanical clock and the brilliant thing is that you can go into the app store and find loads.

More clock faces online, its a really highly customizable watch, and that is a really big selling point for me. So im just going to touch on the main functionality, so youve got the two main buttons here. The top button is to get used to your app list and it comes packed with a lot of mobvoid pre installed. Apps such as tick, health, tick exercise, youve got tick, sleep that monitors your sleep. Youve got all of the apps that youd expect to see on a modern smartwatch, and you can also go into the play, store and download some more apps. The bottom physical button defaults to tick exercise, so youve got things like walking. Running youve got loads of more professional exercises, so this is really great for me, as i do a lot of gym exercises and theres some here, such as arnold press arm curls. These are really going to come in handy of tracking my exercise. There is so many more than what ive seen on a lot of other smart watches we come out of that. You can do a swipe down which gives you some quick actions such as google pay or a do not disturb. If you swipe up youve got your notifications, even though im a iphone user, i still get loads of my alerts, such as my home cctv, facebook, messenger and all things like that now. The only thing that i would say is that, if youre an ios user, if you get a message, you cant then reply to it directly through your watch and you cant speak to people.

You have to do it through your phone. Youve not got this problem. If youre an android user, this isnt anything restricted by purely just the tic watch. This is the same if you are using a galaxy watch or a fossil watch as well, and its just simply down to apple restricting what you can do in terms of the messages and the cool features. If you swipe left youve got your google integration, so you can use the voice assistant and if we swipe right, youve got all of these different widget pages, such as your exercise for the day weather calendar and your heart rate. Now its worth mentioning. This watch has 24 hour monitoring capabilities as well, which are disabled by default, but you can turn them on mob void, claim that youre going to get around three days worth of battery life with the ticwatch pro free ultra now this obviously will depend on what features You turn on so if youve got things like 24 hour blood oxygen monitoring, then its gon na decrease the battery life and also it depends how much you use it if youre doing constant exercises and using the smartwatch with all the smart features, then youre probably going To get less to give you a bit of context, i had this watch at 100 yesterday morning, so its lasted over a day and a half already and ive got 34. Now i have used this quite a bit. Ive done quite a few exercises yesterday and today and ive had loads of notifications coming through and ive been quite heavy, with changing a lot of the settings downloading more watch faces, so ive definitely used this a hell of a lot already a lot of the other Smart watches on the market only lasts for around 24 hours.

The actual exercises are really well explained and detailed. You can see. I logged an outdoor walk all of the main details that youd want to know time: distance calories, speed, theres, just loads of different data and stats that it records. So if youre someone who is into your fitness, i definitely have to recommend this tick watch pro free ultra gps. For that the all round performance of the watch is really impressive. This is all down to it. Having a qualcomm snapdragon, wear 4100 processor and it comes with a gig of ram, which is definitely plenty enough for a smartwatch from the app store you can even download little mini single tap games and especially with having this nice big screen, really is nice and responsive? Maybe youre on public transport, and you want to kill some time. Why not play just some single tap games on your tick watch, thats a definite thumbs up from me so ill just reel off. Some of the other great features that the tic watch has, as you can tell, by the name, its got gps built into it, and it has access to all of the five global satellite systems used. So youre going to be able to really plan out the best routes. Also, you can pay for things on your watch using the google pay, which uses the nfc connection. It also has the ihb afib detection, which is the irregular heartbeat, so it can detect any irregular heartbeats.

So it gives you a really good indication of your health and, if theres anything, you might potentially need to get checked out by a doctor. It also has fatigue assessment, sleep tracking, a stress management and de stress mode, the 24 hour continuous heart rate tracking and has the spo2 all day blood oxygen monitoring. So this really is a watch that helps you keep track of your health, so there we have it guys. That is my review of the ticwatch pro free ultra gps. Smartwatch overall ive been really impressed with how this watch performs. It has a lot of brilliant features and works really well, if youre someone whos into your fitness, the standout feature for me really is this dual display. It really helps with conserving the battery giving you that basic extra screen and allows you just to quickly and easily check the time. I really do like the construction of this watch. It feels very durable and that its gon na last a long time, but its also not too heavy at all, and you dont even notice youre wearing it. The only drawback for me is that, because im, an ios user, i dont get the full functionality with the calls and the texts, for example, so thats one thing to watch out for if you are an ios user, but this watch has definitely opened my mind into Exploring other watches, if you want to know anything more about this watch, then please drop a comment in the section down below and ill get back to you.

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