spending. So little never got you so much before one hundred dollars for the mini 140 bucks for the gts 2e and you get huge amoled displays slim light long battery life, spo2 plenty of sport modes, auto activity, detection, three stage, sleep, tracking and stress monitoring, we’ll, be putting The gts2 mini, as well as the gts 2e in a head to head comparison to figure out which one of these two bad boys actually brings more value to you. If you are new to wes, knows tech, news and reviews. We talk about the latest tech news. We do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way. The gts2e is conceptually the flagship with just a couple of shortcuts here and there. The most prominent ones are lack of inbuilt storage for your music. Just the music controls on this one and the lack of a speaker, so you can still speak into your watch to get insights into the weather directions from alexa. You can do the voice commands like opening the heart rate app or starting a workout, but you can’t take calls on your wrist. We lost the breathing app but receive the skin temperature measure. Instead, there are other minor cut corners, but they don’t deserve too much mention. The gts2 mini is actually more of a standalone, smartwatch and it’s the go between between the bpu, as well as the full flagship gts2. The display size is 1.55 inches larger than the bpu.

Smaller than the gts2, it has less pixel density than the gts2, but looks more premium than the gts2e weird. It has 70 versus 90 sport modes, but includes way more cool apps, like the pomodoro tracker, a world time clock and female health tracking. Now that the introductions are done, we can actually kick off with the review and comparison so we’re going to be kicking off with the design. Then we’ll get into the display and then we’ll talk about the differences and similarities in the features and functions on these two trackers straight away. We see that the gt is too many blocks is the weight it weighs almost nothing at just under 20 grams. There is a single button on the right side of the watch face and i’d like to point out that the pressing motion is much improved from the initial gts there. The button was fiddly and just too easily pressed here. The button feels more solid and the suppressing motion is more heavy. Same can be said for the gts 2e, the mini is almost square with dimensions of 40.5 by 35.8 millimeters versus gts2e, which comes in at 42.8 by 35.6 millimeters. Another positive is how slim it is. It’S just 8.9 millimeters versus the 2e coming in at 9.9 millimeters, the mini has an aluminium alloy frame around the bezel, highlighting the premium as opposed to the bpu. The 2e, though, has an aluminium alloy case that stretches to the bottom of the watch.

Another interesting point to mention is that the underside of the gts2 mini is glossy plastic, usually smartwatches opt for the standard, gray plastic, but the glossy shine definitely looks a bit more interesting. The lugs on both watches are tapered down, but if the mini has plastic lugs, the 2e uses aluminium ones. Just like the watch case, the straps are replaceable quick release, 20 millimeter straps on both soft and flexible; nothing outrageous, but should be fine for daily wear. Looking at the clasp good news for both watches they’re using the classic watchtop clasp, but if the mini’s clasp is plastic, the 2e has a metal clasp. I think it’s prime time to talk about the display on these two watches. Now the mini screen is 1.55 inches. It’S amoled and boasts 354 by 306 pixels that’s 301 ppi density, easy win for the 2e here, because it has a 1.65 inch super retina amoled display and bose 348 by 442 pixel, giving us 341 ppi so that’s over 10, better pixel density. The glass panels span edge to edge on both watches. The glass is somewhat scratch resistant due to being 2.5 d gorilla glass. As per usual, you can get plenty of faces to download from the zep app another positive thing i’d like to say about amazfit smartwatches. Is that it doesn’t matter if you’re using an ios device or an android device, because you can upload pictures from your smartphone to your watch, face being premium budget? Smart watches the too many as well as the 2e, do have ambient light sensors, meaning that you do get auto brightness as well as always on display and just before.

We dive into the features and functions of the gts2e, as well as the gts2 mini let’s touch upon navigating the interface it’s, all very similar to other amasfit wearables side to side. Swipes will take you around the shortcut screens, and these are actually customizable from the settings menu we can add or delete. Screens we don’t actually require swiping down, will get you to another shortcut screen that has d d, alarm settings and brightness options, while swiping up from the home shows your notifications, pressing on the button on the side, gets you to your widgets pressing on the button on The side of the gts2 mini or the 2e gets you to your widgets and you can actually customize which widgets you want to be taken to so on. The gts2 mini actually it’s, just a press and hold, and that gets me to work out now with the gts2e it’s. Actually a double tap motion, so i do a double tap and that should take me yep two workouts. I think we’re ready to talk about the features and functions now. I think the mini makes it clear what the advanced features are and which are core or basic they’ve, actually done it by stowing away the core features like where the time and music control stopwatch compass and camera remote into a separate widget, namely more. I really like that it makes the app list shorter and more efficient let’s. Take a look at sports.

Both watches are waterproof up to 5 atm, both have imbul gps, but if the mini has 70 sport modes, the 2e has 90 sport profiles and, yes, you can access your music controls, while exercising now the gts2 actually has 3gb allocated to music downloads. The 2e doesn’t have any storage, so it’s, just the music rules here and that’s the same for the mini, no inbuilt storage, but there is just the music controls it gets better. All sport profiles are gold, based on top of that, you get to choose. If you want auto paws, you also get the smart alerts, aka workout reminders, essentially for different exercises. You can expect different types of alerts. Let’S take walking as an example on the 2e, you can set the preferred heart rate zone or heart rate cap. You are guided to stay within the range set by haptic vibrations for running workouts. You can actually set a pace. You’D like to keep two now another major difference between the 2e and the gts2 mini is that the 2e actually gets 6 sport profiles which are auto detected, the mini doesn’t get it and, of course, both watches get the pie metric. So your personal activity index – and we know what pie is don’t. We so it’s, basically where your heart rate data as well as activity, intensity data, gets collected and analyzed and it’s, basically a single value metric. That tells you all about your cardiovascular, fitness and the rule of thumb is as long as you keep that value above 100 points, you’re, 25, less prone to getting heart disease.

Previously, we were mentioning microphones well, both of the watches actually get microphones and the fact is with the 2e. You do have voice commands, so i can tell the watch to open an app start up a workout pause, a workout or end the workout. The mini does not get voice commands, but there will be alexa coming via ota update on both the mini and the tui in the near future. There is a stress, monitor the gts2e can check to see where your personal stress level lies from relaxed, normal, medium or high, so on the gts2 mini. If you were finding yourself stressed, you could always go to the timed and guided breathing app now the gts2e, for some reason decided to omit putting the breathing app into the watch, so what they did, they removed the breathing app and they put in the temperature app. Both watches can actually monitor your sleep and they do it by monitoring three sleep stages. So you, like your deep and rem sleep on top of that, the latest amasfit smartwatches can actually track and record your naps as long as they’re over 20 minutes. Both trackers also enjoy on demand, spo2 monitors, aka blood, oxygen, saturation monitors let’s. Summarize our findings and decide on the value received from either watches the mini costs, a third less than the gts2e, but does it offer a third lesson, features and functions? I don’t think so. I don’t think i’ve ever had such a tough decision to make on which one of these two trackers is better because, frankly, both of them are really excellent, and even though one of them is quite a bit cheaper, but the other one is so bright.

So large and it does have more functionality it’s up to you at the end, to decide which one you like small, but at least now you know where the differences lie. You know what the two watches have to offer, thanks for watching the review and comparison, if you did find this video useful insightful, you know what to do.