This bad boy will cost you just 40 dollars from online retailers, making it considerably cheaper than the usual wear. Os and apple watch suspects, it’s kind of a spiritual successor of sorts to the hail out solar, and i got to say for that price. It does offer a surprisingly good number of features, although obviously it is rather limited compared with some rivals so here’s my full halo, rt review and for more on the latest greatest tech, including budgeting, smart watches. Please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. First up i’ve got to say i do rather like the design of this halo watch. Certainly for the price point. It looks rather smart and it’s nicely put together it’s, not too chunky, as you can see there and rather lightweight as well. So it just sits on your arm and you can completely forget you’ve even got it on the bezels, thankfully aren’t too chunky either you’ve got the usual minute markings on there as well, just to add a little bit of extra styling i’m sure the hilar watcher isn’t To win any awards for beauty, it is quite a wide watch as well, so it won’t suit more sort of slender feminine wrist. You might want to check out something like the amir’s fit gts instead, but i’d be quite happy having this thing slapped on my arm. Full time and certainly looks a lot better than the polar ignite 2, which i only just reviewed, which costs 200 bloody quid.

The hillow rt smartwatch uses standard 22 mil silicon straps, which can be quickly easily removed by pulling on these little switches and then replaced with another 22 mil band. As usual, i found that those silicone straps, nice and comfortable against the skin uh certainly didn’t cause any skin irritation, even when i was doing hot and sweaty exercise sessions, but it’s good, that you’ve got the option to swap them out. If you want to, you know, stick on some leather bands, for you know a wild night out on the town and the hilar rt smartwatch is also for the ip68 water and dust resistant as well. So you can take it swimming and the rest. But of course it comes with usual caveats: don’t, take it in sea, water don’t leave it under water, too long yadda, yadda. Now setup of this smartwatch is achieved using the amusingly titled halo, fun, app, which i’ve got to say right off the bat isn’t particularly fun. Not that it’s not fun it’s, just not quite as fun as the title kind of implies. The setup process is nice and quick. It only took about a minute or two and then once you all are connected, you can basically set up the watch exactly how you like. So, for instance, you can set up your watch face in here. You can see whether you want that 24 hour. Continuous heart rate tracking, you can also set up which notifications you get from various apps instead of behind you do not disturbs your watches and buzzing at 4.

Am if you’re doing your sleep tracking you’ve got the alarm clock sedentary reminder which i shot right, the hell off. Unfortunately, i have found that the connection between the app and the smart watch isn’t exactly fantastic. The two do feel to communicate at times. Sometimes the connection is just broken randomly throughout the day. You have to go into the app to reinstate it. Otherwise, you won’t get notifications in the like and i’m also struggling to get my health stats to update in the app as well. So, for instance, going to sleep tracking it right because i haven’t been tracking my sleep at all when in fact, i’ve been rocking it on my wrist every night this week, and indeed i could actually go into the sleep tracking feature here on the watch, and it Will give me all of the uh the data it’s collected, but then, of course, if that isn’t uploaded to the app, then that’s just immediately lost now the display itself for my halo, rt smartwatch is a 1.28 inch tft screen perfectly circular, as you can see there. No annoying cutouts down below or anything. This is clearly a budget smartwatch display, especially as the 240 by 240. Pixel resolution means that the visuals are rather blocky, but the text is still perfectly legible, even when it is quite dinky. Admittedly, it isn’t the brightest display i’ve ever seen on a smart watch, and you do have to manually tweak it as well.

If you find yourself outdoors squinting in the sunlight on the top setting, is just about visible or even in direct sunlight and i’ve certainly got no complaints when it comes to the likes the viewing angles either. Those are nice and wide. However, the fact that it’s, not an oled screen, means that those colors are rather muted they’re, not particularly punchy or vivid or attractive, and also there’s, no always on display option. Here you can do a bit raised to wake to wake up the hilar rt smartwatch, although this can’t be a very subtle gesture, you do have to kind of jerk your arm a bit as for the watchful as well there’s. Only a very select number here on the actual watch itself that you can choose from including a couple of analog and digital efforts, something a bit more funky. If you want it, you can upload a couple more if you dive into the heal out fun app, but again the number is very limited. I mean that is your selection, certainly compared with uh, what the likes of even the huawei watchers offer, which is a limited selection compared with the likes of wear os and apple watch. It’S uh yeah you’re gon na get through those pretty fast, but at least you’ve got some reasonable variety. There you’ve got quite a few with a lot of information on all of your main health stats, and there should be something to suit all tastes and also, if you really want to, you, can actually create your own custom dial as well.

It’S. Quite a limited editor. You can’t add extra information on there. All you can basically do is select a picture and then choose which color you would like for the font. At least you actually get to see it in real time as well. So you can see whether it’s going to be a garish clash and whether you can actually see the time over the background. Hey voila one custom watch face and the actual ui here on the hello rt smartwatch is very simple: to get to grips with, drag down from the main watch face, you’ve got a small number of settings, including that do not disturb you. Can change up the screen. Brightness and access the main settings menu, although most of the actual setup, is done via that halo, fun app if you swipe either left or right, you’ll access. All of the other various information panels which tell you you know exactly what you’ve been up to, how many steps you’ve taken how well you slept last night, whether the heavens are about to absolutely on you all that good stuff. And then, if you swipe up, you will access all of your various apps and these are fairly streamlined and fairly straightforward. You’Ve got sports tracking you’ve got your weather up again, which you can access from those other watch faces the sleep tracking notifications as well. So you can see exactly what is ticked in. You. Do also have basic media controls as well.

So when you’re connected to your smartwatch, you can play your music, you can pause it and you can also skip a track, but that’s it. There were no volume controls or anything, and you don’t even get any basic information on what track. You’Re listening to you’ve also got a handful of other features and apps. If you tap into the more section, which is a little bit clunky, so you’ve got the usual find my phone you’ve got a countdown and a stopwatch and a pretty basic stress, reliever as well, which basically just does the usual breathe in breathe out shenanigans, not quite As satisfying as shooting some sniper in call of duty, but it’ll do as far as your finish, shenanigans go well. You’Ve got a 24 hour heart rate monitor on there, which seems to be pretty accurate. As far as i can tell, but there’s no sp or two measurements, and if you actually want to track your exercises, there’s only 12 different sports boards on offer. Unfortunately, there are some pretty big emissions in here, including swimming, despite the fact that it’s an ip68 rated smart watch and there’s no hiking in there either. So i just tended to stick with integrated training for my indoor workouts it’s, pretty basic information readout. As you can see, there can tell you how long you’ve been exercising, for i can tell you your current heart rate and also distance covered if you are doing an outdoor bit of exercise, otherwise it’ll just be usual, a killer calorie count, and then these stats are Basically, just added to the rest of your stats, you know your steps take in your heart rate and all that at the end of your exercise and that’s it.

So if you’re looking for dedicated fitness, tracker i’d, say you’d probably have to bump up your budget a bit look at something like the huawei watch. Gt2 e. Instead and as i mentioned before, you got that notification support as well it’s, pretty basic but that’s. What you’d expect at this price point? What happens is when a notification hits your phone you’ll then get a buzz on your wrist as long as the watch in the phone are actually paired up, you’ll be able to see who the message is from, and you know the first couple of lines of whatever Email, it is and that’s basically it you can’t, delete the message from your watch. You can’t reply to it or anything like that. At least you know something urgent comes through, you can just grant it. You watch see. Oh i’ve got to reply that straight away. Play your phone out, otherwise, if it’s just usual spam or crap, then just ignore it in the halo, rt press blurb and you get between 15 to 20 days of battery life on a single charge. I found that, with the notification support on the heart rate tracking on 24 hours as well, i actually got more like 10 days of battery life per charges, but that’s still pretty damn good for a smartwatch. These days beats the crap out of wear os and obviously apple watch as well, better than a lot of the amaze fits and almost as good as those huawei watches.

So anyway, that is my full review of the halo rt smartwatch after i’ve been using it for about a week or so, and you know for 40 dollars. If you just want to watch this basically gon na tell the time. Do your steps track and do your heart rate monitoring? I have a few other features like you know the stopwatch and all that kind of stuff built in there as well. Then it does the job as long as you’re willing to uh. You know live with the limitations such as the fitness tracking is obviously pretty basic at best notification support. You can’t really do much with that and there’s, certainly not exactly a huge amount of customization on here, with a limited number of watch faces, but that’s.